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Celebrities Channel Different Looks in Linen

July 17th, 2014

Linen is every celeb’s darling who love to make this über-comfortable fabric look über-stylish in their own way. Today we have picked up two celebrities with two distinct style persona who have made linen their fashion statement.

Our first pick for today is Kate Middleton who was spotted wearing a lacy, white linen dress which complemented her slim frame beautifully. The young Duchess kept the whole look simple with only a pair of tan wedge heels to go with her outfit. While her sartorial sense has been appreciated widely, she lived up to those praises as she pulled off this flirty, girly and fun look so effortlessly. She kept her blow-dried deep auburn hair loose to to match with the look.

Next in line is: the Diana star Naomi Watts. The star-cum-supermom was seen breezing through LA running errands on what seemed like a busy day for her. However, she did not compromise on the style as she sported a chic look in a black and white spot print shirt and light-shaded denims. The addition of a black linen blazer definitely added to the style quotient.

The 45-year old actress chose to keep the look simple and comfortable with a pair of black and beige flats and tortoise shell glares. With her blonde hair tied in a messy ponytail, she exuded a cool, casual and comfortable style with perfect ease!

Which linen-inspired look do you like better? Share your thoughts with us.

Cressida Bonas Makes Linen look Sporty and Fun

July 11th, 2014

When it comes to creating a mix of style and comfort, most celebrities rely on linen to do the magic! This time, we spotted Cressida Bonas channeling the sports-luxe look in linen.

Coming from a royal lineage, Bonas was shot into the limelight when she started dating Prince Harry. Though the 25-year old has broken up with her prince charming, she seemed to be enjoying herself at the Glastonbury festival as she made a super-stylish appearance.

She wore a white linen shirt with frayed denim shorts and topped it off with a mint-green satin bomber jacket in contrasting black sleeves. She completed the look with bold Hunter wellington boots to save herself from the mud.

As for accessories, Bonas chose to make a simple yet fashionable statement with an Okapi Gloss Springbok horn pendant necklace. Her patterned square-rimmed Le Specs sunnies with blue-tinted glasses made for a perfect young and peppy style. With her toned legs in full display and her blond locks left loose and breezy, Bonas made effortless look so stylish.

Did you like the way Cressida Bonas wore linen? Share your thoughts with us.

Stylish Ways to Wear your Linen Pants

July 7th, 2014

Linen pants are an exceptionally smart piece of clothing that you must own to beat the sweltering summer heat. A fabric that feels like a second skin, linen is cool, comfortable and oh-so-breathable which makes you forget that you’re actually wearing anything.

Since most revere linen more for the comfort factor than style, it might not be listed among your daily wearable. Again, many of us associate linen with a carefree, careless and easygoing mood. So, if you’ve saved your linen pants for those low-on-fashion days, it’s time to rethink. We’ll show you how a fabric as comfortable as linen can be stylish too. Go through these ideas-

Idea #1: Wear your linen pants to work

What to wear: Wear a light blouse with a pair of slightly cropped linen pants. Finish off with black heels and a tote bag for that perfect off-to-work look.

Where to wear: While this look is perfect to be worn to most offices, you can also wear this outfit to after-work dinner parties and official brunches.

Idea #2: Sport a relaxed look with your linen pants

What to wear: Team up a straight-cut, full-length pair of linen pants with a square short sleeve top. Boxy sandals or wedged flip-flops are a great to go with this outfit.

Where to wear: Wear this outfit to any of those laid-back brunches with friends, or a casual movie outing. Bottomline: you can wear this outfit to any casual get-together with friends without looking casual.

Idea #3: Beat the chill with linen pants

Does the idea seem a little revolting to you? Well, linen being a natural fabric can beat the slight nip in the air and make you feel comfy.

What to wear: Sport a bold printed sweater with your linen pants. Wear a pair of box-heeled ankle-length boots to nail this look.

Where to wear: Think of autumn evening chills or an extremely air-conditioned office; this outfit can offer just the right amount of warmth and loads of oomph.

We’ll share with you some more ideas, until then you can share your thoughts about these 3 ideas.

How to prevent Linen wrinkles

June 28th, 2014

Dresses, shirts, pants or blouses, linen is loved by all and sundry! The fabric is delightfully soft and breathable but quite delicate when it comes to maintenance. Linen wrinkles are a nagging chore and can be quite challenging to maintain on a daily basis. The creases on your linen garment are difficult to smoothen even after a vigorous session of ironing. If you wish to keep the wrinkles at bay, you must wash and iron them carefully before use. You can easily prevent the stubborn creases on your fabric with the help of basic household products. Read on to find out how!

Ingredients that you need

1.) Cool water
2.) Sink or Basin
3.) A mild cleanser/detergent
4.) An iron
5.) An ironing board
6.) A spray starch
7.) Clothes hanger


The water: Rinse your garment with some clean, clear and cool water.

Cleansing techniques: Rinse your linen with a gentle cleanser in a sink or a basin filled with cool water. Wash you garments gently and softly with your hands. Avoid wringing or balling the garment to protect it from wrinkles.

Drying: Make sure that your garments are laid flat while drying; they must be dried until they’re slightly damp.

Ironing technique:
- You must make sure that your iron is switched on to the medium setting or any other temperature that is mentioned on the care tag of your linen garment.
- Turn your linen inside out before placing it on your ironing board.
- Always start ironing your linen from inside. Maintain the inside-out motion.
- While ironing, if your linen goes dry, you can use a spray starch to retain the dampness.

- Iron and press the inside of the garment into a smooth finish and turn the linen to its normal side and place it on the ironing board.
- After the linen is adequately pressed and free of wrinkles, you might want to hang it on a hanger and wait for it to cool down completely.
- Store inside your wardrobe once it’s completely dry.

If you dislike ironing:
- Wash your linen or spray it down with water and hang it straight on a clothesline outside in your garden or terrace.

- Clip some clothespins at the bottom of your linen to add some weight.
- Let the wind blow and work its magic on your garment!

Who Dressed it Better in Linen- Kimberley Stewart or Gwyneth Paltrow?

June 23rd, 2014

Every Hollywood celebrity tries to look super-gorgeous and stylish but while some manage to pull off the look they desire, some miss the mark. Today we have picked up two celebrities who chose to step out in linen- Kimberley Stewart and Gwyneth Paltrow. Who did it better than the other? It’s for you to decide.

Kimberley Stewart appeared in a cool and absolutely chic avatar while she ran errands in West Hollywood. With her 2-year old daughter Delilah, dressed in a mustard yellow smock dress, resting on her hip, the former model looked every bit the busy mom that she is while she kept her look breezy and comfortable.

The 34-year-old single mother wore a pair of super-skinny denims in dark wash with zippers at the ankle teaming it up with a cool and crisp white linen top with split at the back. The sleeveless split top, an edgy addition to her otherwise simple look, helped her flash her toned arms to full advantage. She styled her blonde hair up in a high ponytail while sporting a pair of black Ray-Ban shades. A pair of cool, strappy gladiators finished her casual look with perfection.

A regular on the fashion mag covers, Gwyneth Paltrow is well-known for her inimitable fashion sense. She was seen stepping out of Goop pop up store to sign copies of her book It’s All Good. The Iron Man 3 lady nailed it yet again with a blue linen shirt tucked neatly into a pair of white jeans. Making an appearance sans makeup, the 41-year-old star let her hair down and looked totally casual while those dark aviators took her glamour quotient a few notches higher.

So, who according to you, made linen look better on her? Share your thoughts.

Men from the ‘wood’ Go Dapper in Linen

June 19th, 2014

Hollywood’s heart-throbs are always seen impeccably dressed to look their best. However, there are a few who can turn almost any piece of clothing into high-fashion, thanks to their innate charm and classy demeanor. Today we shall be presenting before you two of the most stylish Hollywood personalities making heads turn in linen- Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis.

When it comes to the most-effortlessly stylish stars of Hollywood, Brad Pitt graces the top-spot. Hailed as a style-icon, the 50-years old star manages to look absolutely stunning in anything he throws on. This time he was spotted pulling off a very casual look when he stepped down in Sydney, Australia for promoting his film World War Z. Wowing his fans at the screenings for this zombie horror flick around the world, the star chose to travel down under with his 9-year old son Pax who faced the camera confidently in his black ‘Adidas’ hoodie.

The star wore a gray v-neck cotton tee underneath a a cream linen blazer paired up with casual trousers and beige dress shoes. His blonde locks were pulled back in his typical style while he had an aviator hiding his eyes.

He might be well past his prime, but Bruce Willis, 59, sure knows how to turn heads when he steps out even today. Last year, the aging star was spotted at the premiere of his movie Red 2 in a white linen suit by Dolce & Gabbana. Dressed top to bottom in white, the star looked uber-fashionable and flashed his charming smile at the audience while walking towards the screening doors in brown leather shoes. The fashion sense of the Die Hard star clearly screamed that he could give any young star a run for his money!

How to Pack Your Linen Clothes

June 15th, 2014

Planning an exciting beach holiday or an outstation business meet is round the corner? In any case, packing some linen clothes is wise decision. Linen is your perfect choice of fabric if you’re traveling to a place which has a warm climate. However, when it comes to packing your linen clothes, many make such grievous mistakes that they end up looking like they’re wearing something made out of crumpled paper. If you wish to avoid this situation, browse through the following tips:

Tip #1 Keep your linen clothes for packing at the last minute to prevent them from getting wrinkled as much as possible.

Tip #2 Fold your linen clothes with care. Place them on a flat bed or table and carefully fold them. Remember to stick to the minimum amount of folding required to fit your clothes into your travel bag or suitcase. Therefore, it’s advisable that you fold your linen clothes in half or in three parts.

Tip #3 Iron your linen clothes at the right temperature. Do not fold them until you need to pack them in. Hanging them is the best way to retain that crisp, crease-free and freshly-ironed look.

Tip #4 Understand whether your linen clothes are lined or unlined. Depending on this, you must pack them for a trip. Lined clothes must be stacked right at the top of your suitcase above all other items while you must stuff your unlined clothings with tissue paper to avoid creasing.

Tip #5 You can also pack your linen clothes and store them in large zip-lock plastic bags.

Tip #6 After arriving at your destination, you must remove your linen clothes from your bag or suitcase keep them hanging neatly in your hotel wardrobe.

Tip #7 In case you notice any wrinkles or creases on your linen clothes, iron them out if possible. If there’s no facility of ironing, run a hot shower in the bathroom and when there’s enough steam, you can keep your linen clothes hanging there for sometime. Doing so will remove the unwanted creases.

If the trouble of packing your linen clothes have deterred you from carrying them to your trips, shed your fear now and use these tips to make this comfort fabric a staple for your travels and vacations.

How Should a Woman Buy Linen Pants

June 8th, 2014

Attention linen-loving women! If you’ve been lusting after a pair of crisp linen pants but were clueless while buying, here’s your guide to buy that perfect pair of linen trousers that are cool, comfortable and oh-so-chic.

Tip #1 Consider your budget

Buying linen clothes can be a little pricey affair. So, if you’re ready to shell out some extra money, getting a good linen trouser is not difficult at all. Check several places to find something you like but it’s advisable that you stick to reputed brands and stores.

Tip #2 Check for the right quality

When it comes to clothes, quality is the something you must never compromise on; more so in case of linen. Since linen is an expensive fabric, be very careful to choose only the best quality material. Buying from trusted labels and brands is the safest bet since you can be sure of their quality and you wouldn’t mind paying a little extra.

Tip #3 Choose a style that goes a long way

Buying linen clothes is like an investment since it’s a very durable fabric. Therefore, choosing a classic style that wouldn’t go out of fashion is a wise decision. There are a wide range of styles you can choose from- drawstrings, flared style, wide-legged style, straight cut, painter style, semi-formals and the list goes on. However, you must choose a style that complements your figure and your body type. Before buying, also think about the places and occasions where you would like to wear your linen pants to.

Tip #4 Get the right fit

Linen pants look best when they’re of a loose or semi-loose fit. Therefore, you must always pair them with a structured and well-fitted top to avoid looking like a mess. Form-fitting shirts, tank tops and cropped jackets go very well with linen pants.

Now that you know how to buy linen trousers, go right ahead and gift yourself that lovely pair of super-comfortable linen pants that you’ve been eyeing for so long.

Michelle Obama Spotted in Linen

May 27th, 2014

The First Lady rarely makes an appearance that doesn’t put her keen fashion sense into the limelight. Her style and trend-setting attitude has been the talk of fashion tabloids and has garnered her much accolade. This time we spotted Mrs. Obama romancing linen with perfect flair.

On the event of the British PM and his wife’s visit to US for their official tour, Michelle Obama was seen wearing a pair of flared linen trousers teamed up with a mustard lace appliqué cardigan by L’Wren Scott. The cream trousers accentuated her long legs while the fitted cardigan showed off her toned arms to their full advantage.

With her short hair swept back neatly and a hint of pink on her lips, she chose to give accessories a miss. However, those coffee-coloured pointy-toed pumps were a perfect match for her outfit.

Linen Accessories- The Right Blend of Comfort and Style

May 21st, 2014

Have you ever given a serious thought to linen accessories? If not, it’s time that you do. Linen is a versatile fabric that not just makes great clothes but is also perfect for accessories. If you’re someone who likes to embrace a style that’s different, linen must be your choice of accessory since it makes you look every bit a fashionista yet it lets you stand out among the fashion crowd.

With their delicate appeal and subdued charm, accessories made from linen lend a very different touch to your look. While there’s no end to the different ways in which you can make linen work for you, we’ll let you take a sneak peek at some of the linen accessories you can include in your wardrobe.

Carry your world with style

Totes made from linen are a rage this season. While they can make you look ultra-chic, they score high on functionality as well. With designs ranging from patterned, chequered, and floral to woven or printed, linen totes can be your perfect companion for any time of the day or for any occasion.

Wrap it around

Shawls, stoles and scarves made from linen can be a stylish addition to your wardrobe. These versatile bits of linen can transform even the blandest of looks into something edgy and super-stylish.

Make every step a style statement

Linen shoes are a great way to add an interesting twist to your looks. Linen can make any footwear style look fashionable- wedges, platform, block heels, flats, loafers or pumps, you can pick up linen shoes in any of these styles and team them up with any types to clothes.

Style your crowning glory

Hair accessories made from linen are something that can guarantee you a second look every time to wear them. While they give you a very different look, they can also play a perfect partner for a wide range of styles. For instance, a delicate linen lace hair band can be teamed up with a pretty peasant top and skirt to create that soft, girly look.

Apart from these, you can also try belts, earrings or bracelets made from linen to strike the right fashion note without being a fashion victim. Linen allows you to exude class and sophistication that’s understated yet strong enough to create an impact.