Of Suits and Shehnais

JAN 21 2017
The stars have aligned and the pandits have finally announced the dates. Ladies and gentlemen, the wedding season has begun. For many it's a time to celebrate, to dance and to party. But, for some it's a conundrum. Why? Because it's a challenge to look simply outstanding despite the hustle and bustle a wedding brings along with it.


APR 29 2016
There are a few moments in every man's life that distinguish themselves as special. Graduation. The first job interview. The first job. Getting married. The first serious visit to a tailor. For those in pursuit of greater conquests, appearance is only a way to express excellence. It speaks volumes about that which can only be worn, like an attitude, or a belief.

7 Things You Didn't Know About Linen

APR 25 2016
Being thousands of years old, it wouldn't surprise you to know that linen has a few secrets you haven't heard of yet. Don't believe us? Read on.