Acing Your Monsoon Attire

JUN 20 2018

After the oh-so-hot summer, monsoon is finally here. It would be a shame if you aren’t already gorging on piping hot bhajiyas with some chai, because the first couple of showers will soon be replaced by the dreaded downpour. While everything goes down the drain, so does your comfort – just picture yourself, drenched in your jeans, soaked right to the bone. You can neither move nor sit still.

There is one way out though. After all, the right kind of clothes can make all the difference. And when you really want to make a difference, you need a fabric that’s literally different. Here’s your guide to acing your monsoon attire with Linen:

Choosing the Fabric

Did you know that Linen absorbs twice as much as moisture than the average cotton shirt? But that’s only the beginning – Linen trumps over all other fabrics with its superior breathability. Now that’s a fabric that you can wear all year round.

While cotton and lycra are the preferred choices, a majority of people are unaware of pure Linen fabric’s superior qualities. It dries much faster and lets your skin breathe, no matter what season it is. Must we add that Linen is also one of the best fabrics for sensitive skin.Moreover, Linen is also a ‘health fabric’ – its material has anti-bacterial properties, giving you an even stronger reason to wear it, especially during monsoon.The list doesn’t end there - whenever the rain gods decide to let the sun out (especially on the day when you’ve remembered to carry your umbrella), your Linen Club shirt and trousers will protect you from the harsh UV rays too.

The Ideal Fit

It’s best to go for straight-cut pants and relaxed fit shirts, so that they can air out and dry up easily. Linen casual trousersLinen casual trousers are a great addition as well. Avoid stiff and restrictive clothing during the monsoon. If you happen to get drenched, then tight clothes tend to stick to your body, making it quite uncomfortable for you.

Linen Casual Trouser For Men

The Right Colours

Wearing white during monsoon might look uber-cool, but it’s quite impractical. There’s a higher chance of your sparkling clothes getting soiled.

And why would you ever want to do that to your perfect, crisp, white shirt for men?

What you could do instead, is wear vibrant hues to chase the monsoon gloom away, bringing some much-needed exuberance wherever you are. We’re talking reds, blues and happy yellow, of course.

- Linen Shirt For Men

Experimenting with Prints

Don’t be afraid to experiment, check out printed shirts for men in Linen. They are great to camouflage wet patches and mud splashes during the rains. Whether its marble, off-beat, funky prints or abstract ones; go forth and try something new. With the right pair of Linen clothes and a confident attitude, anyone can look fashionable without compromising on comfort.

Linen Printed Shirt For Men

Deciding Footwear

Every outfit must be completed, or rather complemented, with the right kind of footwear. The good part is the fact that almost every sort of footwear matches well with Linen clothes. But during the rains, it’s best if you stick with floaters and waterproof shoes. You can pair either of these with your comfortable set of Linen trousers and a fine Linen shirt. Avoid wearing socks as they tend to get damp soon, making you AND the ones around you uncomfortable, if you know what we mean.

Linen Pant For Men

Once you have these things checked off, you’ll be in a great place when it comes to being practical and stylish during the monsoons. You can always keep a set of clean, dry clothes in case of emergencies too.

So, don’t let the damp weather dampen your spirits, because monsoon can be as fashionable and comfortable as any other season. Go get ‘em!