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Staying cool in summers with different shades of Linen.

MAY 20 2019

With the temperature that only promises to go up, it’s very difficult to stay cool. But Linen could be your saviour. Not only it is light and comfortable, but it also lets your overheated skin catch a break with zero extra effort. Before we take a look at this summer’s latest and trendiest shades of linen, let’s understand why choosing linen is your best bet.

-     Linen is highly absorbent. It quickly removes perspiration from the skin thanks to its breathability and ventilation quality.

-    As linen is hypoallergenic, sweat is less likely to break down its fibres.

-    Even though it is lightweight, linen is extremely durable too. It can endure harsh weather conditions come what may!

So, embrace the creases and enjoy this summer in comfort.

When it comes to colours, men have sometimes been quite conservative. We’re talking about not stepping out of their comfort zone and sticking to their favourites of greys, blacks and whites. Even though these are classic shades, it is important to be a little trendy and vibrant during summer, don’t you think? To help you beat the heat and make you look effortlessly stylish, ">Linen Club also offers thousands of shades you can choose from.

Here are our top shades, and you can choose a hue that suits your style:

Yellow –

Cheerful! That’s the first impression someone might have of you when they see you sport a fun yellow-coloured shirt. Though it might seem a little too adventurous for some, choosing the right shade of yellow can help update your summer wardrobe like never before.

Yellow Linen Fabric

Blue –

If there’s one colour that can definitely keep you cool this summer, its blue. Choose from the zillion shades of blue that we have, when you’re looking for shirts for men online or when you visit our store. Whether it’s a business meeting, dinner party or just a casual day out, we have a blue linen shirt and trouser for every occasion.

Blue Linen Fabric

Pink –

Who said pink is only meant for girls? In fact, in Japan, pink relates more to men than women. However, everyone chooses to adorn the beautiful colour equally. Break stereotypes and make a style statement by choosing a pink linen shirt that suits you too.

Pink Linen Fabric

From an entire gamut of solids, prints to checks, stripes and more, which ones are you adding to your summer wardrobe?

Linen Club Shades of Effortless Fashion

Reasons why Linen is taking over Summer Fashion.

MAY 20 2019

Reasons why Linen is taking over Summer Fashion.

After months of donning jackets and scarfs, summer is finally here! Let your skin breathe and warm up to those sun rays (don’t forget to apply sunscreen when you do, of course) after all those months of bundling up. You deserve to wear, light and breathable clothes and enjoy the summer of 2019. But if you’d rather protect your skin from the sun with full sleeve shirts, we get that too. Precisely why the most versatile fabric, Linen, is here to save the day with casual shirts and formal ones too!

We all know that people take fashion pretty seriously. But with the sweltering heat and so many occasions to attend, dressing up could take a lot of effort. Does this mean people choose to stay indoors instead? No way!

Here’s how Linen makes summer fashion a breeze.

-    The material is simply made for summer

Linen is considered as the coolest fabric! You know why? Because it reflects heat and essentially works like a shield, when you’re outdoors on a hot summer day.

-    With linen, you'll never feel that clammy, annoying feeling of perspiration sticking to your skin.

Thanks to the breathability factor of linen, it allows for heat to disperse, which reduces the chances of the fabric clinging to your skin.

-    A wide selection makes sure you have the right fabric for each occasion.

If your calendar’s booked, we have a number of linen options to make sure you make an impression. From trousers and shirts to kurtas and bandis, to shorts for that beach party; Linen Club has truly got you covered.


Let’s see how Linen is perfectly suited for every occasion. 

-    For a Lazy Brunch

Beat the heat with the lightest fabric there is! Linen will help you ace any look, because of its versatile quality. If you want to go all dressed up or casually, the decision rests in your choice. Choose from a range of colors, prints, and patterns!

Summer linen shorts and printed shirt for Men

-    For an Evening Date

Sloppy is not in, wear a crisp white linen shirt instead and impress your lady love. Or surprise her with an ethnic Kurta instead.

mens white summer linen pants and blazer 

-    For that business meeting

Choose one of our pastel-colored linen shirts and a pair of trousers when you need to seal the deal at work. Linen will make you feel relaxed throughout the day; the need of the hour during summer. 

Linen Suit

-    For a random road trip

Jump into those uber cool shorts and call dibs on the front seat! There’s nothing like making memories in style and comfort.
Linen Shirt Short

-    For those after-work parties

Kick off the work with ease when you wear a Linen Club shirt and a pair of breathable linen trousers. It’s the easiest fabric to go from work to party in less than five seconds!

Linen Shirt Trouser

From formal to casual ensembles, this summer you can choose to transform Linen any way you like. Because no matter what the season, Linen Club offers you a spectacular range of stylish and comfortable clothing, so you can always put your most fashionable foot forward.

styling master class amandeep kaur

Styling Master Class with Amandeep Kaur

MAY 11 2019

Mumbai, get ready for a fashion makeover! Linen Club presents “Styling Masterclass with Amandeep Kaur”. Whether you’re looking for different ways to sport ethnic wear or trendy ways to don the age old classic suit, you could take a cue from Amandeep. With the sweltering heat and so many occasions to attend, dressing up could take a lot of effort. Does this mean you stay indoors instead? No way! Now, make your way to #EffortlessSummer and ace your style game effortlessly.

This Season, Be Flexible In Every Role

MAR 04 2019

This Season, Be Flexible In Every Role

Personal fashion is an integral part of your visual persona. However, before you sport any outfit, style, or theme, if there’s one factor that affects your look the most, it’s comfort. No matter how elaborate or stylish your outfit may be, if you’re not comfortable wearing it, your fashion takes a hit, leaving you uneasy and therefore, diminishing your style quotient altogether.

Moreover, our active lives spanning from the 9-to-5 and then the 5-to-9, puts us in a plethora of scenarios where comfort is key. Client meetings, brunch parties, candlelit dinners, even a day out under the sun - your outfit needs to be flexible enough, just like you.

Our latest TVC campaign with the refreshing Farhan Akhtar proves how Linen is flexible in every manner - it’s versatile for any occasion, it can be reimagined into any outfit, but most of all, it keeps you comfortable no matter what. Let’s find out what makes this fabric so adaptable:

Linen is universal
Most fabrics have a purpose defined to them. Silk, satin, and velvet have always been associated with celebrations and royalty. Synthetic fabrics like polyester have a hard time losing their ‘artificial’ tag. While cotton definitely is the preferred fabric for Indian summers, its mass appeal and oversaturated presence doesn’t give it any exclusivity.
Linen Fabric Suit  Linen Fabric Suit For Men

On the other hand, Linen ticks all the boxes. It’s legacy as a fabric of royalty is known worldwide. And as far as the material is concerned, it’s unique properties make it an all-weather fabric. Moisture-absorbent, breathable, lightweight, and a texture that makes it stand out amongst any other fabric. Clearly, Linen comes on top in terms of versatility.

It’s flexible...literally
Despite the perception around Linen’s high maintenance, the fabric is one of the strongest fabrics available in the market. In fact, Linen is the strongest naturally-occuring textile fabric. It’s high tensile strength is the reason why it has been used in carpets as well. Additionally, Linen keeps getting stronger with every wash, making it a fabric whose immunity to wear and tear is far higher than other fabrics.
Linen Fabric For Designer Suit
The fact that it’s lightweight as well, makes the fabric an ideal choice for summer, with the perfect mix of comfort and longevity.

Don’t believe it? Let Farhan prove it to you!

Farhan Akhtar brings alive his flexibility through a fabric that makes him comfortable no matter what pose he’s in.

Men’s Linen Fabric For Suit Linen Fabric Suit Linen Shirt Trouser Linen Shirt Pant For Men

Make Way For Luxury Linen In Your Wardrobe

FEB 19 2019

Egyptian mummies were swathed in linen because the fabric symbolised purity and goodness. It was also a marker for wealth – sometimes, the fabric was even used as a form of currency. What made linen stand out back then (as now) was its inherent ability to be a versatile piece of cloth, and that’s why it is an essential part of a man’s wardrobe.

The secret to being your stylish self is pulling off the most comfortable wear in an effortless manner, and also making it stand out in equal measure effortlessly. Linen can easily take pride of place here, since it is a fabric that complements a man’s personality, makes a statement and, as mentioned above, is versatile.

This is why Linen Club, the leading linen brand from the Aditya Birla Group, has made its way into many wardrobes, with pure linen fabrics and apparel that speak of worldliness, exquisite detail and unmatched poise. Nothing breathes quite like linen, you’ll hear connoisseurs say. Its sheer class, comfort and style remain unmatched, and suits and shirts made from the fabric are remarkably comfortable. It makes an equal impression on the wearer as well as those around them.

Linen Club is a pioneering brand for linen fabrics in India, and the fabric is spun from the finest French and Belgian linen fibres in a brilliant palette of eclectic colours, designs and textures, boasting remarkable craftsmanship in tailored as well as ready-to-wear apparel. This variety, combined with the careful application of cutting-edge European technology, is what separates the brand from its competitors, and why the quality of linen is so difficult to replicate. Be it a formal suit, festive jacket, Indo- western suits with Mandarin collars or sherwanis, Linen Club has a range of pure linen fabrics for every occasion, for both men and women.

Make Way For Luxury Linen In Your Wardrobe

Credits: Mansworld India.

find your one million linen shirt

Find Your One in a Million Shirt

FEB 21 2019

Fashion is all about perception. Its intent has always been to stand out and make a differentiated impression. That’s why you choose the finest Linen fabrics from Linen Club, after all.

We tied up with 4 of India’s most respected fashion designers to create the truly “Made For The Different” One in a Million collection: 4 designer shirts crafted from the finest Linen Club fabrics sourced from France and Belgium, with just 1000 shirts each. In a country with over a billion people, there’s no better way to be One in a Million.

The Designers

Narendra Kumar

Designer Narendra Kumar Linen Club Fashion

Narendra Kumar, or ‘Nari’, as he is fondly known amongst the fashion fraternity, was the founding Fashion Editor for Elle and continues to work with several leading fashion


mens fashion shirts
Find Your One in a Million Shirt
pure linen shirts for men

Known for his perfect cuts, unparalleled fit and skilled craftsmanship, Nari’s structured silhouettes keep in mind his Indian roots.In addition to the fashion weeks across the country, Nari has been invited to showcase his work at the Australia Fashion Week, the Los Angeles Fashion Week and the Dusseldorf CPD Fashion Fair.

Ujjawal Dubey

Ujjawal Dubey pure linen clothing
Ujjawal Dubey, is the founder of ANTAR-AGNI, one of India’s hottest up-and-coming designer studios. His perspectives focus on two extremes, to break away and yet embrace the mundane. The perspective is based on the restless curiosity to explore human nature through aesthetics and clothing.

Find Your One in a Million Shirt
Find Your One in a Million Shirt
Ujjawal is a fan of Linen fabrics, firmly believing that the fabric has its own character waiting to be explored. His intention was to merely help the fabric speak its language, adding nuanced details, smart cuts and relaxed silhouettes - as raw and natural as it gets.

Sarah and Sandeep Gonsalves

Sarah and Sandeep modern fashion designer

Sarah and Sandeep are the young and brilliant minds behind SS HOMME, a contemporary bespoke design house and Indo-fusion menswear label that caters to modern fashionable men all around the globe.

Find Your One in a Million Shirt
linen shirts online india
linen cotton shirts online

The dynamic duo are confident that they can provide a Savile Row experience to our own country. With attention to minimal construct and details, their aim is to provide a unique and unrivaled experience for men when it comes to formalwear.

Pawan Sachdeva

Pawan Sachdeva Linen Club Profile

Pawan is the founder of the eponymous design house Label Pawan Sachdeva. His is a global sensibility—modern and wearable. While his focus is cut and color, he has brought workmanship of couture to traditional Indian menswear.

Find Your One in a Million Shirt
Pawan Sachdeva casual linen shirts
Designer Pawan Sachdeva Linen Club Shirt

Pawan has been a long-term wearer and admirer of the Linen fabric, focusing on creating new styles and silhouettes as a

great way to convey drama and emotion. His silhouettes are imaginative, yet distilled to  suit each individual's personality.

The Making

Our chosen sartorial champions found their way to Linen Club stores to peruse the unbelievable range and selection of Linen fabrics. From there, they brainstormed painstakingly to finalize their designs, finally sending them off for production.

At each stage, the designers ensured that Linen’s uniqueness was captured into a stylish yet one-of-a-kind apparel collection, crafted with each of their distinct signature styles. Pawan Sachdeva’s intricate stitching details, Ujjawal Dubey’s experimental techniques, Sarah and Sandeep Gonsalves’ geometric patterns, and Narendra Kumar’s ultra-modern approach to relaxed luxury - every shirt channels its maker’s forte through a deserving fabric that encapsulates into a truly #MadeForTheDifferent style quotient.
The result? 4 stunning shirt designs, now available in limited quantities at select Linen Club stores across the country. Are you ready to be One in a Million?

Find Your One In a Million Shirt

The exclusive One in a Million Collection is available at the following Linen Club stores and outlets:

The Linen club, Cuttack
The Linen club, Cuttack

The Linen club, kolkata
The Linen, kolkata

New Delhi
The Linen club,New Delhi
The Linen club, New Delhi
The Linen club, New Delhi

The Linen club, Guwahati
The Linen club,Ranchi
The Linen club, Bhubaneswar
The Linen club, Indore
The Linen club,Jaipur
The Linen club, Jalandhar
The Linen club ,Ludhiana
The Linen club, Mumbai
The Linen club ,kadapa
The Linen ,Anantapur
The Linen, Chetpet
The Linen ,kakinada
The Linen,Vijayawada
The Linen ,Anna nagar
The Linen,Bangalore
The Linen,Bhimavaram
The Linen,Nagpur
The Linen, Yavatmal
The Linen, Dhanbad
The Linen, chandrapur
The Linen, Hyderabad
The Linen, Puducherry


DEC 26 2018
Linen Club Clothing Collection Spring Summer 2019
mens fashion shirts
Largest Fabric Manufacturer In India
linen fabric online india
linen club online
linen clothing brands
Excellenza Linen Club Made for the Different
Linen Club Annual Fashion Show
linen cloth
Excellenza Linen Club 2018 Meet
Linen Club Fashion Show
Linen Club Made for the Different


Colombo, 7-12th Dec, 2018

We hosted Excellenza – an annual channel partner meet at Taj Samudra, Colombo from 7th to 12th December 2018. Set in the picturesque locales of Colombo, Excellenza was nothing short of a visual spectacle, honouring all those who’ve worked to craft the finest Linen fabrics that are truly Made for the different.

The four-day event comprised of trade and retail bookings and a gala celebration including the annual Reward & Recognition ceremony

Since the time Linen Club has been in existence, our fraternity of channel partners have supported our commitment and vision to offer the country's finest Linen fabrics to the style connoisseurs. The Reward & Recognition ceremony celebrates these individuals and gives them the recognition they truly deserve. It is due to the undying passion and loyalty of our wholesalers and franchisees that our brand has reached new heights, creating a fashion statement that's almost impossible to recreate.

Best Performing Retail Channel Partner


Mr Sitaramanjaneyulu Potturu (Passi bhai) from Ananta / Hari Chandana / Srivari etc

linen and linens

Best Performing Retail Channel Partner

1st Runner up

Mr Madhu Sudhan Vanam from Global Fashions

Best Performing Retail Channel Partner

2nd Runner up

Mr Gopi Krishna Kanchi from Sri Laxmisrinivasa Agencies

Best Performing EBOs (secondary sales based on shopper sales)

Best Performing EBO - North

Mr Saroj Dixit from LCTR Gomti Nagar

Best Performing EBOs (secondary sales based on shopper sales)

Best Performing EBO - West

Mr Ajit Jain & Mr Jayesh Subhas Jain; Arham Distributors from LCTR Jalgaon

Best Performing EBOs (secondary sales based on shopper sales)

Best Performing EBO - East

Mr Ramesh Agrawal from LCTR Raipur

Best Performing EBOs (secondary sales based on shopper sales)

Best Performing EBO - South

Mr Madhu Sudhan Vanam from LCTR Madhapur

Best Retail Practices

Pan India

Mr Kashyap Singh from Sri Ganesh

Best Performing store - Apparel sales

Pan India

LCTR Tirupati from Sri Venkateswara Fab

Best COCO/COFO store

Pan India

Mr Nipun Singh & team from Linen Club Camac Street

Best Performing Agent - Trade

Pan India

Shanti Agencies

Best Performing Agent - Retail

Pan India

Mamta Agencies

Best Performance- Trade Channel Partner - LM


M S Linen

Best Performance- Trade Channel Partner - LM

1st Runner up

K N Syntex Pvt Ltd

Best Performance- Trade Channel Partner - LM

2nd Runner up

Arham Fabrics

Roll of Honour

Pan India

Shree Vardhaman Traders

Best Performance- Trade Channel Partner - LC


S V Fabrics Pvt Ltd

Best Performance- Trade Channel Partner - LC

1st Runner up

Mohan Collection

Best Performance- Trade Channel Partner - LC

2nd Runner up

Hemant Textile Company


Wedding Season’s Finest Go-To Fabric

DEC 13 2018

The Many Shades of Linen for An Impressive Wedding Season

The big fat Indian wedding season has begun in its true sense! Winter is arguably the most perfect time to wear the finest attire without the fear of sweat trickling down and ruining the fun. It’s all about style, comfort and making lifelong memories. Amidst all the celebrations, fashion takes centerstage for the bride, groom, family and friends too. Where every outfit serves as a visual element that reflects the individuality of the person adorning it.

That’s where Linen comes to play, as a fabric that’s truly different. Crafted to make you look slim and sophisticated, linen can be your best bet this wedding season. We can’t wait to tell you how!

Weddings always mean a million last minute errands. So, whether you are the brother, best man or friend; you might have some running around to do. Not just that, weddings are filled with various events to attend and not to forget a whole lot of dancing! All in all, you have got to be comfortable to enjoy yourself and linen is undoubtedly the most comfortable fabric that you can choose. The beauty of the fabric is that it adjusts to your body temperature, making you feel cool during summers and warm during winters. Being breathable linen will keep you comfortable while you enjoy the wedding celebrations.

If there’s one thing that linen is renowned for, it is definitely its versality. From formal to traditional ensembles, you can choose to transform the elegant fabric any way you like. In a formal setting a sharply tailored suit and dinner jacket will be ideal during this wedding season. Whereas for a more traditional ceremony, you could wear it as a kurta, which can be paired with bandis and bandhgalas. For a more royal look you can dazzle in a linen sherwani.

Depending on the time of the ceremony, you can also add another layer with a bandi jacket. If you have multiple functions to attend, accessories can make a huge difference. Try pocket squares, scarves and bow-ties to accentuate your ensemble and add some variation.

Avoid the embarrassment of matching outfits at weddings by choosing a unique outfit for yourself. Linen Club offers thousands of shades you can choose from - an entire gamut of solids, prints, checks, stripes and more! All you’ve got to do is choose, and if you need some assistance or fashion guidance, we’re always happy to help.

Tailoring for weddings:
Last-minute shopping can be quite nerve-racking; so, get your fabrics stitched in time by visiting the Linen Club store and getting your outfit tailored with the perfect fit.  Linen is easy to design and style; all you have to do is choose whether you want a traditional, contemporary or elegant look!

Linen Club Photo Story with Farhan Akhtar

Chronicling The Impressive: A Photo Story with Farhan Akhtar

OCT 26 2018
white linen dresses for wedding guest
Wedding Linen Jacket
Festival Blue Linen Kurta Mens
Linen Suits For Men Online In India
Blue Linen Blazer Mens
Designer Wedding Linen Attire
men's linen wedding blazer

In our latest TVC campaign, Farhan Akhtar channels his most impressive self through a spectrum of moods that are matched perfectly with a gamut of our finest fabrics. Captured in a series of candid photos, here’s the story of being truly different.

With celebrations so extravagant, it is only natural to wear an outfit that’s a visual spectacle on its own. Farhan’s extravagant sherwanis from the Linen Club TVCs can raise the spirits through the roof, irrespective of what you’re celebrating. The outfit brings out linen’s vibrancy, proving once again why the most impressive fabric of the season is here to stay.  

Illustrated with true festive fervour, the magnificent bandhgala jacket reimagined with the finest linen fabrics makes the most of Farhan’s lively spirit. The persian blue Linen pocket square only makes the wearer’s personality flourish as he establishes his distinct presence during festive celebrations.

The sherwani continues to break new ground in ethnic fashion when tailored with the right fabrics. The printed sherwani sported by Farhan here is yet another fine example of how Linen breathes life into an age-old outfit with a printed design - a far cry from the usual perception of Linen being limited only to solids. The solid-coloured pocket square on the other hand is a fitting accessory that uplifts your entire ensemble to a new level of sartorial mastery.

The festive season is more than just one evening of glitzy celebrations. While exuberance is best left reserved for the really special days, Farhan's kurta-and-bandi combination here is perfect for daytime get-togethers. Without falling short on tradition, the blue kurta and the white bandhi jacket carry an authentic ethnic charm that's nigh impossible to miss.

Dressed flawlessly in a dazzling ensemble, Farhan brings back yesteryear dandyism with a patterned blue jacket that's perfect for a casual evening with friends. The complementing neutral trousers accentuate the jacket's presence with a balance that's understated yet stylish enough for the azure shades to take the centerstage.

Your Most Impressive Festive Season Yet

SEP 27 2018

It’s that time of the year again – the busiest festive season of the year is here. With celebrations lasting till the very end of the year, the air is filled with festive anticipation, just waiting to engulf you in festivities and jubilations.  And with so many soirees to attend, it is instinctive to want to flaunt your impressive festive style.

While ethnic wear for men has its share of variety, it still pales in comparison to women’s wear. After all, there’s only so much you can do with the quintessential sherwani or kurta. And when your apparel choice is limited, the only way for you to look distinct is to go for a fabric that makes all the difference.

That’s where Linen steps in – a superlative fabric that’s truly unique and distinct. To truly live up to the festive spirit, you deserve an outfit that lives up to the festive glamour while keeping you comfortable in your own skin - an outfit that’s possible only with Linen.

Whether it be festive jackets with contemporary reskins, or indo-western suit with a Mandarin collar, Linen allows creativity for it all kinds of traditional dresses.

Being Festive And Different:

Everyone has a different personal style. While someone might prefer wearing a well-fitted linen kurta, someone else might prefer wearing a sherwani or a classic Nehru jacket. The truth is - festivals are about enjoying and expressing. Naturally, your outfit needs to be a part of how you express your individuality.

festive season

It’s not just style that matters but also how we sport them. With Linen Club’s massive range of designs, you can never have outfits that seep into monotony. Every outfit has an appeal that not just impresses but also makes a statement about your distinctive sense of style.

How To Be Festive-Ready:

Step 1: Pick The Right Fabric
A well-fitted ensemble has an unbeatable sartorial charm that no readymade garment can match. The expertise that goes behind it is a rare gift that cannot be manufactured. The result is an attire that’s worth the wait.  

That’s why the sooner you pick out the fabric, the more time you get to spend on getting your outfit tailored. When choosing fabrics at the store, it’s important to know the right complementing patterns, colour combinations etc. Bold colors can be integrated subtly given the right tailoring.

festive season

Step 2: Pick The Style
Once you’ve picked your fabrics, it’s time to get to the tailoring process – you can go for a sherwani, a Pathani suit, a western suit or even a subtle handsome kurta. In a sea of sameness, Linen’s versatility lets you showcase your personal style.

festive season

Step 3: Give Your Unique Touch
You can try all the colour combinations and accessories in the world, but there’s no better combination than having an outfit that matches perfectly with your personality. Our appearance is often perceived as a reflection of who we are - the festive season is one such time when you’d want to put your best foot forward in an outfit that brings out your individual style in a sea of monotony. A Linen ensemble does this flawlessly, giving you the spotlight even at the most glitzy festivals.

festive season

The Most Impressive Fabric:
This festive season, Linen Club’s endless range of fabrics can turn your celebrations into a showcase of sartorial luxury while you stay comfortable and always under the spotlight. Crafted by the impressive, adorned by the impressive - walk in to the nearest Linen Club store today and experience the fabrics in their full sartorial glory.

festive season