2. Linen Club: Clothing Manufacturer India

    Origin of Linen Textile
    Our Beginning

    The origin of linen might date back into antiquity, but this material was virtually unknown in India until as late as 1949, when a humble, hitherto unknown Indian company named Jaya Shree Textiles was poised at the edge of history.

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    This company was different. It had a vision. It was about to attempt and succeed at the impossible. For an Indian textile maker to step up to the experience and standards of Europe and the West in textiles was virtually unthinkable, yet here was Linen Club, producing a superlative quality of linen fabric right here in India. Going toe to toe with other global giants.  

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    Linen Fabrics in India
    It is here that the journey of fine linen in India began. A journey intertwined with the history of Linen Club. A brand that is today inseparable from the paradigm of fine linen in India and the world.
    Pure Linen Fabric
    Our Linen

    Linen is no ordinary fabric. It is a perfectionist's material. For those that have the patience and the grit to create linen, there is a special reward at the end of the toil - a textile of rare longevity, unrivalled texture and exceptional comfort. Every yard of fabric created at Linen Club is so much more than a yard of mundane cloth; it is an achievement.

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    Many hands touch the linen while it is being made. The skilled workers who have honed their craft at Jaya Shree Textiles for decades, the floor supervisors whose lifelong study of the fabric could earn a doctorate at any institution of learning, the engineers whose grasp on the subject is absolute, the clothiers and designers with fabulous visions of linen grandeur who are eroding the boundaries of textile brilliance; every expert hand that touches our fabric leaves something behind. A little piece of themselves. A mark of perfection.

    We are proud to be certified by the European Confederation of Linen and Hemp (CELC), the only European agro-industrial organisation federating all the stages of production and transformation for linen and hemp.

    The finished product is always unique; fabric spun from the finest French and Belgian linen fibres in a mind-boggling palette of eclectic colours, designs and textures, boasting consummate craftsmanship in tailored as well as ready-to-wear apparel. This variety, combined with the careful application of cutting edge European technology is what separates Linen Club from its many imitators, and why the quality of our linen fabric is so difficult to replicate.



    Linen Club Evokes a New Brand Identity: Passionate Like You

    At Linen Club, we are thrilled to begin a brand new chapter. A ton of passion, imagination and hardwork has gone into creating our new identity. And we are excited to uncover it. An identity that resonates with where we come from – Our Origin and who we are – Our Authority, Heritage & Leadership. 

    Welcome to the new us… a walkthrough of our underlying foundation of our new identity.

    Our passion for Linen

    Linen grows in the meadows of Northern France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. These flawless fibers grow in a magical balance of sun, rain, morning dew and soil, typical only to those regions. Nurtured by the generational expertise of the European farmers, this premium flax is then woven lovingly by Linen Club into the most stylish fabrics.

    Our new identity draws its true inspiration from the flax stalk swaying in the gentle winds of the flax fields of Europe.

    Our Linen expertise, authority and scale
    Linen Club is the pioneering brand of linen in India and has over 7 decaded of expertise in weaving the finest quality linen fabrics. Today with 200+ exclusive stores, 7000+ multibrand outlets, we are India’s No 1 linen brand.
    The above two pillars come together in our new logo.

    The story of the flax fibres, combined with its natural and sustainable characteristics is expressed through the stalks; Linen Club’s legacy, 7 decades of expertise and authority is represented through the crest, also signifying Linen’s most wonderful European lineage, all coming together in a form and colours that are ageless, elegant and contemporary. Our new mark is an expression of our heritage, our expertise and our authenticity. It is a mark of India’s no. 1 linen brand – the LINEN CLUB.

    The brand colours are inspired by nature and are earthy colours. The beige is inspired by the flax plant – the core of the linen fabric. The teal is a mix of blue and green palettes that were picked from the linen fields under the blue sky.

    Our new font is modern and breathable, much like linen itself.
    Presenting a new logo for an all-time classic.
    Passionate Like You

    Passion is an inherent quality that the world cannot see, until one's success story is known to the world. When you’re truly passionate, the competition is only you. Passion is age and gender agnostic, it's an emotion that is felt by all. As the leading linen brand in India, with over 70 years of experience, our passion for linen speaks in our craft and designs. Just like our users, we also quietly toil and persevere to ensure only the best results. For a brand that lives and breathes linen, is the no.1 brand for linen in India, for someone that's this passionate about what they do, the idea lies there itself. What do we tell our customers that are as passionate about what they do and how they live their lives? That we get you. We are like you. We know how passionate you are in your life and we connect with you because we are like you. Which is why Linen Club’s new brand line says ‘Passionate like you’

    Welcome to the all-new Linen Club, a cornerstone of origin, authority, and passion. We are passionate, passionate like you.