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Celebrities spotted in linen

March 31st, 2014

If there is one fabric that the stars of Hollywood swear by, it is definitely linen. They easily slip into linen clothing each time they opt for comfortable attires. Whether its a party or just a casual stroll around the city, the celebs pick up linen clothes.

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Selena Gomez was recently spotted in a comfy linen top as she headed for the parking lot after coming out of a grocer’s. Dressed for a casual outing at the market, Gomez intelligently chose a white linen top that was simple yet elegant. Wearing flip flops in her carefully pedicured feet, and a pony, she looked her casual best. The young singing sensation knows just the right way of dressing down when she’s out on her own.

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When it comes to getting ready for a party, who does it better than Lindsay Lohan? Known for her impeccable style, she’s the style icon innumerable girls around the world look up to.

As she heads for an afternoon party, Lohan has donned a gray tank top with linen pants that she looks fabulous in. She chooses orange heels to add drama to the whole attire. With her hair down, and shades in place, she looks absolutely ready for the party.

What shirt would you pick this summer?

March 28th, 2014

If you are planning to go shopping for your summer wardrobe soon, there are a few tips you would want to keep in mind. This is the season when you need to dress light yet keep it stylish. It is not true that men do not have many options when it comes to picking up shirts. There is a wide variety of shirts to choose from. All you have to do is look for the right shirt for the different occasions this summer. Go through the following to get a hang of what shirt to go for this summer season:

Getting ready for work

The most important occasion to pick up a shirt for is office. This is where you spend the larger part of the day, and you should therefore be dressed comfortably at work. Linen shirts are the best bets when it comes to zeroing in on shirts for work. An off white or sky blue linen shirt is a cool buy for the summer. The breezy fabric will keep you well ventilated and also take care of your style quotient. Pair this up with linen trousers for a completely formal look.

Go casual and enjoy!

Life becomes more exciting after office hours. This is the time when you step out of the house and go about your personal work. This is also the time when you put your feet up and relax, and therefore deserve to put on the perfect summery and comfy shirt on yourself. There is a large palette of colors you can choose from. Pick up shades of shirts that you cannot wear to work. Orange, green, yellow, mauve – take your pick of hue and have a gala time!

If you are planning a poolside party or a brunch party, opt for more vibrant shades. Printed linen shirts are a trendy option for summer. Prints range from floral to aquatic, animals to geometric. These shirts are not only comfortable to wear, they also make the wearer stand out in the crowd with their unusual appeal.

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It’s the time to disco!

What’s life without a grand party? After a hard day at work, this is what you definitely deserve. But it is also important to know what to wear to a party. You can settle for a pink linen shirt along with a pair of white linen trousers – the ideal party look. Throw a linen jacket to look even cooler.

What are the hottest color trends this summer?

March 23rd, 2014

Summer is around the corner. It is that time of the year when you shed your excess clothing and dress up light and bright. It is that season that beckons you to have fun, hang out with your friends and loved ones and bite into yummy tidbits. As the runways get busy welcoming fresh hues for a fresh beginning, you too should get started with your summer shopping. Here is a list of top trending colors this summer that will help you decide on your top picks. Go through the following to get an idea:

1)Jazz up with fuchsia  

It’s time to grab the limelight! Step out in smart fuchsia numbers to make heads turn toward you this summer. If you are heading for a party on a warm summer evening, embrace a pretty dress in hot fuchsia. This color can do wonders to your complexion, and also lift the spirit of the space you are in in no time. Pick up a fuchsia top and team it up with off white or white linen pants. Go with palazzo pants to make your look even more dramatic.

2)Combine white with white  

Although it may sound a little unusual, but white on white is a top favorite this season. You can mix and match your pieces of clothing and make a strong fashion statement with this blend. Go for a white lacy top and team it up with white linen shorts. The lace and the linen will provide a juxtaposition to your look in terms of texture which will add glamour to the entire ensemble. Experiment with textures when you have same colors. You can pick up a pencil skirt in white and a linen sleeveless white top for a casual look. To add dimensions to the look, paint your lips bright red or neon pink.

3) Look cool in cobalt

Want to go out and have fun? Cobalt is the new color that spells fun. Invest in cobalt blue dresses, skirts, tops and pants. Palazzo pants in cobalt linen look great when paired with a white top. You can also combine the color with creams and off whites to make it look special. Wear a cobalt maxi dress in linen and jazz it up with a black leather belt. Maxi dresses are the ultimate picks for summer as they are breezy and flowing. Slide a few colorful bangles into your wrist and you are ready to rock a brunch party.

How to pick up the right summer dress?

March 20th, 2014

Come summer, and you will dream of stepping out in a glorious summer dress. However, it often proves to be difficult choosing the right summer dress as the great variety of summer dresses can easily confuse you. Whether it is a short dress that the occasion demands, or a long flowing one, you have to take the final call with much caution. Glance through the following pointers that can help you zero in on the right summer dress:

Been invited to a brunch party?

If that is the case, you have an easy solution at hand. It is the afternoon and the weather is warm, which is why it seems fit that you go for a linen maxi dress. You can choose soothing colors that are pleasing to the viewers’ eye – peach, sky blue, mauve are some of the shades that look really nice during the hot afternoons. Go for floral prints, large or small ones both look pretty during summer. A splash of colors on you will draw the attention of everyone and you will be appreciated for your choice.

Going to an evening party?

An evening party requires you to be dressed in your feminine best. The little black dress is the mantra as far as party dresses are concerned. This time around, pick up an LBD in linen and simply surprise everyone with your charm. You can also opt dresses in other shades of linen, or a mix of different colors. Keep the colors bright, navy blue, scarlet and fuchsia pink work well for this occasion.

If you are a bridesmaid

As many couples decide to tie the knot in summers, you may have to act as a bridesmaid to either your friend or a sister. On such an occasion, you can settle for pretty and feminine shades such as peach, pink and yellow. As you sashay around in your linen bridesmaid dress, watch all heads turn  toward you. So what are you waiting for? Go stun the sun!

How will you dress up for a poolside party this summer?

March 14th, 2014

Summer is here, and so are the excuses to have fun by the poolside. There is nothing like lazing around at a pool party with your gang of friends. The more, the merrier. Food, drinks, splashing water and continuous fun – that is all that you can ask for as the mercury soars this summer. However, dressing up right for the occasion is the key to looking cool. Browse through the following to get a hang of what you should wear when you are either heading for a poolside party or are hosting one yourself:

Keep in mind your guest list

While it is a great idea to show some skin when you are hanging out with friends and the peer group in general, dress up a little conservatively when you have older people around. It is not the best idea to dress up in a bikini if the party is going to be attended by your uncles and aunts. In that case opt for flowing dresses that are both breezy and comfy.

Choose your bottoms wisely

Decide what you want to wear with your tank top at the party. If you are a lover of shorts, you can pick up a pair in powder blue or white linen. Team up your white shorts with a top of any vibrant color. Blues and turquoises look great as they blend seamlessly with the aquatic theme of the party. Wear a shrug, dab some lip gloss and you are perfectly ready to hit the poolside.

You can also opt for skirts for the party. Since it is daytime and the sun is shining high, go for very short skirts to exude some charm. Pick up a linen mini skirt in pale pink or peach. You can now add fun to it by going for a lovely linen top. Add some colorful chunky jewelry to appear bright.

Go for the right tops

It si not enough to select a pair of cool pants for the party. Invest in a nice top to look complete. You can go for an orange linen top to reflect the warm sunshine on your shoulders. Yellows, greens and blues are other nice color options as far as tops are concerned. Pick up your favorite color and pair it with linen shorts of a contrasting shade. Apply sunblock generously on your face and other exposed parts of the body and get set for the party.

Celebrities spotted wearing linen outfits

February 28th, 2014

As we embark upon our journey of spotting celebrities donning linen attires, we come across two of the handsomest superstars of Hollywood – George Clooney and Reese Witherspoon. They know the art of appearing cool in linen garments as the rest of the world struggles to look at least decently nice in the fabric. When these ultimate hot properties showcase their weakness toward linen, we finally realize why this is celebrated as the stylish fabric.

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The man with the Greek God looks that girls swoon over settles for linen when he is not shooting for a film. George Clooney, hailed as one of the most stylish actors in tinsel town, looks dapper in a blue linen shirt worn with matching shorts. The breezy shirt highlights his physique, making him look every bit of the cool dude that he is.

The Ocean’s Eleven star knows how to dress smart, cool and above everything else, comfy. In his inimitable style, he adds a whole new aura to the fabric.

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Some people look great in everything they wear. This statement holds true for the effortlessly stylish actor Reese Witherspoon. Known for her intelligent acting, the Legally Blonde lady looks appealing in the cute ‘n’ comfortable blue linen shirt. She has smartly teamed it with a red mini skirt to bring out the highlights of each of the pieces.

Her beige bag and red and brown heels are the perfect accessories to go with the ensemble. Witherspoon definitely likes to keep it simple, what with her open hair, glares and a chunky wrist watch.

How can men dress smart for a party

February 23rd, 2014

It is not always true that only women have a lot of options when it comes to dressing smart for a party. Men too, can be spoilt for choice if they know the right ways of picking up clothes and putting together elements for a great party look. No matter what kind of garments you are opting for, Indian or western, you can still have a wide range to choose from if you keep a few things in mind. Read the following to know how to go about it:

Going for ethnic wear

Indian festivals and weddings do not look complete until you don ethnic garments on these occasions. Men have a long list of choice as far as picking up Indian clothing is concerned. You can either wear a dhoti and a kurta, a kurta with pajama, or a sherwani. While the sherwani is primarily meant for occasions such as weddings in the family or friend circle, the kurta is the more popular option.

Try teaming a smart linen kurta in pale blue with white pajama before you head for a puja in the family. Black looks incredible on most men. If you have a fondness for the color, wear a black linen kurta with black churidaar pajama. You can add a gray jacket with it to complete the look. This would ideally go for an evening party such as a mehndi or a sangeet gathering. Slip into a pair of leather floaters or traditional Rajasthani jooties.

Western is the way to go

You cannot do without crisp shirts and well structured jacket for office and corporate parties. What if you gave a little twist to it by ditching the usual and instead going with linen, the coolest fabric around? Invest in a nicely cut powder blue or gray linen jacket. Choose a crisp white linen shirt to go with it. You are all set to head for the party at your workplace. Wear polished shoes and an over sized wrist watch for the complete look.

You can also settle for a pair of linen trousers in cream or beige, and team it with a black linen shirt. Now throw a cream linen jacket for the dashing look everybody yearns to have. You would not be able to thank us enough as you become the center of attraction at the party!


What are the color trends this spring

February 19th, 2014

You know it when there is spring in the air! The plants bloom to a splash of colors, the sky assumes a sunny yellow, and the world suddenly appears all cheerful and happy after a spell of gloomy winter. Don’t you want to be in sync with nature? This is just the right time to feel one with the natural elements you can find around you – flowers, birds and lots of sunshine. Let your style reflect the arrival of colors in a big way so that the rest of the world can pick up a cue or two from your style. Here’s a list of colors that have made a grand entry this spring. Read on to know which ones they are:

Embrace the yellows!

As the sun shines bright on your shoulders making you happy, a sunny yellow dress will add warmth to your look. As spring is the symbol of eternal hope, a gleeful hue like yellow is the perfect color for the season.

This spring, be a trendsetter in a yellow attire. You can either pick up a cute lemon yellow linen dress for a brunch gathering or a mustard yellow number for an evening cocktail party. Yellow tops teamed with denims also look smart on young girls. Accessorize it with an embroidered bag and colorful sandals or flip flops. You can pair a pair of yellow linen pants, loose and breezy, with a white top for a nice take on the color. Yellow bags, be they totes or slings, look funky when combined with dresses in muted colors.

Icy pastels look elegant

This spring, icy pastels are the new show stealers. Be it gold, copper, blue, silver or green, incorporation of the icy shades in dresses has taken everybody by surprise. Spring is the season of colors and floral shades, but the icy colors are back with a fresh feel this season. Consider wearing an evening dress in an icy copper tone and accessorize it with dangling copper earrings. Or you can try an icy blue gown with a pair of peep toe heels.

Citrus orange can take your heart away

Unleash your inner feminity with a blob of citrus orange. This shade, a star of this spring’s list of hottest colors, will encourage your playfulness. Designers across the world are opting for heavy doses of orange for their spring couture this year.

An orange jumpsuit can give you that bold look you always coveted. You can also try a cute orange dress with polka dots for a daytime party. Carry a white purse with it and color your lips bright orange for the glam doll look. Orange palazzo pants can make you look like a million bucks! Just wear it with a simple black top to accentuate its effect. Keep the make up simple. Orange is a great color for accessorizing too. You can carry an range bag and wear orange nail paint with a simple cream dress and make all heads turn at you!

When you, me and linen got together

February 16th, 2014

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, we launched a campaign on Facebook, that we called the “You, Me & Linen” campaign. This campaign required both you and your partner to participate and profess your love for linen.

We developed an app which was exclusively dedicated to this campaign. A great opportunity to not only bond with each other as a couple, but also to show the world that you complement each other, you had to enter the app and describe why you love linen. You had to send a friend request to your sweetheart so that they could enter the app and write a few words explaining the reason for their love for linen. After both of you wrote on the app, your entry was taken in for the final round of the game.

It was a huge hit on the social networking site as a large number of participants, along with their respective partners, took part in the campaign.

Ways to wear white

January 28th, 2014

White is a versatile color that can easily be teamed up with other shades of the same hue or brighter  colors to create a whole new look. Consider introducing white pieces to your wardrobe as white looks refreshing no matter what the season or occasion is. Read on to know what white must haves you need to own and also find out how to put your all-white possessions together:
Give the little white dress a shot
You have perhaps tried the little black dress. It is time to wear a little white one. It looks chic and elegant, making you stand out in the crowd. Buy a well structured white linen dress so that your silhouette looks perfect. You can wear a jacket in a muted color to break up the monochrome. Wear nailpaint and lipstick in pop colors such as red or orange to add a dramatic effect. Keep the hairdo simple and you are ready for a party!

Keep an eye on your undergarments
When you are wearing white garments, it is very important to note that your undergarments are appropriate. Stay away from bright colors by all means. Invest in lighter shades such as white or cream so that they do not show.
Bag it well!
Go for an all white look with pristine white skinny jeans and an ivory top. Wear ivory flats and shades to maintain harmony. However, pick up a sling bag in a bright hue for some splash of colors. You could go for a yellow, turquoise or bright pink handbag or sling bag.

Choose your shoes wisely
Keep in mind that your footwear can make or break your look. Invest in a smart pair to make a chic style statement. If you are wearing white narrow fit jeans with a simple top layered with a jacket, go for a pair of smart colorful sneakers. Carry a handbag in a pastel shade to complete the look and don’t forget to grab your glares. You are now ready for a shopping session at daytime, and find people turn heads as you walk past them!

Accessorize your whites correctly
You do not need to wear a lot of jewelry with your white attire. Remember keeping it simple is the mantra. Wear a metal necklace or silver studs with a white short dress. Or go for a chunky wrist watch to appear bold and beautiful. Don your shades and go rock the world!
Go easy on make-up
Just a pop of colors on your lips or your nails, and your look will get the right balance it needs.