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Accompanied by tasteful accessories like scarves, bowties, bags, hand-kerchiefs and more crafted from the finest linen, you are guaranteed to make an unforgettable fashion statement.
Linen accessories
Linen acce scarves
Beautiful and lightweight scarves made of 100% linen fabric. Colors which will raise your moods and add style and character to your outfit. Linen Club Scarves are prewashed and therefore very soft. They will not shrink or deform.
Linen fabric acce scarves
wholesale linen fabric accessories bow
Bow Ties
When a man needs to make a lasting impression, he doesn't just wear an ordinary tie. He wears a bow-tie crafted from linen, and he walks into any occasion knowing that he's extraordinary.
Linen accessories acc belt
A good belt has the ability to bridge contrasting themes in upper-wear and lower-wear seamlessly, providing classy techniques to create a rich, unique ensemble that expresses your own style with simple clarity.
Linen Accessories Red Ties
Every individual of accomplishment knows the value of the correct tie to pick, pair, knot and carry off understated panache with effortless grace. A truly stylish gentleman knows how to wear one in many different ways, nailing his own signature joie de vivre to the centre of his outfit for everyone to see and admire.