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What shirt would you pick this summer?

Friday, March 28th, 2014

If you are planning to go shopping for your summer wardrobe soon, there are a few tips you would want to keep in mind. This is the season when you need to dress light yet keep it stylish. It is not true that men do not have many options when it comes to picking up shirts. There is a wide variety of shirts to choose from. All you have to do is look for the right shirt for the different occasions this summer. Go through the following to get a hang of what shirt to go for this summer season:

Getting ready for work

The most important occasion to pick up a shirt for is office. This is where you spend the larger part of the day, and you should therefore be dressed comfortably at work. Linen shirts are the best bets when it comes to zeroing in on shirts for work. An off white or sky blue linen shirt is a cool buy for the summer. The breezy fabric will keep you well ventilated and also take care of your style quotient. Pair this up with linen trousers for a completely formal look.

Go casual and enjoy!

Life becomes more exciting after office hours. This is the time when you step out of the house and go about your personal work. This is also the time when you put your feet up and relax, and therefore deserve to put on the perfect summery and comfy shirt on yourself. There is a large palette of colors you can choose from. Pick up shades of shirts that you cannot wear to work. Orange, green, yellow, mauve – take your pick of hue and have a gala time!

If you are planning a poolside party or a brunch party, opt for more vibrant shades. Printed linen shirts are a trendy option for summer. Prints range from floral to aquatic, animals to geometric. These shirts are not only comfortable to wear, they also make the wearer stand out in the crowd with their unusual appeal.

It’s the time to disco!

What’s life without a grand party? After a hard day at work, this is what you definitely deserve. But it is also important to know what to wear to a party. You can settle for a pink linen shirt along with a pair of white linen trousers – the ideal party look. Throw a linen jacket to look even cooler.

How to pick up the right summer dress?

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Come summer, and you will dream of stepping out in a glorious summer dress. However, it often proves to be difficult choosing the right summer dress as the great variety of summer dresses can easily confuse you. Whether it is a short dress that the occasion demands, or a long flowing one, you have to take the final call with much caution. Glance through the following pointers that can help you zero in on the right summer dress:

Been invited to a brunch party?

If that is the case, you have an easy solution at hand. It is the afternoon and the weather is warm, which is why it seems fit that you go for a linen maxi dress. You can choose soothing colors that are pleasing to the viewers’ eye – peach, sky blue, mauve are some of the shades that look really nice during the hot afternoons. Go for floral prints, large or small ones both look pretty during summer. A splash of colors on you will draw the attention of everyone and you will be appreciated for your choice.

Going to an evening party?

An evening party requires you to be dressed in your feminine best. The little black dress is the mantra as far as party dresses are concerned. This time around, pick up an LBD in linen and simply surprise everyone with your charm. You can also opt dresses in other shades of linen, or a mix of different colors. Keep the colors bright, navy blue, scarlet and fuchsia pink work well for this occasion.

If you are a bridesmaid

As many couples decide to tie the knot in summers, you may have to act as a bridesmaid to either your friend or a sister. On such an occasion, you can settle for pretty and feminine shades such as peach, pink and yellow. As you sashay around in your linen bridesmaid dress, watch all heads turn  toward you. So what are you waiting for? Go stun the sun!

Linen shirt for beach wedding

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Linen shirt and beach goes hand in hand. However, you need to keep few things in mind before you choose your linen shirt for beach wedding.
Choose a shirt in which you feel comfortable. Take a good look at your body shape and choose a linen shirt accordingly. A skin fit linen shirt, is not a very good idea, if you aren’t in shape! But that doesn’t mean you need to choose a very loose linen shirt in which you end looking hefty. Pick something which is a good fit yet it doesn’t sit tight on your body.
The second dilemma is always going to be the color of the linen shirt. Go for a light color. No second thought about it. White is an ideal color for this auspicious occasion. But you can take your pick as long as the color is on the lighter side. The rule of thumb is, go for a dark-light combination. Ideally choose a light colored linen shirt and a dark trouser. Do choose your color according to your complexion.
Another important part of dressing for the big occasion is deciding whether to present a formal look or a casual one. This is a tricky one. Go slow on this. Take opinion from friends regarding this. Decide after gathering the opinion from them. If you think casual look gives you a classy look then go for it. On the contrary if an official look makes you look more handsome then choose the official look of course.
The last tip before we sign off. It is a good idea to use cufflink in a linen shirt. It will help you to bring out a good mix of formal and casual look at the same time.

Linen Shirt – A Page From My Diary

Monday, February 21st, 2011

You wake up on a cool November morning and go to the verandah…to find your highly valued and abnormally expensive linen shirt stained with the colour of your wife’s dress! So your day begins on a colourful, erm, stained note. And as they say, morning shows the day. Dejected, you walk into the room and hunt through your wardrobe to wear something to work. You get hold of another favourite shirt like the one sacrificed by your maid few moments ago. Since you find it slightly crumpled, you decide to iron it a bit. A bosom friend of yours calls you up and you start complaining about the unfortunate incident of your much coveted linen shirt like a little kid who is denied of chocolates by his mother.

When you put the phone down, your nose detects a smell that you don’t find pleasant. What follows next is you give a deafening shriek bringing the roof down and slump into the chair next to you. You are at your wit’s end…because… you have burnt the linen shirt and made a gaping hole in it. You had bought the grey hued linen shirt on the day you had got your first appointment letter. The shirt had a lot of memories etched on it. But unable to do anything you laugh at your own misery. So, in one day you’ve completely ruined two of your favorite linen shirts.

So what are the options in front of you when you have to hit the escape button? Hide the day by drowning yourself in work? Or bunk office? Lie to your client you are not in town and the meeting has to be postponed? Or call up your boss/senior and say you are almost on the verge of dying due to cough and cold!
What about the modes of acquittal for committing the totally reprehensible crime of forgetting your better half’s birthday or anniversary for which you might even be verbally lashed to death?
This was just a rough trailer of how bad things can go. Today it was your linen shirt tomorrow it might be your job and your relationships the day after. Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans. But as Earnest Hemingway put it, “courage is grace under pressure”. That is what’ll keep you going.