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How to prevent Linen wrinkles

Saturday, June 28th, 2014

Dresses, shirts, pants or blouses, linen is loved by all and sundry! The fabric is delightfully soft and breathable but quite delicate when it comes to maintenance. Linen wrinkles are a nagging chore and can be quite challenging to maintain on a daily basis. The creases on your linen garment are difficult to smoothen even after a vigorous session of ironing. If you wish to keep the wrinkles at bay, you must wash and iron them carefully before use. You can easily prevent the stubborn creases on your fabric with the help of basic household products. Read on to find out how!

Ingredients that you need

1.) Cool water
2.) Sink or Basin
3.) A mild cleanser/detergent
4.) An iron
5.) An ironing board
6.) A spray starch
7.) Clothes hanger


The water: Rinse your garment with some clean, clear and cool water.

Cleansing techniques: Rinse your linen with a gentle cleanser in a sink or a basin filled with cool water. Wash you garments gently and softly with your hands. Avoid wringing or balling the garment to protect it from wrinkles.

Drying: Make sure that your garments are laid flat while drying; they must be dried until they’re slightly damp.

Ironing technique:
- You must make sure that your iron is switched on to the medium setting or any other temperature that is mentioned on the care tag of your linen garment.
- Turn your linen inside out before placing it on your ironing board.
- Always start ironing your linen from inside. Maintain the inside-out motion.
- While ironing, if your linen goes dry, you can use a spray starch to retain the dampness.

- Iron and press the inside of the garment into a smooth finish and turn the linen to its normal side and place it on the ironing board.
- After the linen is adequately pressed and free of wrinkles, you might want to hang it on a hanger and wait for it to cool down completely.
- Store inside your wardrobe once it’s completely dry.

If you dislike ironing:
- Wash your linen or spray it down with water and hang it straight on a clothesline outside in your garden or terrace.

- Clip some clothespins at the bottom of your linen to add some weight.
- Let the wind blow and work its magic on your garment!

Celebrities Spotted Wearing Linen Outfits

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

Let’s face it – there are a few celebrities who endlessly inspire us to dress purposefully and embrace our personal style, no matter the occasion. From chic linen dresses, comfortable linen shorts to absolutely wow linen sneakers – these divas pull off a range of cool linen looks that match their personality, petite body shape and enviable lifestyle perfectly.
1)    When it comes to boho chic Nicole Richie can do no wrong!  The reality star turned fashion designer is seen here in black and yellow linen top and striped pants.

2)    Kate Bosworth looks cool in a spaghetti linen dress.  This dress looks modern and fun. If you have similar looking linen dress then team it with heels and big, spiky jewelry

3)    Laguna Beach & The Hills starer Lauren Conrad is seen here in Vince High Waist Linen shorts which she wore at a teen vogue party. Shorts are the best way to show off your legs in summers. BTW linen shorts are always a strong trend during summers every year.

4)    Kate Hudson’s white with a touch of metallic linen blazer is high on style and comfort. She shows us how to dress up simple pieces in really elegant ways!

5)    Karolina Kurkova spotted in cropped jeans, mint tee and linen sneakers. Linen sneakers are great accessories to complete a look – be it preppy or girly classics!

Linen Club’s Summer Contest 2011 Winner is …

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

And the winner for Linen, My Summer Friend is Mr Sandilya Vadlamani. Congratulations!! You will receive your Linen gift pack shortly.

To know the latest from the Linen Club keep checking our Facebook page.

A tiring day turns to a relaxing night with linen

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Life can be pretty unforgiving at times. Once I had eight essays to complete, two articles to finish, two and a half copies (for arguably the silliest of all ads) to conceptualize and had already crossed the deadline (by leaps and bounds). I felt anything but nice. My cellphone did its bit by flooding me with countless calls. So much so that it became a terror every time I heard it ringing. To add to it my day at office was nowhere worth mentioning. A highly forgettable one that is.
When I came home I was not even remotely interested in what was happening on television, which my folks insisted I must not miss. And I was so terribly hungry that even the dogs felt sorry for me.
I felt chafed, I felt sore. I desperately needed something to calm my senses down, absorb the anxiety that engulfed me in a stifling way. A pounding headache was the last thing I had wished for. My eyelids fought hard to prevent themselves from getting caught by the world of darkness they were chased by. But then it dawned on me the work was getting piled up.
I did not know which way to go.
The bed, that was right in front of me, was, perhaps, the only thing in the big wide world I was not feeling bugged at. It was spread with a classy and pristine linen bedsheet and its white colour stained my soul with purity. All I could imagine was to bury myself in it, to crash in. I thought a power nap would provide the much needed relief and respite from the craziness of the daily life, so what if it was for a few moments. Having set the alarm, I quietly wrapped myself with that soft white linen sheet and closed my eyes. The touch was divine. The feel was ethereal. I just wanted to lie down quietly and enjoy the coziness of linen till the clock lead us all to same moments of eternity.
When I woke up, I felt much better. Revived and rejuvenated. Because this was the path I had chosen for myself and I realized that cribbing about it was a manifestation of futility.

5 reasons to have a white linen outfit in your wardrobe

Friday, December 24th, 2010
  • A white linen outfit is right for every place and occasion. You can wear them almost anywhere – whether you are heading to office or to pool parties, picnics, movies, beach, luncheons, dinners or simply hanging out.
  • They go with everything. Casual white linen pants can be teemed with everything from tees in different hues to wrap shirts. A white linen shirt will never go out of fashion and it can be paired with almost any bottom. When you’re dealing with white the possibilities are endless.
  • If one were to describe the combination of white and linen in one word then the first word to cross my mind would be elegant. Pristine white Linen outfits make you feel and look classy, regardless of your skin tone, body shape and size.
  • White being the universal color it’s not hard to find linen outfits in this color- be it pantsuits, skirts, shirts in different styles, or gowns, you can always easily find that white linen outfit that will transform you from looking “all right” to looking “super”.
  • A well-styled white linen outfit will make you look slimmer, thus, breaking the myth that white makes you look bigger.

Linen – who says it’s difficult to take care of?

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

This is an excerpt of a letter I received from a teenage girl who on her tenth birthday received a Linen dress as a gift from her grandmom and the dress is still in unbelievably good condition.

“There are times when I wonder, how long a thing can keep serving us, however precious or insignificant it might be. After all, everything, well almost, comes with an expiry date. It isn’t possible for it to go on and on forever. Sad enough, everything around us is chased by the depreciating factor and gradually succumbs to wear and tear as if time erodes it.

I had this dainty little linen dress which my beloved grandma had stitched for me on my 10th birthday. I flaunted it for a couple years but ultimately overgrew it. And for years it belonged to that part of my closet which was very special to me. Countless washes had made the fabric softer and even more absorbent.

After her death, I tried to find out ways to preserve the remains of that little white dress for I believed it carried her blessings and her gentle touch and by then, this fibre, which is considered holy by many, had literally become sacred to me. I found out that this natural fibre did not need to be dry cleaned and could be washed by hand and would respond equally well in a washing machine. Mild detergent, cold or lukewarm and preferably soft water was required to wash such a fabric. The care manual was pretty simple too.

Unclean linen attracted mildew and therefore advised against keeping it dirty. Immediate washing off a stain without much delay, hanging it on a line to dry while it is still damp, without wringing it much, along with the exposure to direct sunlight would help in retaining the crisp linen smell. I also learnt that chlorine bleaches were not recommended in case of linen. Apart from pressing dark linens on the wrong side and the whiter ones on any side, a spray starch made the process of ironing easier. It was considered best if articles made from that fabric was stored in cloth bags.

So I tried my best from letting that precious little dress come under the ravages of time that is bound to leave its impression on whatever it lays its hands on. I wanted to defy time and I think I did it…”