1. Our ready-to-wear garments are crafted from the finest Belgian and French flax, for those that are pushing the boundaries of the luxury lifestyle.

    Finely blending classic styles and modern premium craftsmanship with unparalleled comfort, our apparel is exclusively fashioned by accomplished designers and textile artists that define the linen standard in the global fashion dialogue. In a world increasingly populated by average international brands, Linen Club Studio treads a more difficult path, offering an unmatched experience in fabric, trims, stitching, finishing and packaging that is perfect for the Indian subcontinent, all derived from a superlative quality of raw material.

    No matter what the call of the hour: formal, casual, ethnic wear, party attire or exclusive fine-fabric collections, pure linen from Linen Club is the perfect way to make an unforgettable statement.

    A Linen Club shirt is so much more than classic attire. It's a statement made with style, breathing a character of inimitable achievement, of striving for something greater. Every stitch in place, every fibre perfect, every texture incomparable, every shade (of thousands) vibrant, when someone chooses linen shirting of this calibre, it's a mark of having made it to the linen life.
    Fashionable and incredibly resilient, Linen Club's linen trousers are the epitome of visual appeal, comfort and durability. Immaculately tailored in a range of shades, textures and fits, rarely does ready-to-wear apparel fit like this: a second skin you were born into. No matter how you wear them, you'll find your one-of-a-kind here.