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Celebrate The Festivities With Linen Club

Celebrate The Festivities With Linen Club

OCT 26 2020

Celebrate The Festivities With Linen Club

The lights are brighter, the energy is more festive, the joy and laughter of families getting together is all around us. That’s right - everyone’s favourite time of the year is here! This festive season, the celebrations will have an added layer of safety, but that shouldn’t dampen our spirits. Let’s enjoy it safely, and with a dash of style from Linen Club.

<a title="Linen Club’s Latest Ethnic Collection" href="">Linen Club’s latest ethnic collection</a> is here to brighten up the festivities. New designs, new colours & new styles – offering matchless comfort without compromising on your style. With a wide range of ethnic wear, Linen Club continues to break barriers and curate attractive, traditional and classic looks just for you. And the best bit, these are available as ready to wear or one can get customised tailoring done, all at the <a title="Linen Club Showrooms" href="">Linen Club showroom near you</a>.

Stylish Linen Bandhgala

The Stylish Bandhgala

Let your style do the talking with our Bandhgala range. These comfortable and colourful bandhgalas add a new flavour to the celebrations, by weaving style into old traditions. The unique cuts and prints in linen keep you feeling cool through the day.

The Vibrant Bandi

Linen Bandi

Linen Kurta

Colour the festivities with positivity in our bright coloured Bandis. Chic and comfortable, our bandis ensure you breeze through the celebrations without breaking a sweat. Available in a wide range of solids, prints & designs, the Bandi is the perfect outfit for your safe celebrations.

The Classic Kurta

Make heads turn with <a title="Linen Club’s Kurtas" href="">Linen Club's elegant yet simple kurtas</a>. Designed keeping your comfort in mind, the kurtas are the perfect day look for you. Be it entertaining guests or lending a helping hand at home, look festive ready in these colourful and stylish kurtas.

The Sophisticated Blazer

Take the celebrations a notch higher with <a title="Linen Club’s Blazers" href="">smart blazers from Linen Club</a>. The classy blazer designs with savvy cuts, lets you make a bold statement without much ado.

2020 has been an unprecedented year for us all and we cannot wait for the festive season. Come celebrate the festivities with Linen Club. Make the best of this year's festivities and treat yourself and your loved ones with the traditional yet fashionable collection. To locate the store nearest to you - (<a title="Linen Club Stores" href="">store locator link</a>).


Spread the festive cheer with Linen Club!

People Driven By Passion – Passionate Like You

People Driven By Passion – Passionate Like You

OCT 08 2020

Linen Club is overjoyed to present the beginning of a new era! Imbued with a ton of zeal and passion, our new identity evokes modernity while staying true to our roots. Join us as we foray into our new beginning.  

Passion is an emotion that breaks barriers of gender, age, and religion. It is a powerful emotion that connects people, unlike any other. It is one of the most substantial feelings that gives human beings the strength to make real change in the world. That gives us all the power to dream and the drive to see those dreams turn into reality. With over 70 years of experience, our zeal shines forth in each of our designs. We connect and relate to our customers, as we display the same ideas and also strive to create the best linen

Passion for Success

We understand and relate to our users because we share their fervour for greatness. As the number one linen brand in India, our goal is to constantly innovate and better the best. We toil and persevere to source quality fibre grown in the fields of Europe. With our design expertise and our mastery in linen, we endeavour to create something amazing. Like each one of you, we have purpose and passion that we want to share with the world.

Fashion For Passionate People

Passion for Sustainability

We have entered a new era, where our customers are more conscious about conserving our bountiful planet. As you try to inculcate sustainability into every spectrum of your lives and make the world a better place with your effort, we share your motive. Our revamped identity recognizes and relates to you. Grown with the natural balance of rain, sun, dew and soil, linen is one of the most sustainable fibres. Hence, in our fabric-making processes, we strive to make sustainability a part of our DNA.


Sustainable Fashion For Passionate People

Passion for Creation

Creative Fashion For Passionate People

We see you trying to showcase your identity in this world, and creating your works of art, music and technology. We recognize you, for your fervent drive to be better and create novelty every day while staying authentic to who you are. We are like you, for we have the same ideas. With innovation and passion at the heart of all our creations, we try to better ourselves every time and bring new products and designs to you that are completely unmatched. We recently forayed into creating the antiviral treated fabric, Lin Shield, antiviral treated apparels from Cavallo and also designed three-layer antiviral treated masks - all of which portray our passion for creation.

Welcome, to the new and improved Linen Club, with originality and authenticity as its anchors. We see you; we relate to who you are. We are driven by purpose, preservation and passion. We are passionate like you.

Linen Club Evokes a New Brand Identity: Passionate Like You

Linen Club Evokes a New Brand Identity: Passionate Like You

AUG 12 2020

At Linen Club, we are thrilled to begin a brand new chapter. A ton of passion, imagination and hardwork has gone into creating our new identity. And we are excited to uncover it. An identity that resonates with where we come from – Our Origin and who we are – Our Authority, Heritage & Leadership.

Welcome to the new us… a walkthrough of the underlying foundation of our new identity.

Our passion for Linen

Linen grows in the meadows of Northern France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. These flawless fibers grow in a magical balance of sun, rain, morning dew and soil, typical only to those regions. Nurtured by the generational expertise of the European farmers, this premium flax is then woven lovingly by Linen Club into the most stylish fabrics. 

Our new identity draws its true inspiration from the flax stalk swaying in the gentle winds of the flax fields of Europe. 

Linen Flax Fields

Our Linen expertise, authority and scale

Linen Club is the pioneering brand of linen in India and has over 7 decades of expertise in weaving the finest quality linen fabrics. Today with 200+ exclusive stores, 7000+ multibrand outlets, we are India’s No 1 linen brand.

The above two pillars come together in our new logo.

The story of the flax fibres, combined with its natural and sustainable characteristics is expressed through the stalks; Linen Club’s legacy, 7 decades of expertise and authority is represented through the crest, also signifying Linen’s most wonderful European lineage, all coming together in a form and colours that are ageless, elegant and contemporary. Our new mark is an expression of our heritage, our expertise and our authenticity. It is a mark of India’s no. 1 linen brand – the LINEN CLUB.

The brand colours are inspired by nature and are earthy colours. The beige is inspired by the flax plant – the core of the linen fabric. The teal is a mix of blue and green palettes that were picked from the linen fields under the blue sky.

Our new font is modern and breathable, much like linen itself. 

Presenting a new logo for an all-time classic.

Presenting a new logo for an all-time classic

Passionate Like You

Passion is an inherent quality that the world cannot see, until one's success story is known to the world. When you’re truly passionate, the competition is only you. Passion is age and gender agnostic, it's an emotion that is felt by all. As the leading linen brand in India, with over 70 years of experience, our passion for linen speaks in our craft and designs. Just like our users, we also quietly toil and persevere to ensure only the best results. For a brand that lives and breathes linen, is the no.1 brand for linen in India, for someone that's this passionate about what they do, the idea lies there itself. What do we tell our customers that are as passionate about what they do and how they live their lives? That we get you. We are like you. We know how passionate you are in your life and we connect with you because we are like you. Which is why Linen Club’s new brand line says ‘Passionate like you’

Welcome to the all-new Linen Club, a cornerstone of origin, authority, and passion. We are passionate, passionate like you.

Linen Club : Best Linen Brand

Linen Club Wellness Fabric - Wear Your Safety in Style

Linen Club Wellness Fabric - Wear Your Safety in Style

AUG 10 2020

Fashion and safety together? Well, this is something that not many seem to fathom. But we, at the Linen Club, have brought the two together with supreme uniqueness. A first of its kind innovation, Linen introduces its meticulously curated treated antiviral fabric range - Linen Club LinShield.

Carefully crafted using special technology, Linen Club LinShield  is safe and stylish at the same time. It is your shield against harmful viruses and microbes, while being equally vogue. Being antiviral treated, Linen Club LinShield can be an effective way to ensure your all-round safety in the current scenario.

Skin Friendly Breathable Linen Fabric

Here are some reasons for you to choose Linen Club LinShield

Linen Club LinShield

  1. Antiviral fabric: Linen Club LinShield is an antiviral treated fabric, created using advanced technology that inhibits the growth of viruses. Thus, it provides you with a safety shield.


  1. Skin-friendly: Linen Club Linshield is a natural fabric and is breathable, comfortable, and skin-friendly. This makes it ideal to be worn in all temperatures as it keeps your skin cool and prevents skin rashes and redness too.


Anti-bacterial & Anti-odour Linen Fabric


  1. Anti-bacterial & Anti-odour: Body odour is caused by bacteria. Since Linen Club LinShield is 100% natural and has antibacterial properties, it eliminates odour-producing bacteria and makes you smell good at all times. Also, as linen is known to be inherently anti-bacterial, breathable and cool, it is moisture-wicking in nature and thus absorbs sweat from your body easily. Hence, with linen, you always stay fresh!


  1. Natural and stylish upgrade: If you’re looking to up your style quotient while maintaining safety, then Linen Club LinShield is the fabric to go for. The linen fabric has a distinct  texture and  that truly stands out making a unique style statement. Thus, it gives a pretty rich and elegant look when worn. The cross-sectional texture of the fabric also makes it cool in nature and provides space for the skin to breathe.

Together with Linen Club antiviral treated masks, sanitizers, and Linen Club Lin Shield, you can create your own safe zone and stay harmless!

With safety in every fabric and stitch, we at <a title="Linen Club : Best Linen Brand" href="">Linen Club</a> are forever committed to bringing you the best. So go ahead and bring home these amazing fabrics to create a lasting impression while ensuring end-to-end safety. Walk-in to our stores now!

Time to Switch on Safety: Antiviral treated Masks Thoughtfully Crafted by Linen Club

Time to Switch on Safety: Antiviral treated Masks Thoughtfully Crafted by Linen Club

JUL 24 2020

Time to Switch on Safety: Antiviral treated Masks Thoughtfully Crafted by Linen Club

Given the pandemic we’re in, safety is of prime importance and masks are crucial to keeping one safe when going out in public. That’s why it’s important that we have a strong shield against any external harm. Enter antiviral treated safety masks from Linen Club, that are specially crafted using 100% natural linen fabric to provide all-round protection. Plus, they are breathable & comfortable.

Here's what makes Linen Club masks a great choice-

Three-layers of Protection

Our masks are created keeping in mind the end-to-end safety of the user. Thus, we’ve ensured three layers of protection:

Layer 1: This is the outermost layer that is made from premium antibacterial treated linen fabrics to keep you safe and stylish at the same time

Layer 2: This is the middle layer that is created using melt-blown for added protection.

Layer 3: This is the innermost layer that is made from antiviral treated soft cotton fabric, to ensure that the mask is comfortable against the face while wearing.

Cotton Linen Fabric Mask

All these three layers are meticulously stitched together and provided for with a soft comfortable elastic ear loop.

Features of the Linen Club mask

Linen Club masks are thoughtfully designed, with the safety and comfort of the user as our top priority. Linen Club masks are-

  • High on Breathability
  • Light and Easy to wear
  • Reusable
  • Washable

Along with providing safety, our face masks are stylish as well with colourful attractive patterns!

Stylish Face Masks

Maintenance of Linen Club Antiviral treated Masks

While the masks are meant to protect you, it’s important that you take proper care of the mask, so that they remain durable and safe. Here are a few tips that you must keep in mind while using a mask:

  • Make sure that your hands are clean. It’s always better to wash your hands before touching the mask.
  • While wearing the mask, ensure that it completely covers your mouth and nose, and fits well on your face.
  • When you’re out in public, avoid touching the mask from time to time. If your skin feels irritable or the mask feels damp, replace it with a fresh mask. 
  • Make sure you do not wear the mask for more than 6 hours at a stretch.
  • At the time of removing the mask, remove it from behind your ears by using the ear loops. Do not touch the mask from the front.
  • Store the mask separately and wash it with soap and water after every use. You can also choose to soak it in antiseptic liquid.
  • After removing the mask, do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly.

You can shop for these amazing safety masks here,

Why Linen is a WOW fabric - The Good Fabric Story

Why Linen is a WOW fabric - The Good Fabric Story

JUN 29 2020

Why Linen is a WOW fabric - The Good Fabric Story

Linen is one of the oldest and the most sought-after fabrics. Wondering why? Because it’s natural (made from the flax plant) and has amazing properties that have made it a must-have across households and wardrobes for centuries.

Incredibly smooth in texture, soft, and absorbent, linen helps you beat the summer heat by keeping your body cool. It’s breathable and provides great ventilation. Not only does it keep your skin healthy, but also gives you an elegant look when worn. 

- Anti-Bacterial Pure Linen Fabrics & Apparels

Here are some of the reasons why linen is a wow fabric:

Anti-bacterial fabric

Since linen is manufactured naturally from the flaxseed plant, it is not attacked by bacteria and germs. Hence, there’s no worrying about your clothes getting damaged. While making linen, every part of the flax plant is used. Thus, it’s completely organic and it is this natural property of the linen fabric that does not provide for any breeding ground for the bacteria. Thus, your skin also stays protected from any type of viruses and microbes.

Long lasting fabric

Linen Shirt

Unlike most other fabrics that fade or become worn out over time due to sunlight, linen never loses its charm. It remains intact and safe even if you repeatedly wear in out in the sun. Being excellent heat resistant, if effectively reflects UV rays and keeps your skin protected. That is why linen is the only skin shield fabric that works against harmful UV rays. So don’t shy away from stepping out in the summer. Put on your favourite linen and go about chilling in fashion!

All season fabric

Linen Fabric

Linen fabric works all year round! It soothes you when you’re snuggled under the bed cover on a chilly winter night as well as cools you off during a hot and sweaty day. One of the natural properties of linen is its hollowness which allows air to move around the moisture that oozes up as a result of perspiration. 

Breathable fabric
When it comes to choosing the fabric that supports your skin, Linen is the best choice as it reduces the heat from solar gamma waves and cuts it into half thereby safeguarding your skin. Being highly breathable as well as insulating, linen is truly an all-season fabric. Whether it’s winter or summer, linen has your back always!

Sustainable fabric

Linen fabric is known to be one of the strongest fabrics in the world. The linen fibre is particularly pretty long-lasting and durable, thus it works much better than all the other fabrics. So come and rain and shine, your linen is there to stay forever. Since linen is made from the flax plant, it is 100% natural. Which means that it is safely recyclable and biodegradable - thus a totally environment-friendly fabric!

As pretty as a picture

Linen surely rules the summers as it is an appealing fabric that does not cling onto the skin. It's stylish, trendy, elegant, and an absolute favourite in every person’s wardrobe, not just the elite! More recently, the wrinkled look has been in fashion, and what better way to slay it than wearing linen for your work-from-home meetings. For parties and get-togethers too, linen clothes have been a go-to for men and women due to its chic factor.

Linen has its own sacred place in the textile industry that is quite eccentric compared to any other material. It’s good looking, lavish, classy, and a must-have in your wardrobe! 

Visit any of our stores for all your fashionable linen choices. Looking forward to seeing you at a store near you.

We are reopening with safety in every stitch

We are reopening with safety in every stitch

JUN 09 2020

We are reopening with safety in every stitch

As you know, slowly and gradually the lockdown is coming to an end in some parts of the country. This means, businesses will resume, and people will move back to their normal routines. And this also means that we will have to be all the more precautionary and follow strict safety measures to keep ourselves protected.

Linen Club Store

The Linen Club is reopening too with safety stitched across our stores, services, and merchandise. For us, your well-being is of utmost priority at all times. Thus, keeping the current situation in mind, we are following stringent practices to ensure a safe shopping experience for you. Here are some of the safety procedures that we have implemented:

Limited Entry

Across our stores, at any given point in time, only a limited number of customers will be allowed to enter and shop. This process shall ensure that people are not crowding inside while shopping and are able to maintain a proper distance from one another, while happily choosing their favourite linen.

Thermal Checks

Linen Club Store

While we once again extend a warm welcome to our customers, we will make sure that they go through mandatory temperature checks at the entry points. This method has been applied to safeguard the health and well-being of all the other customers and staff


Wearing Masks

Another mandate in place requires the customers to wear a mask throughout their shopping inside the store. In fact, they shall be allowed inside the store only if they’ll be wearing masks. Our staff members shall also be wearing masks all the times.

Hand Sanitization

As the customers enter the store, they will be asked to compulsorily sanitize their hands. Multiple sanitizer dispensers will also be placed across the stores to ensure the convenience and availability of hand sanitizer as and when needed.

Linen Club Store


The old ways of shopping for your favourite linen with now change! Unlike the previous try-n-buy shopping, customers will be allowed to try the garments only post billing. This would ensure safe shopping for all and refrain people from practicing repeated trials.

Linen Club Store

Contactless Invoice

Taking physical contact as a strict no-no, we bid adieu to contactless invoices. Hence, no physical copies of the invoice shall be provided to the customers. Instead, they’ll be sent the invoice on the mail or on WhatsApp.

Social Distancing

Keeping your safety and well-being close to our heart, we ensure to distance yourself from any mishap. Hence, at all junctures, be it the entry point or the billing counter, customers will be encouraged to follow social distancing protocols.

In addition to these measures, we regularly sanitize our stores and merchandise to ensure utmost safety for you. As we open up slowly and safely, we look forward to your support in making these precautionary measures a common practice in the post-lockdown world.

Happy safe shopping!!

Benefits Of Wearing Linen In Summer

Benefits Of Wearing Linen In Summer

MAY 27 2020

Benefits Of Wearing Linen In Summer

May is here and it has brought some scorching heat with it. It gives rise to some intense fights while juggling the AC’s on and off buttons. How many of us are in ‘AC Wars’ due to this heat? While AC is one option, clothes play an important role in keeping the heat away! If you end up choosing the wrong fabric, this prickly heat can cause you to sweat more or you might have immense breakouts, and even rashes.

While we stay safe in the comfort of our own homes, it is best to choose the right material that’s most suited for summers. And while cotton is globally famous for being summer’s best fabric, linen is actually a much better choice. Not only it’s extremely comfortable, but the natural fibre also manages to keep you cool & dry. The best part? You won’t have any AC wars!

Here are some of the benefits of wearing Linen in summer -

1.It is hypoallergic and naturally anti-bacterial.

Anti-Bacterial Linen ShirtSome people are allergic to certain types of fabric as it can result in rashes and painful breakouts. At times, certain fabrics can agitate the prevailing skin conditions and fire up the symptoms. Linen, on the other hand, is quite breathable and allows the air to move easily.

Being one of the oldest fabrics used by humans, linen is not only reliable but actually beneficial. Did you know that linen is naturally anti-bacterial? It’s a great option if you want to buy men’s shirts that don’t cause itching. And these shirts come in different colours so you can pair a white shirt for men with jeans and blazer for a party look! (We have some amazing linen pants collection too)

2. It is highly breathable.

As a fabric, linen is considered stiff and that’s why it doesn’t cling to your skin. The wind allows the fabric to dry quickly. Linen is not only a good conductor of heat but also highly absorbent. It absorbs all the moisture (read perspiration) and dries off faster than other fabrics. Linen Clothing

So, you won’t feel clammy ever! Doesn’t it feel like the best cooling system you could ever ask for? Additionally, you won’t have to juggle with AC’s on and off button!

3. It is a sustainable choice.

Linen Fabrics

Made from a flax plant, linen fibre is more environmentally friendly (read sustainable) as it requires less irrigation and energy. But we have made a conscious effort and decision to opt for natural dew-retted flax, which significantly reduces the water consumed in our supply chain. And through the European Flax® label and audit process, we not only ensure that the flax we use is cultivated sustainably but also has minimal wastage.

Our parent company, Jaya Shree Textiles is India’s first integrated Linen factory, with state-of-the-art spinning, weaving and processing systems. In the past seventy years, sustainability was never about following a certain set of standards. Our vision always has been to go beyond sustainable operations and create sustainable products for people.

Linen Fabrics & Clothing By the way, do you know what’s another best part about this fabric? It is more durable than cotton and that’s why linen shirts are extremely long-lasting. While it isn’t indestructible but if you take proper care, it’s more likely that the shirt will last for years. With classy linen shirts for men, you can feel extremely comfortable and be fashionable at the same time. So, how many linen shirts do you own currently? Pssst, Linen Club has an amazing collection that will match your taste and preferences. So, what are you waiting for? Shop now.

Pro Tip: Choose lighter colour linen shirts if you tend to stay outside for the most part of the day.

Quick hacks to take care of your linen clothing

Quick hacks to take care of your linen clothing

MAY 18 2020

It’s the month of May and summer is in full swing! The classic fabric of the season just got cool again! Yes, we’re talking about Linen - lightweight and comfortable, it is an all-time favourite fabric that gives you an elegant look and makes you feel amazing too.

While we are all locked down inside our homes, managing everyday chores, here are some useful tips to take care of your linen clothes: 

Make Way For Luxury Linen In Your Wardrobe

Myth: Linen can only be dry cleaned.

Truth: Linen is home-wash friendly.

Yes, you can machine wash your linen clothes in short cycles, or can also choose to hand-wash them to keep them durable. Either way, always use cold water because the fabric tends to shrink in hot water.

A great hack for seamless home-washing of linen is to use baby cloth detergents - they are super mild and keep your clothes soft and new for a long time.

Make Way For Luxury Linen In Your Wardrobe

Myth: Linen can only be machine dried.

Truth: Air drying is the best for linen. Being super light, linen dries pretty quickly. Just make sure you hang your clothes on a padded hanger or lay them flat on a drying rack so that there are fewer creases.

If you choose to machine dry, use either very low or no-heat setting, as linen shrinks when exposed to heat.

Make Way For Luxury Linen In Your Wardrobe

Myth: Linen is difficult to iron; the wrinkles never go.

Truth: A little damp fabric is suited to iron the wrinkles away. Yes, that’s the trick! If your linen clothing is already dry, spray some water to dampen it. Press the iron on the clothing for some time, and voila, the wrinkles will disappear!

Also, while ironing dark or bright coloured linen clothes, iron them on the inside of the garment to avoid fading and shiny patches.

These days, creases are becoming quite trendy in the fashion space. If there are light wrinkles on your linen clothing, you can also choose not to iron it to cultivate a unique look that’s ultra-normcore and stylish. If you’re working from home, then a creased shirt could just be perfect for a casual stay-at-home work mode. What say?

Bonus tips:

  • Being super comfortable and stylish, linen is can be the best choice for your work-from-home look during this lockdown. You can choose to pair your linen shirts with linen shorts. For your zoom call meetings, you can try out a formal look as well.
  • Linen Club offers some easy-to-use care sprays like Linen Club Decrease that can help you with maintaining your linen clothing.

So you see, just a little care and linen is all yours to make you look amazing! Follow these simple tricks, embrace the nature of the fabric, and go about enjoying your summer in a comfortable fashion!

Linen Wool, The Answer to Making Winter Stylish

Linen Wool, The Answer to Making Winter Stylish

FEB 12 2020

It’s a common misconception that linen is a summer fabric. True, our signature fabric is breathable and cool when it’s warm, but linen’s thermos regulatory properties also make it an equally suitable fabric for winters. This means you can wear it year-round, season after season.

In fact, this winter, Linen Club brings you something even better. Our exquisite new range of Linen Wool fabrics! Linen-wool is a match made in heaven, especially during winters. Linen wool provides style and warmth, while offering anti-allergic and anti-itching properties in the gorgeous new range.

Linen Wool Fabrics

Let's delve deeper into how this fabric manages to be so versatile:

What Makes Linen Wool A Winter Fabric?

Linen’s insulation properties
The fibres of the flax plant are hollow, which allows both moisture and air to move freely. As a natural insulator, the fibres of linen wool trap heat depending on the season, which is perfect for winter.

Linen Wool Fabrics

Anti-allergic and anti-itching
You know that feeling when you’ve worn layers and layers of woollen inners and shirts, only to find yourself in a spot when you have an itch? Eliminate that feeling and fear with linen wool, which is proven to have anti-allergen and anti-itch properties.

The range
You know that feeling when you’ve worn layers and layers of woollen inners and shirts, only to find yourself in a spot when you have an itch? Eliminate that feeling and fear with linen wool, which is proven to have anti-allergen and anti-itch properties.

Linen Wool Fabrics

Winter styling with Linen wool!

For instance, pair a linen wool blazer with denims, which can keep you warm.

Winter plays host to the wedding season and countless other festivities. While weddings definitely welcome the most exquisite outfits, standing in the cold outdoors can be a challenge. Thanks to Linen’s versatility, the fabric can be tailored and worn in ethnic styles that keep you warm as well.

Linen Clothing

Our Linen-wool blends are perfect for connoisseurs who swear by their Linen wardrobe. The heavier weight obtained from both the fabrics bring the best of both worlds to give you a warm but fashionable solution to winter fashion.

There you go, Linen-wool and winter layering at its best. Visit a linen club store near you.