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Linen Club's Passion for Linen

Linen Club's Passion for Linen

APR 07 2021

Linen Club's Passion for Linen 

Linen Club's Passion for Linen

We believe our ardour for linen has enabled us to curate a spectrum of superior linen apparel, suited for every rendezvous. With 70 years of craftsmanship, our fascination for linen reflects in each of our pieces. This passion solely connects us to our customers, while we strive to weave the best in class linen for them. This is why Linen Club proudly stands as India’s no. 1 linen brand with over 180 exclusive brand stores and more than 7500 MBOs! 

Read on to know the key pillars that make us stand out from the crowd.

Our Profound Legacy of 70 years

Our Profound Legacy of 70 years

  • Did you know? We have been passionate about linen ever since 1949. With the vision of becoming a world-class linen maker, Jaya Shree Textiles took the plunge to go neck-to-neck with other global brands and create fine linen in India. Since then, we’ve presented the fashion industry with an international edge with our product portfolio comprising 100% pure linen 
  • Wondering what is so unique about us? We believe in choosing the best European flax grown on the temperate lands of France and Belgium, with strength and gloss, difficult to find in raw linen, grown anywhere else in the world. It is also revered for reducing the global carbon footprint. Flax also helps in soil renewal, CO2 absorption, uses rainwater, and needs no additional irrigation, fertilizers, or pesticides for a 100-day growing cycle! Surprisingly, its mechanical extraction process is environmentally friendly, as it's a vegan fabric. 
  • Linen Club is proud to be certified by the European Confederation of Linen and Hemp (CELC), the only European agro-industrial organization federating all the stages of production and transformation for linen & hemp. 

friendly, as it's a vegan fabric

  • Coming from the house of Aditya Birla Group, Linen Club is India’s No. 1 Linen Brand, retailed through approximately 180 exclusive brand outlets (EBOs) and 6500+ multi brand outlets (MBOs). 

Our Meticulous Craftsmanship

Our Meticulous Craftsmanship

  • Our meticulous craftsmanship and passion reflects in  our 3000+ designs, of premium linen fabrics in shirting and suiting which are best suited for any occasion all-round the year, from casual to formals, weddings and more. Our widest range linen fabrics includes not only solids but the array of designs in splendid stripes, intricate checks, digital prints, jacquards, chambray and embroidered that makes it the fabric you want to pick for not only for comfort but also custom tailor it for all occasions.  
  • We ensure that every season is graced with a detailed lookbook that expresses these vibrant stories to domestic as well as international fashion houses for bespoke tailoring. Do browse through our lovely lookbook to get an insight into the newly arrived swanky collections!  

So, let us take you through the premium and superior Linen Club collection, lined with an amalgamation of imagination, allure, and magnetic apparels where you can discover what YOU are passionate about. 

The Absolute Summer Essential

The Absolute Summer Essential

MAR 23 2021

Linen Wear: The Absolute Summer Essential

Linen wear has always been a saviour during long days of heavy humidity and sweltering heat. It has become a staple clothing option to get you through the hot summers. This breathable soft fabric is an ever-trending fashion that helps you stay cool while maintaining elegance.

With the summer months rolling in it is time we celebrate this truly comfortable and breathable fabric. From formal shirts to ethnic wear and casual wear shirts, the exclusive linen wear range by Linen Club has got you covered this summer.

Why is linen the best choice for summers?

When you pick good quality linen, you can expect it to be  breathable, durable, and extremely comfortable. The fibers in good quality linen fabric have minimal elasticity and would be highly resistant to any kind of damages due to washes and abrasion. Here are a few reasons why linen fabric takes summer styling up a notch.

1. Keeps you cool

Due to the properties of woven flax fibers in linen, it allows the air to flow in and out of the fabric making it breathable and soft. Linen fabric has the innate heat-conducting and reflecting ability. This means that the heat from your body quickly escapes from the fabric leaving you cool.

2. Has a high absorbency rate

Linen fabric can instantly absorb skin perspiration keeping your body moisture-free making it the ideal choice during summers. In addition to this, linen fabric is less likely to get damaged due to sweat or moisture since it is hypoallergenic in nature.

Has a high absorbency rate

3. Great longevity and resilience

Although linen fabric is almost 35% stronger in comparison to cotton, its chief feature that sets it apart is its longevity. Linen fabric just keeps getting better with time. It has this unique ability to become shinier and softer to the touch with every wash.

Tips to style linen wear for summers?

Has a high absorbency rate

May it be a sophisticated, formal, or casual look, a linen shirt works best in any given scenario. Here are a few styling tips to wear linen shirts this summer.

  • If you wish to flaunt a continental look, pick any of the neutral-colored shirts from our range and pair them with the perfect dark linen trouser.
  • If you are wearing your linen shirt with chinos, casual jeans, or shorts, make sure you wear it untucked to look leisurely cool.
  • Many people associate linen shirts with luxury wear and only limit it to grand events. This is not true at all! Although linen shirts are perfect for all those grand events you attend, these shirts work perfectly well for a formal monday or even a casual friday.
  • Since linen shirts are particularly airy and light weighted, pick a linen shirt which does not come in the “slim-fit” size range.
  • Bold printed linen shirts are perfect for a day out at the beach while the solid option works best when you wish to play it safe.

Has a high absorbency rate

Linen wear is extremely versatile and serves as an apt wardrobe upgrade for rocking the formal evening as well as casual day looks. Not only are linen shirts extremely comfortable to wear during hot humid days, but it also maintains the smartness quotient of the wearer as well.

Are you looking for the perfect travel outfit? Struggling to find something comfortable for those long working hours? Do you wish to look elegantly supreme at the upcoming party? Well, pick a linen shirt of your choice and make heads turn wherever you set foot!

Check out our exclusive range of patterned, printed, plain, and solid-colored linen shirts that work best for every man out there who is set out to rule the world in style.

Be the Master of Cool this Summer with Linen

Be the Master of Cool this Summer with Linen

MAR 09 2021

As the mercury rises, it is now time to upgrade your seasonal wardrobe with comfortable and breezy outfits. With the summer sun shining down upon us, you would want clothing options that make you look stylish, cool, and comfortable.

Linen wear works like a charm during the summers to give you a trendy look while being comfortable to wear at the same time. From sleek trousers to patterned shirts and cool bandis to dapper jackets, Linen Club has got you covered for every kind of event or occasion this season.

And this summer, as we get ready to join the new normal, we’ve worked passionately to put together a collection we know you will love! The collections are inspired by your passions and have been crafted to go with your stylish persona.

Be the Knight in Shining Apron with our Delicious range

The delicious collection from Linen Club features fun and quirky prints that can bring out the conversationalist in you. These patterned and printed bright shirts form the everyday essentials of modern men and makes them look fashionable and trendy. They form the ideal combination of comfort and simplicity and can be styled in whichever way you like. Linen Club’s summer collection features an exclusive range of this wardrobe staple in multiple colors, prints, and patterns. Pick your choice now and look comfortably cool this summer!

Video Call Mastermind gets Formal

Liven up your formal attire by picking any of the vibrantly designed formal shirts by Linen Club. With this impressive range of contemporary themed formal shirts, you are set to make heads turn the moment you set foot into your office! Cramped movements, excessive sweating, and clamming hands are something that every working professional can relate to. Not just this but the long hours of virtual meetings can often send sweat torrents sliding down your entire body. The comfortable, soft, and smooth formal shirts by Linen Club are a blessing during these times!

Video Call Mastermind gets Formal

Be an Out of the Blue Planner with our Indigo range

Do you always find yourself reaching out to a blue shirt? As you might have observed blue colored shirts are an all time favourite pick during the hot summer days. Linen Club brings an exclusive collection of Indigo shirts that can be adorned on multiple occasions. From the checkered blue shirts to the plain indigo-shaded shirts, Linen Club has an array of blue-hued shirts to choose from.

The Classics Execution Officer

Do you want to look fashionably sophisticated? If yes, linen jackets paired with your shirts and trousers are the perfect option for you. With the wide range of linen jackets to choose from, you can attend any event in style without having to worry about feeling suffocated and hot. Linen is a wonder fabric with supreme breathability that keeps you relaxed while keeping your style in check.

Video Call Mastermind gets Formal

Be the Head of Hellos this Summer

Be it a beach party, board meeting, clubbing, or lounging at your friend’s place, linen shirts are versatile enough to make you look fab wherever you go! Pair these bright casual shirts with the perfect linen trouser to complete the hot summer look. Linen fabric is highly durable and resilient which makes it the ideal choice for summer wear. Make heads turn by donning a vibrantly colored linen shirt at the next event you attend.

Video Call Mastermind gets Formal

Go Timeless Cool with our Vintage collection

Keep your vintage charm intact by picking an ageless and timeless shirt from our vintage collection! Linen Club’s vintage line exclusively brings sustainably crafted neutral-colored shirts that are perfect to sport a classic look. These shirts will never go out of fashion! Being ultra-absorbent, you will love the way these shirts feel during the summer season. Accentuate your vintage summer look by pairing it with natural or beige colored linen trousers. Ditch your worries about comfort by donning creatively crafted vintage range made with the inherently anti-bacterial linen fabric.

Feel the Bahama Beach Vibe

Heading to the beach this summer? Keep your beach vibe in check by trying out the beach shirts by Linen Club. As soon as the high temperatures set in, the only thing that seems to offer the slightest solace is comfortable clothing. Linen Club’s beach shirt collection ensures that you feel comfortable while looking fashionably chic at the next vacation you plan. Make a style statement effortlessly by slipping into a breezy beach shirt by Linen Club that truly defines relaxed luxury.

With summer rolling in full swing, it is time we celebrate linen wear. These summer essentials are irreplaceable, especially during humid and hot days. Ace your summer style by embracing any of the above linen wear choices by Linen Club for summer to stay relaxed, cool, and comfortable. Walk into our stores now! 

Rock your ‘Back to Office’ Look with Linen Wear

FEB 10 2021

Working from home during the COVID times made people discover the comfort of attending meetings in their pyjamas. Homes had turned into virtual workspaces and corporate meetings had turned into video calls on Zoom where your head mattered and not your heels.

Although you would be habituated to working in your loungewear during the pandemic, you must be longing to get dolled up. With the offices reopening and people having to get back to their workplace, the question is, how to pick the best outfit for work?

Although your work attire may be tucked at the back of your closet, it is now time to suit up and make the best impression on your first day back. It is time to embrace the new you by partnering with the extensive linen formal wear options.

Rock your ‘Back to Office’ Look with Linen Wear

Why linen is perfect for getting back to office in style

  • May it be a corporate or a more informal work environment that you work in, linen wear is something that would suit both the workspaces.
  • Linen is known to be one of the most breathable fabrics with inherently antibacterial properties.
  • With the best quality linen wear you can continue looking sleek not just during the winter season but also during the summers under the scorching heat.
  • Comfortable, durable, sustainable, and breathable properties of linen fabric makes it the ideal option to ace your ‘Back to Office’ look.

Check out some of these functional yet modern linen clothing ideas that you can use to go back to your office in style.

Rock your ‘Back to Office’ Look with Linen Wear

Suit up

Are you heading to a formal business meeting? Walk up in style by pairing a linen shirt with your suit. You can create a fresh fashionable vibe and boast your fit physique by opting for the curvy slim fit linen blazer or play it safe by sticking to the straight tailor-cut linen blazer.

Keep it casual

There are plenty of casual outfit options to choose from when it comes to linen wear. These are best if you work in a casual workspace.

Pair your linen shirts with denim pants or even chinos for a casual yet presentable look. You can choose from the patterned shirts or even try out the pastel-colored linen shirt options for this look.

Rock your ‘Back to Office’ Look with Linen Wear

The best of both worlds

For a semi-formal look, you can pair linen shirts with your cotton pants. You can wear a linen blazer over your shirt and leave it unbuttoned to complete the look.

The use of subtle accessories with linen wear can enhance your appeal and give you a sharp and toned-down appearance. Summer loafers go very well with linen wear and they must be worn on bare feet or with hidden low socks.

Different shirts, pants, dresses and blazers made out of linen are must-have apparel for every fashionable professional out there. Look dapper in your next business meeting while exuding a sense of confidence by trying out these different linen wear styling options.

Mark every moment with Linen Club’s exclusive range

JAN 28 2021

As 2020 came to an end, people couldn’t wait to ring in the new year. With the past year confining us to our homes and forgoing chances of letting us dress up in our favourite wear to head out, 2021 comes with a renewed hope that things are going back to normal and gives us the promise of positive beginnings. 

With this revived hope comes the need to celebrate each day and enjoy every moment spent with loved ones. One of the most important aspects to feel your best while indulging in new occasions is to pamper yourself with the best clothes. 

Mark every moment with Linen Club’s exclusive range

Linen Club’s exclusive range of linen wear is exactly the kind of rejuvenation you need in your life. Be it a casual brunch with friends or a traditional family event, there is an outfit for every occasion. From shirting to suiting, Linen Club can provide for all your clothing desires with its expert quality of linen, creating timeless and authentic pieces. 

Mark every moment with Linen Club’s exclusive range

The brand only makes use of the best quality Linen, with its excellent breathability, which gives you a sense of ease, no matter how hectic the schedule. The style and the excellence Linen Club provides is unequalled and giving you a rich and premium feel.

From tailored suits to informal wear, Linen Club’s plethora of choices will make sure you are never out of options when it comes to your wardrobe. A classic combination of contemporary and high-quality expertise, providing comfort and sophistication, Linen Club’s range is all you will want to be dressed in this year. The artistry of our craftsmen combined with the individuality of the pieces will elevate any occasion you attend. 

Mark every moment with Linen Club’s exclusive range

The in vogue styles will ensure that you maintain your trailblazer spirit as you set out to achieve your goals for the year. Be it work presentations or partying with friends, you will make a lasting impression. Keeping up with global trends is Linen Club’s speciality and no matter where you jet set to, you will always be à la mode.

Ace your winter fashion with the Linen Club Linen Wool Collection

Ace your winter fashion with the Linen Club Linen Wool Collection

JAN 08 2021

Those who try linen, never go back.’ Linen has always been an exclusive affair, worn by those who understood its importance and the finesse it brought to clothing. With a unique combination of wool and linen in a classic worsted look, Linen Club introduces the perfect fabric for winter suits and jackets which is accomplished in a twill weave. 

Made from one of the finest qualities of yarn and twill weave, this contemporary material is all about modernity and refined grace - An elegant coupling of superior, natural fabrics which come together to create the essence of luxury. 

Here are a few reasons why you should add Linen Club to your winter wardrobe:

Superior Quality: Apart from giving you an air of opulence, Linen Club’s worsted yarn paired with exquisite linen is also known to be more durable than most fabrics. It is finer and feels a lot smoother. The material is thermoregulated, as well as water and wind-resistant, keeping you warm throughout the season. 

Ace your winter fashion with the Linen Club Linen Wool Collection

Stylish looks: Our unique combination of twill weave and worsted wool contributes to making any suit look like silk by providing lustre and natural gloss, thus, making sure all eyes are on you at any occasion. The depth of the colour is also quite unparalleled and has an iridescent quality about it. 

Ace your winter fashion with the Linen Club Linen Wool Collection

Sustainable and natural:  Linen Club’s blend of all-natural materials apart from increasing your style quotient is also viable and eco-friendly. It is ethically sourced and more sustainable than other materials. 

Ace your winter fashion with the Linen Club Linen Wool Collection

This classy combination of worsted wool produced in a twill weave by Linen Club with a distinguished quality is ideal for any event. The pieces created from this are bound to be your closet’s prized possessions. Be it an important business meeting or weddings and parties, the fabric is sure to make you look sophisticated and feel confident.  

Linen Love for Winter Weddings - Our Top Picks

Linen Love for Winter Weddings - Our Top Picks

DEC 24 2020

Linen Love for Winter Weddings - Our Top Picks

Winters and weddings in India, together make for a great time to cherish! And what better way to make memories while donning your style and panache across all the ceremonies than wearing linen!

Graceful, elegant, and oh-so-comfortable, linen wear makes for the perfect wedding attire. The fact that it is light and breathable makes it your go-to fabric. That’s why, to help you get that perfect look, we’ve put together some of the best linen outfits from the Linen Club Wedding Collection. 

Linen Love for Winter Weddings

What’s more, you can also get your linen wear customized! Choose from a range of Linen Club fabrics and get them tailor-made for yourself with the choice of beautiful prints, handcrafted embroidery and your favoured jacquard design. Once you have your preferred fabric, it can be designed into any style of bandis, kurtas, or shirts that you like. 

Linen Bandis

Give your wedding ensemble a unique touch with handcrafted jackets called linen bandis. Heard of Nehru jackets? Linen bandis are a modern-day version of the same, with a touch of our expertise and finesse. A perfect blend of breathability and style, you can pair them with a kurta or linen shirt to stand out from the rest. With an array of vibrant shades and prints to choose from, this work of art leaves an everlasting impression. 

Linen Love for Winter Weddings

Linen Kurtas

A contemporary twist to traditional wear, linen kurtas from the Linen Club Collection are meticulously crafted with passion to make you stand out among the rest. With equal parts cultural charm and festive colours, these kurtas will make sure that all heads turn towards you. 

Linen Stoles

Your ethnic wedding look would be incomplete without a designer linen stole. Draped over kurtas, they truly add charm to your look and raise your style quotient. Linen Club offers a variety of beautiful and light-weight stoles that are breathable and versatile enough to worn the way you like. 

Linen Love for Winter Weddings

Lock on your look as per the ceremony or occasion you’re attending. Bandis and kurtas work well for traditional affairs. Choose linen shirts, trousers, and jackets for cocktail parties and sangeets. A wide variety of classic styles among all of these is available at the Linen Club Studio.


There is a quote from Ines De La Fressange that best describes this feeling of style and comfort. She says, “The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear”. This exactly encapsulates what our wedding collection is all about. It is an eclectic mix of colour palettes and prints that are meticulously designed with artistic expertise. Each item of clothing adds to your personality and has a beautiful story to tell. So be sure that you are the one that tells this story this wedding season! Visit the store to check out our collection now!

Linen Kurta Pajama With Jacket

Celebrate The Festivities With Linen Club

OCT 26 2020

Celebrate The Festivities With Linen Club

The lights are brighter, the energy is more festive, the joy and laughter of families getting together is all around us. That’s right - everyone’s favourite time of the year is here! This festive season, the celebrations will have an added layer of safety, but that shouldn’t dampen our spirits. Let’s enjoy it safely, and with a dash of style from Linen Club.

Linen Club’s latest ethnic collection is here to brighten up the festivities. New designs, new colours & new styles – offering matchless comfort without compromising on your style. With a wide range of ethnic wear, Linen Club continues to break barriers and curate attractive, traditional and classic looks just for you. And the best bit, these are available as ready to wear or one can get customised tailoring done, all at the Linen Club showroom near you.

Stylish Linen Bandhgala

The Stylish Bandhgala

Let your style do the talking with our Bandhgala range. These comfortable and colourful bandhgalas add a new flavour to the celebrations, by weaving style into old traditions. The unique cuts and prints in linen keep you feeling cool through the day.

The Vibrant Bandi

Linen Bandi

Linen Kurta

Colour the festivities with positivity in our bright coloured Bandis. Chic and comfortable, our bandis ensure you breeze through the celebrations without breaking a sweat. Available in a wide range of solids, prints & designs, the Bandi is the perfect outfit for your safe celebrations.

The Classic Kurta

Make heads turn with Linen Club's elegant yet simple kurtas. Designed keeping your comfort in mind, the kurtas are the perfect day look for you. Be it entertaining guests or lending a helping hand at home, look festive ready in these colourful and stylish kurtas.

The Sophisticated Blazer

Take the celebrations a notch higher with smart blazers from Linen Club. The classy blazer designs with savvy cuts, lets you make a bold statement without much ado.

2020 has been an unprecedented year for us all and we cannot wait for the festive season. Come celebrate the festivities with Linen Club. Make the best of this year's festivities and treat yourself and your loved ones with the traditional yet fashionable collection. To locate the store nearest to you - (store locator link).


Spread the festive cheer with Linen Club!

Sustainable Fabric

People Driven By Passion – Passionate Like You

OCT 08 2020

Linen Club is overjoyed to present the beginning of a new era! Imbued with a ton of zeal and passion, our new identity evokes modernity while staying true to our roots. Join us as we foray into our new beginning.  

Passion is an emotion that breaks barriers of gender, age, and religion. It is a powerful emotion that connects people, unlike any other. It is one of the most substantial feelings that gives human beings the strength to make real change in the world. That gives us all the power to dream and the drive to see those dreams turn into reality. With over 70 years of experience, our zeal shines forth in each of our designs. We connect and relate to our customers, as we display the same ideas and also strive to create the best linen

Passion for Success

We understand and relate to our users because we share their fervour for greatness. As the number one linen brand in India, our goal is to constantly innovate and better the best. We toil and persevere to source quality fibre grown in the fields of Europe. With our design expertise and our mastery in linen, we endeavour to create something amazing. Like each one of you, we have purpose and passion that we want to share with the world.

Fashion For Passionate People

Passion for Sustainability

We have entered a new era, where our customers are more conscious about conserving our bountiful planet. As you try to inculcate sustainability into every spectrum of your lives and make the world a better place with your effort, we share your motive. Our revamped identity recognizes and relates to you. Grown with the natural balance of rain, sun, dew and soil, linen is one of the most sustainable fibres. Hence, in our fabric-making processes, we strive to make sustainability a part of our DNA.


Sustainable Fashion For Passionate People

Passion for Creation

Creative Fashion For Passionate People

We see you trying to showcase your identity in this world, and creating your works of art, music and technology. We recognize you, for your fervent drive to be better and create novelty every day while staying authentic to who you are. We are like you, for we have the same ideas. With innovation and passion at the heart of all our creations, we try to better ourselves every time and bring new products and designs to you that are completely unmatched. We recently forayed into creating the antiviral treated fabric, Lin Shield, antiviral treated apparels from Cavallo and also designed three-layer antiviral treated masks - all of which portray our passion for creation.

Welcome, to the new and improved Linen Club, with originality and authenticity as its anchors. We see you; we relate to who you are. We are driven by purpose, preservation and passion. We are passionate like you.

Linen Club : Best Linen Brand

Linen Club Evokes a New Brand Identity: Passionate Like You

AUG 12 2020

At Linen Club, we are thrilled to begin a brand new chapter. A ton of passion, imagination and hardwork has gone into creating our new identity. And we are excited to uncover it. An identity that resonates with where we come from – Our Origin and who we are – Our Authority, Heritage & Leadership.

Welcome to the new us… a walkthrough of the underlying foundation of our new identity.

Our passion for Linen

Linen grows in the meadows of Northern France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. These flawless fibers grow in a magical balance of sun, rain, morning dew and soil, typical only to those regions. Nurtured by the generational expertise of the European farmers, this premium flax is then woven lovingly by Linen Club into the most stylish fabrics. 

Our new identity draws its true inspiration from the flax stalk swaying in the gentle winds of the flax fields of Europe. 

Linen Flax Fields

Our Linen expertise, authority and scale

Linen Club is the pioneering brand of linen in India and has over 7 decades of expertise in weaving the finest quality linen fabrics. Today with 200+ exclusive stores, 7000+ multibrand outlets, we are India’s No 1 linen brand.

The above two pillars come together in our new logo.

The story of the flax fibres, combined with its natural and sustainable characteristics is expressed through the stalks; Linen Club’s legacy, 7 decades of expertise and authority is represented through the crest, also signifying Linen’s most wonderful European lineage, all coming together in a form and colours that are ageless, elegant and contemporary. Our new mark is an expression of our heritage, our expertise and our authenticity. It is a mark of India’s no. 1 linen brand – the LINEN CLUB.

The brand colours are inspired by nature and are earthy colours. The beige is inspired by the flax plant – the core of the linen fabric. The teal is a mix of blue and green palettes that were picked from the linen fields under the blue sky.

Our new font is modern and breathable, much like linen itself. 

Presenting a new logo for an all-time classic.

Presenting a new logo for an all-time classic

Passionate Like You

Passion is an inherent quality that the world cannot see, until one's success story is known to the world. When you’re truly passionate, the competition is only you. Passion is age and gender agnostic, it's an emotion that is felt by all. As the leading linen brand in India, with over 70 years of experience, our passion for linen speaks in our craft and designs. Just like our users, we also quietly toil and persevere to ensure only the best results. For a brand that lives and breathes linen, is the no.1 brand for linen in India, for someone that's this passionate about what they do, the idea lies there itself. What do we tell our customers that are as passionate about what they do and how they live their lives? That we get you. We are like you. We know how passionate you are in your life and we connect with you because we are like you. Which is why Linen Club’s new brand line says ‘Passionate like you’

Welcome to the all-new Linen Club, a cornerstone of origin, authority, and passion. We are passionate, passionate like you.

Linen Club : Best Linen Brand