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How can Linen Shirts Enhance Style Statement?

February 24th, 2015

There is a common misconception that work clothes are boring and party clothes have to be gaudy and flashy to reflect the exuberant mood and both of them have to be completely different from one another. While it is true for most occasions, it might not be the norm for everybody. It is not difficult to find conservative dressers, who choose to be more practical about their clothing rather than following the latest fashion trends. Linen Shirts from Linen Club is one of the best places to look in if you have this unique dressing style.

  • Classy: Linen shirts are classy. There is something incredibly stylish about a well ironed, crisp linen shirt. They might not have the flashiness of satin or silk, and yet it is mesmerizing in a subtle way. It enhances the kind of image that someone very confident would like to project- that one does not have to scream for attention, but just being there can be enough to make every head turn.
  • Tailored: It is so common to see young men throw over the T- shirts that the departmental stores offer in dozens and step out of the house and getting lost in the crowd. Gentlemen are not born, they are made. And one of the things that make them so are well tailored clothes. A shirt that is stitched and tailored to perfection is surely going to look a lot better just because a certain amount of effort has gone into the making of the shirt to make it enhance the features of the body.
  • Design Options: Linen shorts do not just come in plain white. They are available in the colors that a man might want it. They come in stripes and checks and even in light florals, which can be perfect for Caribbean holiday. They are perfect for office wear, to be worn by themselves; or as a part of a suit. They are also available in darker colors and bolder prints which can be ideal for a party. And then of course, it is up to the wearer himself to add his own unique flair to the shirt he puts on.

So with Linen shirts from Aditya Birla Linen Club, there is no way that a man would feel deprived when it comes to having the right shirt in the wardrobe.

How to Care for Designer Linen Suits?

February 15th, 2015

It is a common misconception that clothing which is practical, is almost always boring and clothing which is fashionable, is almost always way too expensive to be bought by anyone. However, this myth can be totally busted with the help of linen suits which are fast becoming all the rage among men for its perfect combination of ease and style. However, every good thing needs a degree of maintenance and in this case linen suits should also be treated accordingly.

Linen suits practically need the same amount of care like regular linen shirts. However, because they are suits, they need to be washed and ironed in a different manner. They are considerably lighter than wool suits but they still should not be put into the washing machine because of the lining inside them, unless the tailor permits you to do so. Linen Club has whole range of linen suits that are suitable and apt for office wear and any other formal occasion as well. The brilliant thing about linen suits is that they can double up as formal as well as semi formal wear. They are neither too formal nor strict looking like wool suits and yet, being perfectly tailored, they are perfect for regular business meetings.

The climate can play a major role in the selection of clothes and linen suits are apt for those who live in warm and humid climates. In that case, they do not have to worry about wearing cumbersome suits and linens give them the comfort and usability that they look for. Moreover, since linen can be dyed in a variety of colors, they can be availed outside the usual monotonous colors of suits. Aditya Birla Linen Club can make the kind of suits that a person wants and they can have them in light pastel shades, or the conventional whites and blacks, just as the client wants. They have experts who can suggest the right cut and fit for any kind of body type and will make sure that the suit looks good on the wearer.

With an interesting combination of accessories, the linen suits can be made suitable for both day and night wear. They can turn out to be extremely versatile pieces of garments and they should be a part of any man’s wardrobe who wants to step out in style and be appropriately dressed for every occasion.

Go Green This Summer With Linen Therapy

February 10th, 2015

With spring and summer around the corner, you are soon going to need to go garment shopping again – so why not choose to get yourself some linen therapy in addition to retail therapy? The Linen Club brand is stocking up with our new designs in natural and colorful prints. The summer collections will be suitable for men and women with shirts, jackets, suitsnd ethnic wear.

Eco-friendly fabrics are not the only aspect of making a green garment. Going green in garment buying is now considered to be trendy and an important component of evolving your fashion wardrobe. Sustainable fashion is clearly “in” with the youth. The modern consumer is picky and wants to know where his or her wardrobe comes from, who makes it, as well as what it’s processed with to ensure the item is worthy of the eco-friendly message it’s sporting.

True linen is made from flax, a chemical free ‘green’ crop that needs little pest-control. Linen is best worn in natural shades, or when dyed with natural dyes, as it remains completely eco-friendly and it has a slightly wrinkled look, hence energy is saved with no ironing! Try to buy linen garments from an eco-certified clothing brand and beware of cheap blends that are chemically treated.

The hollow pores of linen makes it a light and cool fabric, so you don’t easily break into a sweat This is a very important criterion, especially if you live in a tropical climate, such as India. Furthermore, Linen is hypoallergenic and 100% natural, allowing the skin to breathe easily, making it a very good fabric for not only shirts, blouses, trousers and T-shirts, but also undergarments and shoes. Not many people know that linen protects against harmful electromagnetic frequencies, such as WiFi and mobile phone radiations.

This summer dress smart and go green by wearing organic linen, a natural fabric free of cancer-causing chemicals, which is also great for the environment and health.

Linen Club Shirts: The Best a Man can Choose for his Clothing

February 4th, 2015

Linen is one of the most versatile fabrics and the comfort that they give to the wearer is remarkable. When it comes to men’s clothing, not much is said about fashion and the majority of the clothing is focused on office wear. However, linen is one fabric that is both suitable for regular wear and it can be used for making some fabulous coats and other luxury items of clothing. Linen Club takes this idea forward and they have brought some unique linen shirts for men.

Linen does require a degree of maintenance but it is enough to help you achieve a polished look every day. There can be nothing better looking on a man than a crisply ironed linen shirt. It looks classy and sophisticated without being flashy. Moreover, for someone who is on a budget, they can be a good option to replenish one’s stock of shirts, without burning a hole in the pocket. It is not as if linen is a free slowing fabric like silk- it has to be carefully structured and tailored to bring out the best in one’s physique and that is what makes them so unique, because the end result is always striking.

There was a notion that men tend to look older when they wear linen shirts in light but Aditya Birla Linen Club is all about catering the very best to their customers and delivering exactly what they want. They have a new line of trendy linen shirts which are perfect for someone from a younger age group. There is no need to hide behind T- shirts every time one wants to look fashionable and young. In fact, these shirts help them to create a new kind of style statement – of someone who is absolutely comfortable and confident of who they are and they are not afraid to tread off the beaten track and emerge successful.

With linen shirts, it is possible to have a manageable wardrobe and those who are too busy with their work need exactly that. There are men who dress conservatively and stores may not always have the right color, print or the size. Linen shirts from Linen Club are sure to bridge this gap and you can count on the fact that you are going to be one of the best dressed men in any company.

Linen Jackets for Summer Weddings

January 26th, 2015

This purple linen jacket is perfect for a summer wedding. The bright and vibrant color can alleviate romantic mood of the occasion. The soft fabric of the linen and the crispness of the cut can match any other wedding dress. The round collar, the wide bands on the lapel and cuffs add on to the fashion statement. Paired with black or white churidar or Jodhpurs, it is a head turner in sobriety.

Born to be regal – this summer wedding jacket says just that. In bright and dark crimson, it is meant perfectly for weddings. The black collar, black buttons and the detailing on the jacket complements the red perfectly. Simple yet gorgeous, it is meant for that matured sophistication.

The coolness of this silver blue jacket is perfect for a morning wedding ceremony and an evening bonanza too. It is subtle, it is detailed. This Bandhgala can easily be worn with trousers as well as Jodhpurs. The white detailing over the body and around the button holes adds to the fashion factor of the jacket which could otherwise be quite sober and formal.

This bright linen jacket is for an informal and happening wedding. This dark turquoise linen jacket with black detailing on its lapels, collar, shoulder pads and pocket, looks perfect for a go getter. It is smart, it is festive, and it will surely get the occasion moving.

A formal wedding wear that is what this linen Bandhgala jacket is. Suave and perfect with a crisp cut, this red summer linen jacket will match the bridal blush. A cream churidar is just the accessory for it, and the groom is all set to get the love of his life. The large buttons down the front matches with the sobriety of the attire.

Different Shades of Orange and Linen

January 20th, 2015

Spring is here. Nature’s palette is brimming with vivaciousness and brightness. Fashionistas have the choice to go with the Nature’s trend and blend with it or create a contrast by choosing from the subtler shades of the spectrum. It is the time for the designers’ daydreams of simpler rustic times, remembering retro delights, floral arts and the magical world before we nudge towards the warmer months of the year.

Orange is the transition color of seasons, be it fall or spring. The vibrancy of the color remains to be favorite for the designers while choosing it as a standalone color or to mix and match it with the others.

(img source:

Ranging from the brightest burnt orange, flickering flashes of rust, fruity tones and soothing ombré, orange seems to be in trend since Fall 2014. Complemented wisely with any other hue or a color next to it on the color wheel, orange is pleasing to the eye and can suit any complexion.

(img source:

Linen paired with orange is the perfect blend for the upcoming warm season. The softness and the absorbent quality of the material makes it an easy to wear yet trendy for every fashion conscious person.

For a trendy man, a bright rust orange linen shirt with linen trousers in any shades of brown would be appropriate as a part of the spring wardrobe. Bandhgalas in bright pumpkin orange teamed with beige or white Jodhpurs would be ideal for metrosexual Indian bridegroom. For a more casual look, men can wear an orange linen jacket in coral, with a grey kurta and white pajamas. A khaki green jeans would certainly go well with a tangerine colored linen shirt and create a “cool look”. A linen shirt in dusty apricot shade of orange paired with a deep navy blue formal suit would scream sophistication. He will certainly turn many eyes. Choosing a linen trouser in toasted almond with a tangerine tee shirt to beat the heat of the golf course, will have many swinging towards him.

For women orange is used generously used both in Ethnic and Western fashions. A blood orange trousseau is a must have for all Indian brides. Complemented with traditional gold or silver ornaments, this shade of orange is glamorous. Bollywood actresses dressed in burnt orange flowing Anarkali teamed with black and green embroidery enthralls many hearts, men and women. Ever since Palazzo pants and neon colors made a comeback in the fashion trend, different shades of orange have been in used in trims and frills or simply on its own. Mango orange are for the teens and the trendy. A mango colored trousers with a fuchsia tee is the perfect way to welcome spring. An orange dress in Coral shade of the color, with a simple turquoise pumps and studs can be very glamorous yet sophisticated. Working woman can go for tangerine colored linen suit with white shirt for the summery feel.

Top up your fashion with a beige linen dress, finish it with an orange linen hat, shrug and a clutch bag. If you think or dare to dress bold, wear a burnt orange linen skirt and a purple top. Orange can be used and played with every other color on the palette. If you have the right color to work with it, orange will help put you in a positive, energetic mood.

Opt for Designer Linen Suits to Make the Perfect Impression

January 15th, 2015

Everyone knows that linen is a very comfortable fabric to be in but even in the very recent past, it was just considered functional, not fashionable. Thanks to the designers, linen has undergone modifications as well and now it is increasingly used for making all kinds of outfits, with none of its quality and comfort compromised. Linen shirts were always a favorite with men. There is nothing more classic than a well tailored shirt, properly starched and ironed. Now, even designer linen suits are made for men and those who are particular about their looks and dressing find them a welcome addition to their wardrobe.

Suits are a must for almost every formal occasion but it is not always possible to wear the heavy suits in the summers. That does not mean that there are no formal occasions in the summers. Linen suits are light and comfortable and yet they can be donned on these special events that have a formal dress code. The white linen suits are especially ideal for summer lunches etc. Paired with other linen products like shirts and trousers, they make a complete presentable outfit. They look stylish and classy, without being too intimidating. Moreover, one can easily play around with the accessories like belts and cufflinks, pocket handkerchief, the addition or subtraction of a tie etc, to make the transition from day to night wear. They are hence very versatile.

Nowadays, the latest linen suit designs are available in most of the high end stores. Linen club has them as well. One can find entire range of suits to choose from. Of course, they do require a certain degree of maintenance. It is best to clean them with professional help rather than putting them in the washing machine at home. They should also not be pressed with a very hot iron or treated to bleaches or harsh detergents. The other thing to remember about linen suits is that they should be tailored well. The wrong size and cut will make even the best suit look dull and frumpy. Even while storing them, it is important to see that they are not cramped along with many other garments.

With a few careful and well followed practices, you will be able to take care of designer linen shirts and they will always be the go- to items in your wardrobe for any occasion.

20 Habits of Super Fashionable People

January 12th, 2015

This double breasted linen jacket in silver blue, is perfect for personal and professional wear. Its sophistication is marked by the preciseness and crispness of the material and cut.


A white informal linen jacket, teamed with baby pink linen shirt, is perfect for those who choose to be sophisticated even with the sun in their hair. The wide breast pockets are the highlight of this oh-so-cool jacket.

Who says monochrome colors are for sophistication? This magenta jacket is perfect for a gentleman of any age. It is short and it is simple, allowing the color to make its mark.

This double colored bottle green jacket is suitable as a wedding jacket too. Just wear a bright brooch on the lapel and it will get you in the festive spirit.

This pale pink linen long coat worn with white linen trousers can make you an eye catcher in any summer event. The formal cut and the informal detailing in white is a perfect blend for sophistication.

Another long coat, this time in cream. It too has self-colored detailing all over the body. The narrow fit at the waist and wide cuffs are the highlights of the dress.

If you are in for ethnic look, this suit is perfect for you. It is simply gorgeous. The low neckline and the detailed sequined work around the neckline and cuffs, along with the beige colored embroidery work is just perfect for a summer wedding.

This fudge and cream bustier and long skirt is a delectable piece. Narrow at the hips the skirt flares at the bottom to add flare to the outfit. The cream front panel of the bustier break the monotonousness of the fudge and accentuates the total appearance.

This linen jacket is one of a kind, preferred by the trend setters. The neck line of the jacket makes it an informal wear and yet is very sober. It can be paired with any other color or textured shirt or a kurta.

This black linen jacket is certainly classy, meant for those who love to rule. The white cord work along the lapel and the length of the jacket is striking.

A simple white linen shirt, crafted to stand apart from the rest. The black combination along the button panel and the small detailing on the collar boasts sophistication.

This mint colored linen shirt is perfect for a summer outing. It lends a sporty feeling while being sophisticated. The small white patch around the round collar of the shirt, is the just the perfect icing on the cake.

Sophistication does not mean lack of color. The rust colored linen jacket worn over a casual bright green tee, is perfect for a young man who loves to blend work with sports.

If you are looking for some ethnicity, this linen Bandhgala is perfect for you and the summer days. The detailed embroidery on the front and on the collar in cream, brown and bridge is arresting while being soothing.

A perfect team of two. The round cut jacket for him, and the Anarkali for her, in deep maroon, is definitely very striking. The detailed work of sequence and stones in Ethnic designs, on both the garments make them more gorgeous.

This pair of linen shirt and linen jacket worn over it, will certainly make the wearer stand out in crowd. The blandness of the dirty beige of the shirt is spiced up with the deep coral detailing along the button panel and collar. The coral pink jacket is simple and short complemented perfectly with the shirt and beige linen trouser.

This team is just ready for a cool summer pool party. The neon green jacket, worn with a V-necked tee shirt makes him look sporty and dashing. The mango colored top for her, contrasted with white piping work along the wide neckline and arm hole is as fashionable as it can be without any added effort.

This orange linen suit is for the women on the go. Teamed with a white linen top it is sophisticated enough to be worn at a formal summer occasion.

The beige linen suit is so urbane. It lends a nonchalant look to its carrier, with the detailed work on its lapel. Topped with a hat and beige pumps, you can wear it for any occasion with great élan.

Dark and romantic. This purple and shocking pink summer jacket will surely lend color to a summer gathering. The simple yet bold cut of the collar emphasizes sophistication.

5 Linen Summer Dresses

January 9th, 2015

This simple yet vibrant dress will certainly keep you outside the crowd. Layered in two shades – a rich pumpkin orange and a bit tempered tangerine, with lace and cutwork is perfect for a personal lawn party as well as a casual office wear. The smart checked lower layer empowers the dress with sophistication, whereas the lace work adds the feminine factor. This A- line perfection has a detailing and a piping work in the darker shade to break the monochrome. Teamed with simple pearl studs and pendant the dress is a great choice as a sultry summer wear.

This Empire line cut dress is just too summery. Ideal for a slow summer picnic or a long drive to the country side. This peasant dress in shades of blue matches the hue of the summer sky. The wide hemline of the dress is in denim blue color. The body of the dress is in a checked with red to brighten it up. Pinched just below the bust, it has a shirt collar and buttons which are also in red to match the body.

This linen summer dress oozes sophistication. Simple, suave and short, it is a perfect blend of sensuousness and classiness. The unique fishtail hemline is its highlight. There are detailing along the sides of the dress, along the hemline and the short cuffs. The V- neck of the dress ends with two wooden buttons, which complements the chastity of the white of this chic dress.

This peasant dress in white, grey and brown is meant for a summer morning. The coolness of the material and the colors is pleasant to the eye of the beholder and also that of the person wearing the dress. The small tassel like prints in grey breaks the monotonous white. The silver brown detailing on the cuffs, the piping work around the round neckline and the belt accentuates the fashion statement. Matched with studs and a big pendant is oxidized silver to create a highlight, it is meant for those who prefer sophistication in simplicity.

Elegance. That is just the word for this perfect linen summer dress. The wrap around dress in a natural linen shade, is one of its kind. One can easily wear it to a not-so-formal or formal gathering with élan. The detailing around the cuffs and the collar of the dress blends with it for perfection. The large white buttons down the front panel, are the highlights of the dress and accentuates sophistication. The soberness of the dress matches with its cool features.

Trends in Bridal Gowns for 2015

December 27th, 2014

Tying the knot this year? If you are in a fix as to what gown to wear that people will remember for the next few years, here’s a look into the trending designs in bridal gowns. See for yourself which one look best on you.

The Light-As-Air Ball Bridal Gown:

This year it is the ball gown that takes the wheels owing to a relaxed silhouette and the use of breezy fabrics. Designers trending this style include Monique Lhuillier, Vera Wang and Marchesa. However, they approach was a lighter one this season.

Modern Minimalism for the Classy Bride:

Although, bling is something that has its own place in the heart of every woman, this year’s inspiring looks include tailored looks and clean lines. The Amsale style is a good example of this style. It is characteristic of the ‘Americana’ aesthetic and is perfect for the bride looking to be comfy and stylish on her d-day.

Trending Cut-outs:

Crop tops and cut-outs are the latest in bridal outfit trends and guess what? You can also flaunt then in your bridal shower or bachelorette party and other such pre-wedding events. Although, you may feel that it’s a little over the edge show of skin, but don’t worry, it’ll create a lasting impression on everyone attending your wedding. In fact, several designers have taken to this style in wedding gown.

Get Dramatic with Neckline:

If you are bored of sweetheart or strapless necklines, this is your chance to go dramatic on your neckline. Plunging V-neck or simple high necks are trending in the latest fashion shows. Don’t count your money as marriage is once in a lifetime event!

The Shoulder Effect:

Off-shoulders have always been super sexy. They are figure-flattering and romantic at the same time. Give your off-shoulder dress a sleeve treatment to create a triangular shape and ‘whittles’ at the waist.

With the above-mentioned trends in bridal gowns, you have multiplied your options and don’t have to worry about what to wear to your wedding anymore. However, make sure that you choose linen as the fabric for your bridal gown as it is elegant and comfortable even on hot, summer days.