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Dressing Up for Winters in a Trendy Way

November 28th, 2014

Winter is that part of the year when you add layers of clothes to stay warm, without caring if your socks go with your cardigan or not. You look like a mess because you are more concerned with staying warm rather than looking chic. But winters don’t mean drab & boring. We bring to you some useful fashion tips for winters -
Cashmere Calling:

This winter buy a cashmere boatneck sweater. It will not only make sure you’re warm, but will also keep your fashion quotient high.
Scarves as Warming Accessories:

The most ideal partner for your outings in winter. Scarves are pure stylish accessories that provide ample warmth on wintry days. Invest on linen scarves this winter.

Leather is a Must:

Winter is the perfect time to flaunt your leather shoes. Be it skirts, dresses or jackets, leather is the best material to keep you warm plus trendy.
Linen for Winter:

If you want to flaunt a sophisticated, classy look then linen outfits are what you are looking for. Designer collection in Kurtis and dresses are available online for the elegant, stylish wearer.

Cardigan in Layers:

Lightweight, thin cardigans are great options for pairing with denim jeans and leggings. You can also consider dressing these cardigans with accessories like brooch.

How About Lined Skirts?

And the best part is that these skirt don’t itch. They’ll make you warm and keep up your style quotient in winter.

Maintain Overall Warmth:

Whether you are in tall boots or knee high socks, the basic point is to keep yourself safe from the freezing cold. As long as you remember this, you are free to wear whatever goes with your outfit.

Hopefully, all the above-mentioned tricks will ensure that this winter is a trendy and warm one.

Wear Monochrome the Right Way

November 20th, 2014

The Autumn Winter Fashion 2014 is all about monochromes. Black and White is a striking combination and is slated to never go out of the fashionista’s wardrobe. Hence, the time is ripe for you all to dedicate more space in your wardrobe to these colours. It oozes sophistication and is suitable for both, men and women. The fact that you can easily dress up or dress down with this combination only adds to the charm. This is the time for you to go all out and experiment with the monochrome colour palette. Be it the smart casuals or be it the formal wear, monochromes are guaranteed to look good on you. This trend has extended to footwear and other accessories like neck pieces and bags as well. Designers and celebrities have embraced the same and are championing the trend everywhere, be it on the runways, charity balls or be it on more casual affairs like brunches and dates.

Keep up with this fashion trend and be the style diva that you are always meant to be. Here are our tips on how you can style it right with the monochromes.

You can choose to keep it simple with the classic white shirt and black trousers or pencil skirts or you can experiment with either of the following ways.

Abstract Prints have been a rage for quite a few seasons and has been imbibed into the monochrome trend has well. A simple maxi dress or a shirt adorned with abstract prints look extremely striking. You can choose to add just a dash of colour to the same in the form of accessories like reflective glares or handbags.

Panels are yet another dramatic trend this season. Hog the limelight in statement panels wherever you go.

Stripes and Checks – The ever stylish duo are back with a bang. Take your pick from horizontal or vertical stripes or small and big checks based on your body type.

A few fashion houses have taken this trend up a notch higher by combining clashing prints. This essentially encompasses using the same print in varying sizes on monochromes or pairing the same pattern in contrasting colours in one ensemble itself.

Carry off the monochromes with elan this season and do remember that linen and monochrome together reflect an effortless elegance.

Linen and Different Shades of Red

November 15th, 2014

A woman in red attire has an almost irresistible and enigmatic appeal as has been immortalized in Eric Clapton’s song, ‘Lady in Red’. This vibrant colour is a must have in every wardrobe be it that of a man, or a woman. It is an undeniable fact that this colour works its charm across all ages. It goes with every persona and brings out the best in everyone. Given the right material and the right cut, one can pull off even the extremes from the spectrum – one of scorching hot on one hand and that of being demure, calm and composed on the other hand. Audrey Hepburn puts it very aptly as ‘There is a shade of red for every woman’ and it is truly left up to you pick the perfect shade to celebrate each occasion of your life. We dare say that in today’s world which thrives on experimental styles, this statement holds good for men too. Stay tuned as we elaborate on how various styles in linen will help you shine out and grab eyeballs everywhere.

Our wondrous fabric of linen looks extremely classy in various hues of red and has been styled in numerous ways by designers.  A simple red dress in linen is as perfect for evening strolls during summer as is a simple red jacket in linen during winters. Linen in shades of red spells out elegance like no other.

Wearing the softer hues of red to your workspace helps in dispelling the drearier aspects during those long hours confined at your work desk or at the boardroom. Be it a brunch date with your girls or a late night drive with your partner, linen in red is an ideal choice for both.

Red is one of the most favoured shades during times of festivities and red Linen ‘kurtas’, ‘bandhgalas’ and ‘Nehru jackets’ for men are indeed a rage these days. With the approaching wedding season, these items have been flying off the shelves. Be it the best friend’s wedding or be it a puja at one’s home, bring in the Desi appeal and look dapper and striking by sporting your pick in red Linen. And it is certainly not restricted to just Indian ethnic wear! Suave and chic takes a whole new dimension with a simple red linen shirt for the fashion conscious men of the world.

Comfortable linen trousers and linen shorts in crimson red or its darker shades too have been embraced by the young generation and can be spotted from time to time in various places ranging from the posh colonies of New Delhi to colleges in Mumbai and even at the beaches of Goa.

We highly recommend that you stock up on both, winter and summer clothing in red linen seems since it is indeed hard to counter its timeless appeal. Follow Bill Blass’s advice – when in doubt, DO wear RED.

Give The Gift of Sleep

November 10th, 2014

The wedding season is here and in addition to the glitz and vibrancy, it also brings along its own set of woes for us all. For those of you who feel the parental and societal pressure mounting up on you to be the next in line to get married, our advice is to just keep calm, discard the ramblings, enjoy the wedding season and continue to live your life on your own terms! We also have a unique solution for those of you who have been additionally burdened by the woe of finding the appropriate gift for the bride and the groom. What else can be better than the gift of sleep in the form of the uber comfortable Linen bed sheets?

They reflect your classy choice and make an ideal gift for the newlyweds. This wondrous fabric is enduring too. People, who have once experienced the comfort that these linen sheets provide, seldom can do without it and swear by the fact that they enhance the comfort factor while sleeping. After toiling hard throughout the day, one’s body craves for and deserves all the comfort that one can afford. Linen bed sheets indeed are the perfect solution to the same. No wonder, there has been a surge in the sale of linen bed sheets all across the world from both, the online platforms and from the stores.

Be it the pristine white or bold geometric and abstract print, the linen experience is meant for one and all. Bed sheets have their unique way of contributing towards shaping up the look of the room. In fact, the aura of the room can change from being demure and sober to being vibrant and energetic in seconds with the help of your pick from linen bed sheets.

Bed sheets are actually a favourite pick as a wedding gift. Stay away from the rut and make your gift stand out by picking the choicest and the most comfortable bed sheets in Linen. After all, comfort comes second to none. So, do go ahead and gift the opportunity of living the luxurious Linen life to your friends and family.

P.S. Do not miss yourself out while doing so.

Festive Fashion for Christmas

November 4th, 2014

It is the favourite time of the year for most people across the globe. The month of December always starts off on a cheerful note since it is the heralder of the impending holiday season of Christmas and New Year. It comes with a promise of making fond memories of fun times with friends and family. Amidst the spirit of giving and buying gifts for our loved ones, we often tend to ignore our own-selves and most of us have the tendency to wait till the last minute to shop for ourselves for the holiday season. We bet that most of you have witnessed that last minute tension of finding that perfect dress merely hours before the Christmas party.

The colours of red and white are indeed a must-have for this season. This year, we bring to you our ideas to complement the season of Christmas and let this be a reminder that you should embark on the search for the perfect attire from now itself. Here are our top three picks for this Christmas season. Add your own creativity to the same and have a gala time shopping for your Christmas wardrobe.

  1. Little Red Dress – Sport red and make the rest go green with envy! Needless to say, this piece of clothing effortlessly adds to the oomph factor of your Christmas ensemble. You can choose to accentuate your figure and set the temperatures soaring at the naughty Christmas parties with a little red dress. Jazz it up further with a statement accessory or a handbag and you are ready to hog all the limelight at this season’s parties.
  2. Linen Blazer in Red – This adds the perfect dose of classiness and elegance to your outfit if you are headed for a more composed gathering like those at your office or the church. In fact, it is the perfect accompaniment to the corporate attire on Christmas. Be it a Christmas brunch with friends or an intimate Christmas lunch with family, you can never go wrong with a Linen blazer in red. This is indeed the safest option to bank on. Linen, after all, comes with its timeless appeal. Keep your Christmas shopping woes at bay and add one to your wardrobe right away.


3. Scarves in red and white – Scarves are indeed the ultimate fashion accessory and the fact that one can sport this in a multitude of ways only adds on to the charm. Geometric prints or bold abstract prints are a rage this season. Pick one which suits your persona and the occasion to spruce up that style quotient for your look the season.

Spread the cheer around and let your ensemble be an extension of your vivacious self! Merry Christmas to all you merry people!!


Linen Hats

October 21st, 2014

Hats, as a fashion accessory, have been around ever since the time fashion has been documented. It was once touted as the ultimate fashion element back in the Victorian era. Hats bear testimony to both, the Queen’s royalty and grace and the hard working woman who doesn’t fail to carry herself as a lady all through the drudgeries that life offers. Fashion on the race course have always been characterized by high heels and hats. Like all things retro, hats have been making a comeback over the past few years.Be it high end style for the elite, or be it casual chic for the working woman or the college goer, hats have been creeping into the fashion scene slowly and steadily.

International celebs too have been seen sporting it with elan. Hats reflect the personal style of the wearer and if linen happens to be a favorite with you, then do not hesitate to try out hats in linen too, just like Catherine Zeta Jones here.

(img source: stylebistro)

Linen renders a very classy touch to hats and a hat in linen is synonymous with grace and poise.

The ultimate style divas are aware of its appeal and no wonder, they end up winning the adulation of all and sundry. Be it checks or stripes, or plain ones in demure and sober colors, or be it the ones in darker shades of maroon or blue, linen hats are slated to be eye-ball grabbers wherever they go. Based on its cut and make, it can be your companion both, during the day and at night. Be experimental and further accentuate your look with these linen hats. This glamorous accessory has made its mark and is here to stay. We daresay that it is a good time stock up on a few.

5 Best Work Dresses For Women

October 18th, 2014

The appeal of a woman in a powerful position is undeniable. The working woman embodies confidence and grace. If power is a aphrodisiac then it is reflected in a person by their attitude, self-esteem, manner of speaking and even clothes. Office wear and business formals have evolved over time so much so, that specific clothing lines and fashion designers unveil their own collection every season. Boring formal wear is a thing of the past and the fashion industry have revolutionized itself over the past two decades when it comes to formal wear.

Today, the fashionistas’ office ensembles are much more than just the plain old black suit. A new category called business casuals have found its place in the wardrobe of every fashion conscious offer-goer. The cuts have been modified, newer and brighter shades are being added, checks and stripes are making a comeback – the world of office wear in the present times is indeed a busy one!!

Here are our top five picks of the season:

1. Pants and Suits – The appeal of pants and suits are timeless. The fabrics of Khakee, Corduroy and Linen are in vogue these days. Wool and wool blends are perfect for winters. Tailored pants with a single crease will always be a favorite. However, you need to ensure that the pants are pressed properly. Extremely tight and figure hugging pants should be avoided at offices. The preferable length is either till the ankles or till just below the ankles but not longer than that.

2. Skirts – The most critical element for skirts is getting the length right. It is extremely embarrassing if you sit on a chair at office and one can see too much thigh. The color and fit are two other extremely important aspects of this work wear. The skirt may have slits on the sides or centered in the back. For obvious reason, the slit shouldn’t be too high. Most importantly, the skirt should neither be too small nor too tight.

3. Dresses – Be it in light shades or in dark, be it in checks or in stripes, the most important rule for dresses is that they should not show cleavage. Proper fittings is essential and hence tailor made and custom fit dresses are advisable.

4. Shoes and Bags – Shoe color should always coordinate with the color of one’s bag. be it closed-toed pumps or ballerinas in wedges or flat soles, the color should complement your ensemble. Chunky heels or stilettos are not at all suitable as office wear. Glitzy and over-studded bags should be avoided too.

5. Stockings – Stockings complement the office ensemble like no other. However, plain stalkings in demure shades of neutral, beige or in darker hues of black, grey and navy blue are best suited as office wear.

Style yourself right to be an eyeball grabber (albeit, for the right reasons) at office too!

Winner of Onam Race Quiz

October 15th, 2014

Hi everyone!

Thanks for participating in the Onam Race Quiz. The winner has been decided. And it’s Gunavathy Ghun Jain!

We’ll be coming up with more exciting contests. So, keep watching our Facebook Page.

Colours This Season

October 2nd, 2014

The month of October is here and as the Starks put it ominously – ‘Winter is coming’.
But for all you fashionistas out there, there is indeed a no-so-somber ring to this epiphany as the runways all over the fashion capitals are busy with the unveiling of the fall-winter collections. We will be providing the choicest color picks of the season so that you all can put your best foot forward this season.

Winter is all about wrapping oneself up in comfortable cuts and stunning hues.

Pink has been every little girl’s dream and has made a comeback like no other this season. The dull and grey winters are always brightened up by brighter hues and this season, the colors of red and family are setting the runways on fire. Tangerine, Blood Orange, Cherry, Cranberry, Hot Pink and Fuschia are the current hot favorites and have caught the fantasy of all designers. Caution Yellow and its more demure cousins, Honey Mustard and Lime are also being spotted in vogue. It is also the right time to sport two of the most revered shades of green i.e Teal and Emerald Green.

One can never go wrong with combination of red and linen! Complement your red linen pant with a light colored linen shirt and chic slipper.

This winter is all about Fur in the international circuit and needless to say that neutral shades of Fur embodies timeless elegance. Be it the shades of ivory or, dull grey or, camel,from 1940s till the current times, the appeal of these colors in fur have wooed women like no other.

One other trend that is doing the rounds is coloring up those gorgeous tresses in the metallic colors like Rose Gold or Bronze.

With so many options to choose from and so many experimental styles and colors to delve into, this season surely promises to be a lot of fun.

Style Tips This Durga Puja And Navratri

September 29th, 2014

It is time to welcome the festive season in India. Celebrations are on in each and every part of the country. With Durga Puja and Navratri just around the corner, it’s the ‘desi’ look that’s everyone’s talking about! We’ve jotted down a few fashion tips that will make you look wow and single you out in the crowd.

Outfits for the Celebration:

 Saree Check- You can don a Bengali look, the traditional one! Wear a red bordered-white saree and team it up with a huge red ‘bindi’. The red color is symbolic of love, celebrations and joyfulness while white is used for symbolizing peacefulness. Give a twist to your look with a sleeveless blouse.

 Personalizing Chaniya Choli – Instead of wearing the traditional red or green, dare to tread the garbha floor in fluorescent orange or neon pink. Bollywood actresses have been spotted in these colors in several movies lately. Backless choli is another sexy option. Flaunt your attractive back in a designer choli. Opt for backless linen blend cholis that come in colorful strings. If you want to dance without any worries, try the knee-length ghagras.

 Clothes and Make-up Combo- You do not need to be told this but just to remind you- stay away from colors that contradict your skin color. Overdoing your makeup will only make it look painted instead of adding to your beauty.

 Style Check for Men- Go for colorful bandhgalas ( embellished with stylish button) and churidars or dhoti pants. Linen kurtas always add style to you overall appearance. Plus, with linen kurtas you don’t have to worry about the outfit sticking to your body due to sweat. FYI – Linen is a breathable fabric.

Quick Make-up Tips for Women-
 If you are planning to go pandal-hopping in the sun, do not forget to mix your foundation with sunscreen.

 Ran out of blush? Try the double-duty pink colored lipstick to get that pink glow on your cheeks.

 To successfully use your concealer, make a triangular shape right underneath the eyes. It will hide the blemishes.

 For night-time makeup use lip liner instead of lipstick.

Hope the style checklist helps you glow this festive season. Have loads of fun and stay safe!