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Choose linens and hit the monsoon season in style

Choose linens and hit the monsoon season in style

AUG 03 2021

Choose linens and hit the monsoon season in style

Wrapped up in a blanket, sipping on hot coffee while it rains, is a perfect monsoon day. But this hopeful season also comes with a dash of gloom, as it makes staying fashionable trickier. 

Clothes that are lightweight, breathable, and fashionable all at once, are ideal for this time. Thank the stars for linen- a super fabric that is not only great for sunny summers but is also for damp monsoons. How cool is that! 

Read on to get an insight into how to ward off your fashion woes for this season, and beat the humidity in style.

Pick the perfect fabric

Pick the perfect fabric

During monsoons, the rank of priorities undergoes a shuffle while selecting the right ensemble. That is why linen is a great choice not just for summers but for the monsoon too.

Also, linen apparel is tailored to give a sense of freshness and comfort, despite the downpour and humidity. Being a health fabric, its anti-allergic properties help keep skin problems at bay!

Looks matter

Looks matter

The unique composition and texture of linens added to its  premiumness  making it ideal to don on a rainy day. 
Don’t be afraid to experiment, check out the unique prints and vibrant colours of  shirts for men in Linen. They are great to camouflage wet patches and mud splashes during the rains. With the right pair of Linen clothes and a confident attitude, anyone can look fashionable without compromising on comfort.
Simplicity goes a long way

Simplicity goes a long way

Making a fashion statement isn't always about being bold and bright. A refined and understated look also makes one stand out with as much grace. To dress best in this season, one has to take into account the overall gloominess of rains. 

A simple Linen Club button-down shirt paired with dark trousers is perfect for a formal occasion in the monsoon. You can wear white or off-white chinos with this one to complete the look, and become a looker. Being anti-static, linen also takes care of our skin's well-being, with its natural pH. 

Being curated from breathable material with excellent absorption, it's an overtly versatile fabric that doesn’t lag behind when it comes to strength, composition, durability, or even looks. 
Want to spend your monsoon in style? Consider browsing through our exemplary assemblage of linens at and pick your favourites to add to your closet today.

An Innovative first - Linen Club Uncrushable

NOV 27 2020

An Innovative first - Linen Club Uncrushable

Linen Club has been a pioneer in fashion for over seven decades now. With countless designs and innovations, we have made our mark in the industry. With our passion for linen, we are continuously exploring new possibilities.

And it is this passion and drive that has led to the birth of our most revolutionary creation – Linen Club Uncrushable. Yes, you’ve read that right! Wrinkle-resistant linen crafted just for you. You might think that it’s impossible, but we, at the Linen Club, have made this come true.

What is the Linen Club Uncrushable?

History of Linen

Linen Club Uncrushable is developed after year-long research, tests, trials, and offers a crush-free look. It is the first of its kind innovation in India with a durable press (DP) rating of 3+. Linen Club Uncrushable truly displays the best of linen qualities, with maximum linen and minimum creases. In fact, we would say that it’s the best thing to happen to linen since linen itself. It's 100% authentic linen, thereby retaining all of linen's benefits that users love while being wrinkle-resistant!

Why should you buy the Linen Club Uncrushable?

Wearable on multi-occasions - So, if you love linen for its comfort, but think twice before wearing it for an important event as it gets easily wrinkled, this product is the solution for you. The Linen Club Uncrushable shirts would ensure a nice wrinkle-free look and can be worn on varied occasions.


History of Linen


Stays wrinkle-free for hours – Several buyers choose other materials solely because their linen clothes get wrinkles within minutes of wearing them, especially for people with a hectic schedule. This product allows you comfort and a neat presentable appearance. So even if you’ve been wearing your uncrushable shirt for hours, you will look your best at all times.


History of Linen


Needs less maintenance – As these outfits stay wrinkle-resistant for over five hours of use, they need less maintenance and care than other linen outfits, improving the users’ convenience.

So get set to sport your unique style quotient with Linen Club Uncrushable as we continue to break barriers in fashion with passion and zeal.

Walk into your nearest Linen Club store and shop for our new range to get your best look!

Get Sustainable with Linen Club

NOV 18 2020

Get Sustainable with Linen Club

Planet Earth is our home – and maintaining its beauty and natural goodness our responsibility. As people across the globe are now focusing on going green - every small step is helping nourish and nurture the planet.

And we at Linen Club & Jayashree Textiles, are committed to sustainability too. Apart from being one of the most stylish fabrics, linen is also known for its natural and sustainable properties.

The History of Linen

Linen is one of oldest fabrics along with wool, that has been around for centuries! Remnants of Linen have been discovered in 10,000 year-old prehistoric dwellings in Switzerland. The reason it has been around for this long and is still valued is because of its sustainability and durability. Fun fact: Flax is the first textile produced by man - discovered in a cave in Caucasia.

History of Linen

Sustainability with Linen

When it comes to Fashion, linen is a pioneer of sustainable fashion. Linen has a host of advantages, which benefit both - people as well as the environment.

For every linen shirt you buy, you’re saving 20 litres of water!
That’s right. Linen saves water by using less water for cultivation and manufacturing, and even requires significantly less water during usage & care, as compared to other fabric materials. A fun anecdote - If tomorrow, all French people bought a linen shirt instead of a cotton one, the savings would be equivalent to the amount of the water drank by the population of Paris in a year.

Manufacturing of Linen

Manufacturing of linen saves energy & natural resources
Starting with the harvesting of linen, which does not require any artificial irrigation. Then when it gets into manufacturing, the energy required for producing fabric from the flax plant is 5 times less than what is used for other fabric fibres like cotton and wool. And if that wasn’t enough, every part of the plant gets used – so that there is no wastage! So wearing a linen shirt doesn’t just make you look stylish, but is good for the environment as well.

And at our manufacturing plant, Jayashree Textiles, we’ve taken one step further on the sustainability ladder by Creating Wealth-Out-Of-Waste. We’ve innovated on this sustainable fabric through our Wealth-Out-Of-Waste (WOW) programme. It upcycles flax waste to create blended yarn and linen rich fabric, as well as ready to wear apparel. Cavallo by Linen Club is our nod to the environment and has been received well in the Indian market.

Ecofriendly Range

And if those weren’t enough reasons to visit your nearest Linen Club store, linen is a long lasting and breathable fabric, making it the perfect all day & all-weather companion. For people who are becoming more conscious about the environment and sustainability, revamping your closet with linen clothes is a good step to start with! Visit the link to find the store nearest to you -

Homebound but feeling free: The magic of Linen.

Homebound but feeling free: The magic of Linen.

APR 06 2020

“The earth is a fine place and worth fighting for. – Ernest Hemingway”

At our parent company, Jaya Shree textiles , sustainability has always been at the core of how we operate, even before it became a buzzword.,. It is part of our DNA and it extends across our processes, product offerings and our people culture.

Established in 1949, Jaya Shree Textiles is India’s first integrated Linen factory, with state-of-the-art spinning, weaving and processing systems. For 70 years, sustainability has meant a lot more to us than just standards and certifications.


It has been a part of our reason to be. Our way of thanking the earth where we draw our bounty from. All our flax for linen manufacturing is sourced from France and Belgium. Jayashree Textiles is the first Indian company to be certified by CELC- a mark of genuine sourcing of raw material.

Through our sustainability journey, our vision is to go beyond sustainable operations and create sustainable products and value chains. To continuously improve business practices and strike a balance between economic growth and creating positive social and environmental impact for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

Some of the steps we have taken in our sustainability journey are as follows:


Becoming Energy Efficient:

Guided by the Aditya Birla Group Sustainability Framework, Jaya Shree textiles and its Linen Club brand have made it their mission to minimise the environmental footprint of the textile industry.

To that end,rooftop solar plants have been installed to harness energy and reduced our grid dependency by 5-10%.


Becoming Water Neutral:

Water recycling initiatives have been put in place to offset the deepening worldwide water crisis. We have been deeply committed to reducing fresh water consumption. And our cutting-edge water recycling plants along with other micro installations collectively contribute to achieving our water recycling targets. This has also helped us eliminate the release of effluents in the environment.

In addition to that, sustainable sourcing has also been a priority. The flax used for linen manufacturing is cultivated sustainably, minimizing water usage. Water-retted flax has been replaced by a natural dew-retted flax, thus ensuring that our linen is created by nature; going a long way in reducing water consumption.


Creating Wealth-Out-Of-Waste:

The Wealth-Out-Of-Waste (WOW) programme is an innovation driven by the idea of a circular economy based on recycling, reuse and industrial symbiosis. It upcycles flax production waste to create blended yarn and linen rich fabric, as well as ready to wear apparel. These products lead to reduced demand for material, energy and ultimately a give us greener products.


The WOW programme generating value out of excess flax also creates recycled bags that are given out to customers when they purchase Linen Club products at stores.

All of this has been possible because of proactive innovation, systematic well entrenched processes and focus on sustainability as an intrinsic business principle.

Why You Need to Go Linen This Summer

MAY 04 2018

Linen: Why It’s Your Best Bet This Summer & How to Wear It!

Indian climates aren't exactly known for being considerate during the summer months. It's a constant battle with perspiration & heat, kicking in minutes after you step out every morning. That's where wearing linen makes a world of difference, cause it's not just a style thing - it's the scientifically recommended way to beat the heat!

Pure Linen Fabric For Shirt Trouser Suit

Reasons to Choose the Linen Way of Life

• Did you know that linen as a fabric reflects heat? It essentially works like a shield, when you’re outdoors on a hot summer day.
• The fiber and weave allows for excellent airflow, so that your skin can really breathe.
• With linen, you'll never feel that clammy, annoying feeling of perspiration sticking to your skin, which makes it the best fabric for sensitive skin too!
• Comfortable & designed to help you navigate the summers, it's the perfect choice for your wardrobe through the season.

Linen clothing comes in many forms. You can choose not just outfits like shirts, trousers, kurtas or salwars, but also your simple dailywear for home & nightwear as well. Turn on the air-conditioning, stir up a nice lemonade & beat the heat with a cool linen t-shirt & a pair of pyjamas!

Top Styles to Wear Linen and Be Comfortable!

Black Linen Shirt Pant

Summer weddings on the card? Don’t sweat it out in your usual three-piece suit! Opt for a smart linen suit instead. Tan or greys can make for a very smart color choice during the heat. You can create some contrast with your crisp white, pure linen fabric shirt too. Look stylish and really just kick off those shoes and dance away.

Your formal business shirt can also become your evening social hangout outfit - just roll up your sleeves & get some breathing space by unbuttoning your top button! Versatility is key to endless possibilities. Wear it fresh and crisp or rumpled up; you'll love the variety you can play with when it comes to upping your summer style.

linen king kurtas

If your crotch is feeling trapped in the rising temperatures & less than favourable clothing material, think again. Casual linen trousers will provide you a huge relief in the summers, because we know & feel your discomfort.

Make that beach vacation plan already, cause you know what you need to wear for the journey. Designer linen shirts & stylish linen jackets are your go-to friend, for looking & staying cool at the same time.

Clothes that look great can also feel great. Touch it & you can almost feel the organic natural fibre play a soothing symphony against your skin. The unrivalled level of comfort while wearing linen is beyond comparison. You'll wear them time & time again, because washing them is easy & the fabric stays soft, fresh & perfect for stepping out in the blazing summer sun.

Casual Linen Trousers

When it comes to linen, the list of benefits can go on and on; but do you know what’s the best part? Linen can just be. It’s effortless and perfect. You don’t need to try too hard, it can help you ace every look and beat the summer! Now who wouldn’t want that?

Try it today to know for yourself!

This summer, stay ahead of the heat in style with Linen

APR 20 2018

This summer, stay ahead of the heat in style with Linen

What comes to mind when you think of the summer? Forget about the heat; instead, let’s think of ways to beat the heat. If that’s your plan, what better than one of the world’s finest fabrics to take you through the scorching temperatures this summer, temperatures that only promise to go up higher?

Linen, your saviour this season

Let’s face it, we all know that you can’t go wrong with linen. What’s not to love about a fabric that checks all the right boxes? Not only is it light and comfortable, it also lets your overheated skin catch a break from the less generous fabrics out there. Linen is breathable and airy – did we just hear your skin let out a big sigh of relief right there? You can wave goodbye to the heat and humidity, just by introducing a whole new range of Linen Club in your wardrobe.

Of course, to say that linen is fashionable is an understatement, for a breathable fabric this versatile gives you myriad options to bring out your very best! Linen Club is on point this summer with the best in quality and the latest in designs and trends. This wide range of the world’s most sumptuous linen is perfectly suited for all your summer occasions. Let’s see how!


  1. 1. For those business meetings

When work calls, you can’t ignore the summons. Beat the heat in a Linen Club suit, which is stylish yet comfortable, making it perfect for the scorching summers. Of course, do not forget to accessorise – a crisp formal Linen Club shirt, coordinated tie, cufflinks and well-polished shoes will complete your look. With this, you can now own every business meeting.

Blue Linen Summer Wear Blazer

  1. 2. For a party

Now that you’re done with work, how about letting your hair down at a party? Whether you’re the host, or a guest at the party, let your linen ensemble do the talking… or should that be, partying? Dance the evening away in a Linen Club shirt (don’t forget to roll up the sleeves for that added pizazz!), with a well-fitted pair of Linen Club trousers. Just the slightest hint of a subtle aftershave, teamed with a casual belt and loafers will keep the interested murmurs going!

Comfortable and Stylish Linen Party Wear

  1. 3. For a summer evening date

Whether it’s the first time you’re going out with someone, or one of the many dates with your significant other, your linen threads will make this an evening to remember. Add a touch of sophistication to your look by pulling on a Linen Club blazer over a light coloured linen shirt. As the evening progresses, let your Linen Club ensemble and your charm do the talking!

Linen Club Blazer with Light Coloured Linen Shirt

  1. 4. For a casual weekend getaway

Pack your bags – and pack them with striking pieces from Linen Club! There is nothing better than a suitcase full of this light, summery fabric as you take a weekend off from your routine. Whether you choose to lounge by the pool in a comfortable pair of chinos, go on an exhilarating hike or plan to enjoy a candlelight dinner, there’s a Linen Club garment for every occasion! Don’t forget to pack your Linen Club accessories – a bag, a belt and your signature scarf! Make the weekend truly memorable by effortlessly pulling off every look with élan.

Casual Linen Clothing for Weekend

  1. 5. For a wedding

Proceed with caution, because your Linen Club ensemble might just take away the limelight from the groom! Don’t let that deter you, though, from looking your very best, as you garner more than your share of attention in a linen kurta and churidar for the wedding ceremony. Congratulate the newlyweds as you go up on stage in a formal linen suit – and dare we add a cravat or Linen Club bow tie to complete this edgy look?

Wedding Linen Dress

Need we say more?

If the above reasons still haven’t convinced you to adopt linen as your summer staple, here’s also what you should consider when making the decision. Travelling in linen makes every journey comfortable, irrespective of what the mercury outside says. Stay cool this summer and rock each trend with Linen Club’s avant-garde collection.

Linen is a fabric that is #MadeForTheDifferent, and when only perfection will suffice, Linen Club will always have the last word!

staying cool linen trousers

Staying Cool With Linen Trousers

FEB 19 2018

When it comes to daily fashion, sporting a unique look is easier said than done. Sure, you can develop a wardrobe that suits your personality but how do you truly pull a style that distinguishes you from the rest of the crowd?

More often than not, trousers can make or break your style game. They’re often given a backseat, but only a true fashion icon knows how crucial the foundation of your garb is.

However, it is the comfort of the fabric you’re wearing that really makes your style game shine. There’s just something about Linen that makes it stand out amongst other trouser fabrics. Special occasions and festivities aside, even for daily use, it easily triumphs over regular cotton trousers due to the fabric’s superior comfort, breathability and sartorial charm.

Let’s have a look at how Linen trousers can be combined with the latest trouser trends:

The Slim “Hit”

linen formal trousers mens

Over the last decade, the ubiquitous influence of slim-fit trousers has driven fashion gurus to officially declare a backlash on the once-popular trouser style. Linen makes an exception here, simply due to its fabric quality. For those who still struggle to take off their skinny jeans after a long work day, Linen comes as a saviour due to its breathable texture that keeps things comfortable, even in the tightest corners. This stark difference in comfort from cotton trousers or blends is all thanks to Linen’s loose weave ratio which allows air to seep in, making it the comfortable summer fabric to wear.

Easy and Effortless

mens white linen pants and shirt casual

If you still find slim-fit a more demanding trouser style, you can always go back to the evergreen relaxed-legged style. It might be an old staple but with the right tailoring and accompanying uppers, casual Linen trousers can help you flaunt some of that 1950s-inspired NY look in the tropical back lanes of India. During the process of stitching, pay attention to the length and girth of your trouser. Too big and you might give signals that you’d been sneaking into your dad’s closet. Too short and you’ll end up looking like a beach bum. If you’re still confused, just walk in to a Linen Club store and ask our master tailors.

The Party Ensemble

mens casual linen trousers

A wedding, a party or a just grand event – the tux is the tried-and-tested outfit that most swear by. While the blazer demands all the attention, the understated trousers carry the weight of delivering a sartorial yet comfortable experience. Moreover, one need not scout for branded trousers anymore for fashionable designer pants that go hand-in-hand with a tuxedo. There are a plethora of fittings and styles that can get tailored in relatively no time.

While tailoring, you can go the extra mile in styling your pockets too. Tuxedos are all about alignment and a pair of well-tailored vertically cut welt pockets can perfectly complement the pleats of your trousers. You can also bring back some retro magic with Jodhpur or frog-mouthed pockets. These pocket styles enjoyed widespread popularity around the 60s and even today flaunt a cool and comfortable vibe.

Are you in for lowers that are high on style?

Getting a pair of Linen trousers also save you from the frequent trips to the mall to replace your worn-out trousers. If the fabric is well-maintained, Linen trousers can easily last a lifetime. To put that in perspective, the linen curtains found in King Tutankhamun's tomb in Egypt were found completely intact thousands of years later. While we’re certain you won’t be wearing your trousers in thousands of years, Linen fibres are still known for their extremely high tensile strength and in fact, become better with use. Here are a few ways you can ensure the longevity of your Linen clothing:

1. While washing, use the maximum amount of water level in the washing machine. This allows enough space for the clothes to move around.

2. Always wash in lukewarm water as temperatures that are too hot or too cold may damage the fabric.

3. It’s best to iron your Linen clothes while they are slightly damp.

All in all, Linen pants are easily your go-to lowers for this summer. And with Linen Club’s wide catalogue as your wardrobe’s super-power, all you have to do is put your hand in your closet to find something incredible to wear. Walk in to your nearest Linen Club store to check out the latest summer collection.

Rocking this wedding season with linen

JAN 18 2018

Quality Linen Clothing On Wedding Season

India’s ethnic expanse and diverse traditional values weave a rich cultural tapestry. Indian weddings are no exception. Nuptial celebrations in the old homestead are nothing short of grand festive affairs. Be it North India, South India, East or West, every rite of matrimony reflects the prolific values of society, heritage and belief integral to every culture. It’ll come as no surprise that every ethnic wedding has a particular fashion and flavour of its very own, a flavour that needs to be addressed with poise and precision through the seemingly simple choices of attire. Let’s take a look.

The Bengali Wedding

Known for its pompous celebration, a grand Bengali wedding is a concoction of interesting and colorful ceremonies. What’s more enchanting about a Bengali wedding is its very unique aesthetic - a sensibility that perfectly describes the ethnicity, sophistication, and creativity of its people.

Trust in the classic red and white combination – the traditional ensemble colors for their rich culture. Pair your white linen Kurta Pajama with a red bandi jacket or vice versa and you’re ready to go!

Gujarati Wedding

In the midst of rich culinary variety, traditional dances and timeless rituals, every Gujarati wedding is nothing less than a tryst with vivid, bright colour. As families soak themselves in their rich customs and practices, it’s not just the bride and groom that are clad in rich colours, but also the guests of the celebration.

All the pomp and fare demands a typical Gujarati style ensemble. And, if you don’t have one, you can always pair a linen Kurta Pajama with the bright colour-splash of a designer sleeveless vest. Feel free to accessorize a bit with some classy accoutrements. Put on a matching brooch or pin up a rose.

Maharashtrian Wedding

Weddings in the state of Maharashtra are quite simple in nature to look at, but wonderfully complex and diverse when it comes to the rich details of their traditional wedding rituals. The attire is nothing less than spectacular, a reflection of the heritage of the people.

While the outfit of the wedding couple is quite heavily embellished with stonework and embroideries, that of the attending guests is equally marvelous to watch. Out and about in a Maharashtrian wedding, you ought to be dressed in your best. A designer Bandi Jacket with a tapering linen shirt and matching trousers can provide the class and charm you need. Oomph.

Muslim Wedding aka Nikah

A completely unique culture with distinctive beliefs and traditions, a Muslim wedding or Nikah commences when the wedding couple signs off the Nikah Naama. Unlike a Hindu wedding where red is considered the most auspicious color, the colour to adopt here is green. Green represents nature and life. And, needless to say, Muslim wedding outfits are well-known across the world for their fine art work and charismatic designs. 

A linen Sherwani with woven embroidery goes hand-in-hand with the occasion. You can explore colours, as long as there is a green element that connects and keeps the ensemble together. A couple of matching accessories, like a brooch, boutonnière or cuff-links will enhance the image you want to cultivate.

Punjabi Wedding

The is it. The big one. The wedding that raises the bar right to eleven. Amongst all Indian weddings, Punjabi weddings have long held the position of being the most flamboyant and extravagant. In fact, they are a strong influence on the weddings of other cultures across North India.

Naturally, when it comes to attire, Punjabi wedding fashion is as vivid as the people who claim it as their ethnicity. From vibrant colours to baroque embroidery - every ensemble is a true head-turner, a perfect testament to the distinctive and attention-grabbing personality of the people of Punjab.

It’s hard to be a head-turner when everyone’s looking their best. Yet, a few tricks up your sleeve can definitely help. A navy blue achkan-style jacket complemented with a white salwar and juttis can truly up the ante of your attire.

Christian Weddings

Gospel music. Bridesmaids. “I do’s” and flower girls - Christian weddings are a far cry from traditional Hindu weddings. But that doesn’t make them any less special. Anyone experiencing a Christian wedding for the first time is in for a surprise. The simple yet elegant wedding ceremony reflects the joy, prosperity and hope when two souls come together as one.  

Such a special occasion deserves a special ensemble. Step forth with a debonair look by wearing a vivid linen Tuxedo with a linen shirt in a contrasting tone that makes the jacket pop. And why stop there? Turn it up a notch by adding a boutonnière. Classic, and unforgettable!

Exuberant and lavish, Indian wedding traditions are impressive manifestations of rich cultural heritage and distinct values. From the way they are conducted to the attire that makes them special - our cultural diversity makes it hard to find two weddings that are exactly the same. For occasions that are held with such high regard in our society, Linen Club makes your presence felt with an exclusive range of linen wedding fabrics that are truly #MadeForTheDifferent.


Linen Club Wedding Look

5 Go-to outfits for Summer 2017

MAY 03 2017

Linen Club: Comfortable Fabric To Wear On Summer

It's that time of the year again. Grab your favorite pair of shades, spray on some suntan lotion and head down to the nearest beach. It goes without saying that summer is the perfect time of the year to experiment with the coolest fashion trends. But, for some dressing well in heat can feel intimidating. Why? Because the rising mercury steals away the layers, and suits & cotton dress shirts become unbearable. So, how can you dress well when you have to dress to stay comfortable? Always select best comfortable fabric for summer heat.

The answer to this problem lies in linen. A fabric that has been crafted to perfection. Its material help you stay cool yet chic. Whether it be a trip just down to the beach or a full-blown holiday to hot sandy beaches and scorching weather, we have you covered.

From suave prints and bold nautical stripes to the revamped bright ensembles and skimming shorts, here are some trend-ticking pieces to consider adding to your summer wardrobe.

Prints that go from day to night

Prints can be tricky, but if done right it can look uber-cool and trendy. When it comes to making heads turn, nothing does it better than a printed linen shirt and shorts. With so many vivid shades & unique designs, this ensemble will make sure there's never a dull moment.

Go for knee-skimming shorts

Knee-skimming shorts are one of the most wearable and versatile trends of the season. Whether you opt for a design or a more tailored look, make sure they just skim your knee to be on-trend. This ensemble from house of linen is designed for the trendsetters. You can finish the outfit with blue loafers & look your suave best.

Go bright

Summertime is the best time to have a little fun with your style. This bright linen shirt from the house of linen checks one of those boxes and beige shorts checks another. Top it off with a hat for some urban tropical vibes.

White Chinos

One can never go wrong with white. Subtle & classy, this ensemble will surely accentuate your style. You can create relaxed, laid-back, beach or casual look by pairing white chinos with a white linen shirt. Complete your look with tan loafers.

Bold nautical stripes

For a bold look, go for nautical stripes. Keep your look casual with thinner pinstripes or go bold with thick statement stripes on the t-shirt. This ensemble from the house of linen is designed to make heads turn. Look dapper by teaming it with a darker sunglasses.

Of Suits and Shehnais

JAN 21 2017

Linen Wedding Suits And Blazers For Men

The stars have aligned and the pandits have finally announced the dates. Ladies and gentlemen, the wedding season has begun. For many it's a time to celebrate, to dance and to party. But, for some it's a conundrum. Why? Because it's a challenge to look simply outstanding despite the hustle and bustle a wedding brings along with it.

We believe that the answer to this problem lies in Linen. A fabric that has been crafted to match one's class and charm. It's a material that helps you stay cool and calm in the midst of last minute changes and quick preparations for the next big event. Be it Sangeet or Jai Mala, there are a range of styles that you can choose from. Styles that suit every occasion.

Here's a quick look at some of the dresses that you should consider adding to your wardrobe this wedding season:

Made for the bachelor: The 2 Buttoned Blazer Jacket

A bright colored pure Linen Shirt, a pair of chinos and a 2 buttoned blazer, combine them and you are ready for the groom's bachelor party. The 2 buttoned blazer jacket is designed to make sure that you are able to move and enjoy yourself with ease. After all, you're here to make sure the Groom has one hell of a time before his big night.

Stand out at the big night: The Classic Bespoke Suit

One can never go wrong with a suit. Subtle and crisp, a good bespoke linen suit for men can perfectly capture and accentuate your features. It's a piece that's designed for those who love to keep things simple. After all, sometimes, less can say a lot. A perfect choice for every wedding event.

The sangeet showstopper: The Sleeveless Nehru Jackets for Men​

The timeless Nehru Jacket or Modi Jacket is designed to make heads turn. Simple and elegant, the Nehru jacket will make sure that the spotlight eventually falls on you. Combine it with a lightly colored Linen Short Kurta and a pair of Cotton Jodhpuri Pants and you are ready to be the most charming baaraati. A perfect choice for the big night.

For those who love the classics: The Ethnic Dress Code

When it comes to lighting the stage on fire, nothing does it better than a Kurta. With a range of options available in terms of design and color, this ensemble will make sure that when you're amongst a group there's never a dull moment. So, grab a pair of juttis and get ready to lead the baaraatis on to the dance floor.


As always, we want to remind you that the perfect dress is one that's bespoke. Just like you, your suit should be unique. The perfect suit isn't an add-on, it's a second skin. A feat that can only be accomplished with the help of a master tailor and the finest linen.