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The Perfect Summer Suit

March 30th, 2015

Dressing for summer season might be tactical but there’s no place for sloppy attire. So how should a man dress for corporate meetings, summer events or office? Here we will discuss some guidelines that will help you to stay cool and look stylish in the hottest season of the year.

Today’s men have a wider range of options when it comes to formal or semi-formal attire. While you choose the material for your suit, look for linen/ cotton blends since this prevents your suit from losing its shape and still look elegant. Never ever make the mistake of pairing natural fabric with polyester or rayon shirt. Natural fabrics like Linen mix best with other natural fibres. Modern day men are more competent in wearing vibrant whites, pastel greens confidently.

The Summer Suit

Suits are an essential element of a man’s wardrobe but one suit does not fit all seasons. In order to get the best possible suit, you need to pay attention to its construction – the material, cut and style. The construction determines the texture, weigh and breathability that will make it comfortable. The material is vita since light-weight fabrics and loose-weave allows air-flow and helps your skin to breathe which minimizes the heat.

Fabrics for Summer Suit

Wool or Cashmere suits are suitable only for winter since they keep you warm. During summers you need to replace them with light-weight and breathable fabrics that minimize the heat without compromising the appeal.

-       The Linen Suit: The most popular fabric during summer, linen is obtained from flax plant. Office Linen has natural textures and visible weave. Linen tends to wrinkle which adds to the charm. If you opt to wear linen suits to office, you might want to choose linen blended with cotton or wool, that way you can look professional and prevent the wrinkles. For traditional and designer linen suits, you can check the collections at Linen Club.

-       The Cotton Suit: This is extremely summer-friendly and most popular among those who want a refined casual look. While being stiffer than wool, cotton keeps you cooler. Cotton suits are available in many soothing colours but you can be adventurous while choosing your colour.

-       The Seersucker Suit: The seersucker has gained popularity over the last few years. An unique cotton fabric, seersucker offers options for business suiting without compromising the style factor. The only warning is – seersucker is extremely casual and may not be accepted as formal wear.

-       The Fresco Suit: The multiple yarn and high-twisted wool pattern with open weave makes the fabric breathable, airy and durable. The fresco suit looks extremely classy and elegant due to its crisp feel and look.

-       The Chambray Suit: Chambray, a.k.a cambric is a cotton fabric that is glossy, comfortable and perfect for summer. A close cousin of denim, chambray is very strong and   sturdy.

Modern day designer suits are available in summer fabrics that look fabulous and stylish. A number of designer brands like Aditya Birla Linen Club have introduced linen suits that are ideal for office wear as well as casual occasions.

Take Care of Your Favourite Linen Shirt

March 24th, 2015

Linen is a natural fabric that makes clothes very comfortable and breathable. These qualities make linen clothes popular all around the globe, especially among people living in hot and humid climates. Linen is strong and durable which makes it ideal for clothes and other household textiles. Linen can easily be blended with other fabrics, which affect the way it should be cared.

The best part of pure linen is that it becomes softer and lustrous with age and can be passed from generation to generation. So how would you take care of your favourite linen shirt? Here are some methods that will make your shirt long-lasting and maintain its original shine.

-       Read the manufacturer’s instruction before washing your shirt.

-       You can either dry clean or hand-wash your linen shirt. You can also wash it in a washing machine with other similar fabrics.

-       Make sure you’ve removed everything from the pockets and wash with clothes of similar colours. Also make sure there are no clothes with zippers and sequins, since they can damage the fibre.

-       It is always recommended to use warm water while washing linen clothes. If you are using a washing machine, set it to gentle cycle. Use a mild detergent.

-       Linen cannot be bleached, so to remove stains use white vinegar or sprinkle talcum powder on the stain and leave it overnight.

-       Hang the shirt to dry. You can dry linen in a dryer with low heat and remove while still damp.

-       Make sure the iron is clean so that it does not stain the fabric.

-       Turn the shirt inside-out before ironing. It is recommended to iron linen shirts while they are still moist for best results. Once done, iron the other side.

-       Hang linen shirts on padded hangers to ensure the shoulder area is not worn out. Always put linen clothes in well-ventilated closets. If you opt to fold your shirts, refold very often till you wear them. This prevents the material from fraying from the folds.

-       To remove wrinkles, use dry iron rather than a steam iron.

Many linen shirts have a ”Dry Clean Only” tag, so take no chance when cleaning such materials. Linen shirts from Aditya Birla Linen Club are made from pure linen and can be easily taken care of.

The One Essential Thing of a Man’s Wardrobe

March 17th, 2015

The one thing that all men’s wardrobes should have is an elegant suit that makes him proud and confident. Compared to women’s fashion, the trends in men’s fashion move much slower. Linen, obtained from the flax plant is an ideal suit material that makes it really fantastic along with being ultra-comfortable. The designer linen suit for men has been there for a long time and will be in fashion for quite some time. The good news is – you can spend more on while buying your suit since you will be able to wear for a long time.

Men’s suits come in a variety of styles and cuts. Which one should you buy? No matter which style or cut you choose, your suit should be characterized by Masculinity and Classicism.  Whether a linen suit or some other fabric, the perfect suit depends solely on the cut that compliments a man’s physique.

Modern day suits are slim-cut compared to the unstructured, boxy suit cuts of the yester-years. According to the current trends, suits that broaden shoulders, slim the waistline and are paired with slim trousers, appeal men the most.

Let’s talk about the styles and cuts of the modern day suits:

  • Single Breasted Suits: The most dominant style, this cut has been there over the years. Single breasted suits can further be divided into two types of cuts 1) the sleek cut and 2) the confident cut.
  • Double Breasted Suits: This cut was originally introduced to hide a plump physique but now-a-days it has been refurbished to highlight the perfect masculine shape. So you should not be afraid to own a double breasted suit.
  • Sack Suit Cut: More of a vintage styled suit, it has rolled shoulder’s for which it gained its name. The modern day sack suits have a slimmer cut compared to the old ones.
  • Three piece Suits: The waistcoats are gaining popularity all over again a casual standalone pieces. With this the three piece suits are also on a return. Unlike the old days, today’s three piece suits shows more harmony. The waistcoat is made of the same material as the other two pieces so that it doesn’t look mismatched.

With the return of old styles and cuts, the classic fabrics and patterns are also making a comeback. The fabric decides how much you would have to pay while you buy a suit. So what fabric should you choose for the perfect suit?

  • Cotton: Cotton suits are best as informal suits so be sure about the purpose of buying a suit. Unlike other fabric, cotton suits crease a lot and it’s definitely a summer suit.
  • Wool: The perfect suit material but needs a lot of care. Even very expensive woollen suits tend to fade or get damaged with time.
  • Linen: Linen suits are ideal for hot and humid climates. The fabric along with its natural hues makes a perfect choice for summers. Also don’t be bothered about the wrinkles, it adds to the charm of the suit. Suits from Linen Club make a perfect and trendy match for men.
  • Velvet: Velvet makes a luxurious style statement that is an ideal evening wear.

Summer Fabric Guide – Stay Cool!

March 14th, 2015

With the onset of summer season, it’s time to pack up all the sweatshirts, sweaters and blazers and take out those soft and comfortable cotton clothes. Cotton? Is that all you need during summers? Not only cotton, Linen can make you even more comfortable in those hot and humid days. Linen shirts are made from natural fabric and are most versatile. You can wear them as casuals as well as formals since it looks amazing both ways.

What makes linen so much comfortable? The answer is its “Open Weave”, which allows air through and makes you feel cooler. Linen is the perfect summer fabric since it’s durable, strong, stretch resistant and allows your skin to breathe. The wrinkly nature of the fabric adds charm to the casual look and most of the time you can spare yourself from ironing it every time you wear a linen shirt.

Talking more about linen shirts, a classic linen shirt is a white collared button up shirt that looks fabulous when worn perfectly. But maintaining a white linen shirt can be very difficult since you cannot bleach linen. For those don’t prefer wearing whites, you can check out Linen Club Shirts. With their in-house design team, headed by top Italian designers, Linen Club offers their customers with variety of world class linen products which are designed according to the latest trends in the fashion industry.

There are other well known brands that offer linen shirts in different styles and hues. If you don’t like the wrinkle, you can choose from cotton-linen blends that wrinkle less and are much sturdier.

Some tips while choosing linen shirts:

-       Linen shirts should never be too tight. Choosing the perfect size is the real challenge.

-       Synthetic fibres are a mismatch with natural fibre. So always team up your linen shirt with a natural fibered trouser.

-       If you are a fan of slim fit shirts, pair them with casual pants.

-       If you love the chic look, you can wear linen shirts with Capries or shorts.

-       Choose the hue wisely. Darker hues of blue and grey look great on all complexions.

-       Long sleeved linen shirts are ideal as casual office wear and short sleeves are ideal for casual occasions.

Packing Tips for Linen Suits

March 9th, 2015

Linen suits are absolutely elegant for warm weather and travellers’ choice while travelling to warm countries. Linen suits offer the classic casual look that is desired while on a tour. In spite of being very light-weight and an ideal choice, linen tends to wrinkle a lot, this might become very difficult to handle.

Whenever packing linen suits, prefer taking a large suitcase so that you won’t have to fold the suit many times. If your suitcase is large enough, you can place your suit face down. Make sure all the buttons are closed. While you fold your suit make sure there are no extra wrinkles or folds. In a word, fold as few times as possible.

So what is the best way to fold a linen suit when travelling?

-       Fold both the shoulders of the suit towards the centre till they meet making sure the fold is even or on the same line from top to bottom of the suit.

-       Place the arms flat on the suit without making any wrinkles.

-       Now carefully fold the suit lengthwise.

-       Once done, grab the bottom half and fold it onto the top half. Make sure there are no wrinkles along the folds.

-       Make it a point to place the suit at the bottom of your travel bag.

-       Fold the trousers to half from the knees.

-       Carefully fold the left side onto the right side making sure they are even. Then place it on top of the folded suit.

This will help to minimize wrinkles to a great extent when packing your lined linen suit. Make sure to take out your suit as soon as you reach the destination to prevent excess wrinkling.

If you are carrying an unlined linen suit, the following folding method would help:

-       You would need some tissue papers to stuff the sleeves of your unlined suit jacket. This helps in further minimizing the amount of wrinkles.

-       Place the linen suit jacket at the bottom and top it up with non-linen items. Place other linen clothes, if any, between layers of such non-linen items.

-       You can optionally put a plastic bag on top of the layers.

Linen clothes are bound to wrinkle, so you can iron them to remove any wrinkles that occur due to packing. Make sure to unpack as soon as you reach the destination and hang your wrinkle-free suit and clothes on padded hangers.

White Linen Shirt: A Must Have For Summer Work and Weekends

March 3rd, 2015

Are you looking for clothes that keep you cool all summer long? Don’t miss this summer wardrobe essential: WHITE LINEN SHIRT. This is a must-have for your summer closet, as it looks good from Monday through Sunday either freshly-pressed or wrinkled.

At Linen Club we cater to the fashionista in you, as well as your practical persona. The white linen shirt is a button down garment that is equally suitable for work and weekend wear. Your shirt arrives wrinkle-free, fresh from your dry cleaner, for Monday morning wear. By the weekend, it turns into an appealingly, creased casual attire, ready to be paired with your favourite blue jeans, khaki trousers or tan pair of shorts. During the fall you can wear the shirt with a dark pair of shorts, like navy, black, or brown instead.

Ladies, you can wear it loosely over a swimsuit or bikini when you go for a swim in an outdoor swimming pool. The button-down white linen shirt can make women look feminine in the summer, especially when paired with a full patterned skirt, either worn tucked in or flowing freely on black linen trousers – this is also a must-have item for your summer closet.

When you buy a white linen button-down shirt, you should look for one that is of a good weight, not too transparent or easily wrinkled and most important it should look classy. Raising your style quotient becomes easy once you focus on the class of the cut, stitching and quality of the material. Also take a close look at the brand’s buttons and whether cut of the shirt blends well with the shape of the collar and the shirt sleeves.

The white linen shirt is an essential item to pack while travelling in summer. You can combine and contrast your button down in various ways. This basic yet classic shirt lets you style your look from formal, by wearing it with your favourite linen suit and tie for the evening, to some casually chic, to very casual looks – just in the blink of an eye!

Most people love our linen garments because of its unique charm and designs – they not only bring a fresh look in hot summer days, but because linen wrinkles easily, it adds a touch of natural class and finesse. It is no wonder that the modern designs of Linen Club white button down shirt and linen suits are a favourite among the upper classes both with men and women.

The irregularity of the yarn in a Linen Club white button down shirt fabric gives it a distinct character. This is the reason for our linen’s casual look. Remember to take good care of your Linen Club white button down shirt, so you can wear it next summer too! Only dry clean your linen and never wash it yourself at home because you may destroy the canvas that holds the yarn together. Go ahead and confidently choose to buy a brand new Linen Club white button down shirt this summer and enjoy it for years to come!

How can Designer Linen Suits Make a Style Statement

February 28th, 2015

Linen suits can be expensive and they have been especially made by a designer who knows all the fashion trends and makes something unique and classy, the prices are bound to go up still farther. However, that cannot be a reason for not investing in them. A carefully structured wardrobe should have a few key pieces and for men, the linen suit should definitely be one of them. Linen Club knows that most men cannot really figure out what would work best for them and so they have a whole range of suits just for the contemporary man, who can simply walk into the store, have his pick, go for fittings and then emerge as one of the most stylish men in town.

Linen suits for men are available in a wide range of prices. The more expensive ones are the wrinkle free varieties. They are really good for frequent wear because one can live in them the whole day and yet there would not be any wrinkle to mar it. The designer linen suits for men for men can be very expensive though but it will be very good as in investment and can be worn to any glamorous and formal occasion. Their designs are also very innovative and those young men who do not want to wear a suit because they feel that it will make them look older, can opt for the special range of young men’s linen suits which have a very youthful feel to it. They also come in stripes and prints for those who love colors. There can be no more excuses for fading into the background with the same old fashioned wool suits.

It is essential to understand that linen suits are not just an item of luxury, but rather with a careful combination of shirts and other accessories like ties and cufflinks, they can turn out to be truly versatile pieces of garment that can be perfect for a summer wedding to a boardroom meeting. So if you had not thought about linen suits before, now would be a good time to reconsider your decision and stock up on a few of them from Linen Club.

With the help of a linen suit, a man can virtually change the way he looks, for the better. So every man should at least invest is one such structured suit.

How can Linen Shirts Enhance Style Statement?

February 24th, 2015

There is a common misconception that work clothes are boring and party clothes have to be gaudy and flashy to reflect the exuberant mood and both of them have to be completely different from one another. While it is true for most occasions, it might not be the norm for everybody. It is not difficult to find conservative dressers, who choose to be more practical about their clothing rather than following the latest fashion trends. Linen Shirts from Linen Club is one of the best places to look in if you have this unique dressing style.

  • Classy: Linen shirts are classy. There is something incredibly stylish about a well ironed, crisp linen shirt. They might not have the flashiness of satin or silk, and yet it is mesmerizing in a subtle way. It enhances the kind of image that someone very confident would like to project- that one does not have to scream for attention, but just being there can be enough to make every head turn.
  • Tailored: It is so common to see young men throw over the T- shirts that the departmental stores offer in dozens and step out of the house and getting lost in the crowd. Gentlemen are not born, they are made. And one of the things that make them so are well tailored clothes. A shirt that is stitched and tailored to perfection is surely going to look a lot better just because a certain amount of effort has gone into the making of the shirt to make it enhance the features of the body.
  • Design Options: Linen shorts do not just come in plain white. They are available in the colors that a man might want it. They come in stripes and checks and even in light florals, which can be perfect for Caribbean holiday. They are perfect for office wear, to be worn by themselves; or as a part of a suit. They are also available in darker colors and bolder prints which can be ideal for a party. And then of course, it is up to the wearer himself to add his own unique flair to the shirt he puts on.

So with Linen shirts from Aditya Birla Linen Club, there is no way that a man would feel deprived when it comes to having the right shirt in the wardrobe.

How to Care for Designer Linen Suits?

February 15th, 2015

It is a common misconception that clothing which is practical, is almost always boring and clothing which is fashionable, is almost always way too expensive to be bought by anyone. However, this myth can be totally busted with the help of linen suits which are fast becoming all the rage among men for its perfect combination of ease and style. However, every good thing needs a degree of maintenance and in this case linen suits should also be treated accordingly.

Linen suits practically need the same amount of care like regular linen shirts. However, because they are suits, they need to be washed and ironed in a different manner. They are considerably lighter than wool suits but they still should not be put into the washing machine because of the lining inside them, unless the tailor permits you to do so. Linen Club has whole range of linen suits that are suitable and apt for office wear and any other formal occasion as well. The brilliant thing about linen suits is that they can double up as formal as well as semi formal wear. They are neither too formal nor strict looking like wool suits and yet, being perfectly tailored, they are perfect for regular business meetings.

The climate can play a major role in the selection of clothes and linen suits are apt for those who live in warm and humid climates. In that case, they do not have to worry about wearing cumbersome suits and linens give them the comfort and usability that they look for. Moreover, since linen can be dyed in a variety of colors, they can be availed outside the usual monotonous colors of suits. Aditya Birla Linen Club can make the kind of suits that a person wants and they can have them in light pastel shades, or the conventional whites and blacks, just as the client wants. They have experts who can suggest the right cut and fit for any kind of body type and will make sure that the suit looks good on the wearer.

With an interesting combination of accessories, the linen suits can be made suitable for both day and night wear. They can turn out to be extremely versatile pieces of garments and they should be a part of any man’s wardrobe who wants to step out in style and be appropriately dressed for every occasion.

Go Green This Summer With Linen Therapy

February 10th, 2015

With spring and summer around the corner, you are soon going to need to go garment shopping again – so why not choose to get yourself some linen therapy in addition to retail therapy? The Linen Club brand is stocking up with our new designs in natural and colorful prints. The summer collections will be suitable for men and women with shirts, jackets, suitsnd ethnic wear.

Eco-friendly fabrics are not the only aspect of making a green garment. Going green in garment buying is now considered to be trendy and an important component of evolving your fashion wardrobe. Sustainable fashion is clearly “in” with the youth. The modern consumer is picky and wants to know where his or her wardrobe comes from, who makes it, as well as what it’s processed with to ensure the item is worthy of the eco-friendly message it’s sporting.

True linen is made from flax, a chemical free ‘green’ crop that needs little pest-control. Linen is best worn in natural shades, or when dyed with natural dyes, as it remains completely eco-friendly and it has a slightly wrinkled look, hence energy is saved with no ironing! Try to buy linen garments from an eco-certified clothing brand and beware of cheap blends that are chemically treated.

The hollow pores of linen makes it a light and cool fabric, so you don’t easily break into a sweat This is a very important criterion, especially if you live in a tropical climate, such as India. Furthermore, Linen is hypoallergenic and 100% natural, allowing the skin to breathe easily, making it a very good fabric for not only shirts, blouses, trousers and T-shirts, but also undergarments and shoes. Not many people know that linen protects against harmful electromagnetic frequencies, such as WiFi and mobile phone radiations.

This summer dress smart and go green by wearing organic linen, a natural fabric free of cancer-causing chemicals, which is also great for the environment and health.