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Acing Your Monsoon Attire

JUN 20 2018

After the oh-so-hot summer, monsoon is finally here. It would be a shame if you aren’t already gorging on piping hot bhajiyas with some chai, because the first couple of showers will soon be replaced by the dreaded downpour. While everything goes down the drain, so does your comfort – just picture yourself, drenched in your jeans, soaked right to the bone. You can neither move nor sit still.

There is one way out though. After all, the right kind of clothes can make all the difference. And when you really want to make a difference, you need a fabric that’s literally different. Here’s your guide to acing your monsoon attire with Linen:

Choosing the Fabric

Did you know that Linen absorbs twice as much as moisture than the average cotton shirt? But that’s only the beginning – Linen trumps over all other fabrics with its superior breathability. Now that’s a fabric that you can wear all year round.

While cotton and lycra are the preferred choices, a majority of people are unaware of pure Linen fabric’s superior qualities. It dries much faster and lets your skin breathe, no matter what season it is. Must we add that Linen is also one of the best fabrics for sensitive skin.Moreover, Linen is also a ‘health fabric’ – its material has anti-bacterial properties, giving you an even stronger reason to wear it, especially during monsoon.The list doesn’t end there - whenever the rain gods decide to let the sun out (especially on the day when you’ve remembered to carry your umbrella), your Linen Club shirt and trousers will protect you from the harsh UV rays too.

The Ideal Fit

It’s best to go for straight-cut pants and relaxed fit shirts, so that they can air out and dry up easily. Linen casual trousersLinen casual trousers are a great addition as well. Avoid stiff and restrictive clothing during the monsoon. If you happen to get drenched, then tight clothes tend to stick to your body, making it quite uncomfortable for you.

Linen Casual Trouser For Men

The Right Colours

Wearing white during monsoon might look uber-cool, but it’s quite impractical. There’s a higher chance of your sparkling clothes getting soiled.

And why would you ever want to do that to your perfect, crisp, white shirt for men?

What you could do instead, is wear vibrant hues to chase the monsoon gloom away, bringing some much-needed exuberance wherever you are. We’re talking reds, blues and happy yellow, of course.

- Linen Shirt For Men

Experimenting with Prints

Don’t be afraid to experiment, check out printed shirts for men in Linen. They are great to camouflage wet patches and mud splashes during the rains. Whether its marble, off-beat, funky prints or abstract ones; go forth and try something new. With the right pair of Linen clothes and a confident attitude, anyone can look fashionable without compromising on comfort.

Linen Printed Shirt For Men

Deciding Footwear

Every outfit must be completed, or rather complemented, with the right kind of footwear. The good part is the fact that almost every sort of footwear matches well with Linen clothes. But during the rains, it’s best if you stick with floaters and waterproof shoes. You can pair either of these with your comfortable set of Linen trousers and a fine Linen shirt. Avoid wearing socks as they tend to get damp soon, making you AND the ones around you uncomfortable, if you know what we mean.

Linen Pant For Men

Once you have these things checked off, you’ll be in a great place when it comes to being practical and stylish during the monsoons. You can always keep a set of clean, dry clothes in case of emergencies too.

So, don’t let the damp weather dampen your spirits, because monsoon can be as fashionable and comfortable as any other season. Go get ‘em!

linen perfect summer fabric ujjawal dubey fashion designer

What Makes Linen The Perfect Summer Fabric

MAY 16 2018

I love Indian summers, the bright red Amaltas with the yellow gulmohar against the summer sun is a beautiful sight, on top of that, it’s mango season!  In a country where we have summer for nine months a year we cannot afford to not like summer. Actually, like it or hate it, you will have to live with it so you better like it.

Ujjawal Dubey founder of ANTAR-AGNI with Linen Club

To stay stylish in the summer heat, however, requires a bit of thought.  First and foremost is to wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident summer. It’s best to wear relaxed-fit garments which are much more comfortable and let you breathe. A simple collar-less shirt with sleeves folded till the elbow can do wonders.

It is also important to choose the fabric of your garments wisely; that’s where wearing Linen makes a world of difference, not just because it’s only stylish but also since it's the scientifically recommended way to beat the heat! It is the perfect fabric also in terms of absorbency and absorbs sweat keeping it cool.

Apart from the practical properties of Linen, it’s also the one of the most aesthetic fabrics. A fabric with character, Linen brings in an aura of maturity with itself.  It is also one of the most versatile fabrics known, that can bring as much elegance to a suit as to a kurta.  There’s just something about Linen that makes it stand out amongst other fabrics. It easily triumphs over regular cotton due to the fabric’s superior comfort, breathability and sartorial charm.

As far as the brand goes, Linen Club is inseparable from the paradigm of fine Linen in India and the world; Linen Club has been a name we have grown up with. At a time when clothing brands were not that big in India, there were a handful of names that you felt pride when you wore them - Linen Club of course was one of them. . It’s reassuring for any fashion enthusiast to know that the fabric is spun from the finest French and Belgian Linen fibres in a mind-blowing palette of eclectic colours, designs and textures. An old name coming from the trustworthy Aditya Birla group brings in a level of trust, for me as a profession in garment making as well as for any regular customer.

At Antar-Agni we have been working with Linen right from the beginning. It is the perfect fabric for us because of its versatility and aptness for summer Indian occasions.  For men who like hassle-free clothing, jackets and kurtas in Linen are a perfect fit, making it classic and easy and the same time.

Credits – Ujjawal Dubey, Fashion Designer

How to Rock a White Shirt in 6 Stylish Ways

JAN 18 2018

6 Stylish Ways To Wear Pure Linen White Shirt

Whether you’re someone who craves simplicity or believes in making a statement every time you step out in the sun, a white linen shirt binged with denim jeans or a casual over-shirt is enough to do the magic. A white shirt lets you discover your own style and make a statement that’s bold and blazing.

Thanks to a versatile range of cuts, collar styles, and buttons, a white shirt can be worn on every occasion or event. Here are six smart ways to flaunt a white linen shirt.

The Classy Formal Look

Simplicity is the key to formal attire. Team up a pure linen white shirt with a plain black suit trousers and a matching tie. It’s just a classic combination that gives you a formal look without having the need to wear an entire suit. If you’re looking for a casual office outfit, just roll up your sleeves and take that tie off. The art of wearing a white shirt is something every man must know and master. When you’re out and about for a client meeting, pairing cufflinks with your white shirt adds charm to your overall personality.

The Dandy Casual Look

No matter if you’re planning for a date night or catching up with your old friends for a couple of beers, your men’s white casual linen shirt is undeniably a classic go-to clothing piece for every occasion. Team up with a pair of rusty denim jeans, and a brown belt – you’re all ready to set the stage on fire.

Add a pair of aviator sunglasses and a side slight bag and it makes for a perfect college attire. If you’re up for a bad boy look that women would swoon over, you can always add a black leather jacket and shoes of your choice – talk about the unspoiled Damon Salvatore look!

The One-for-the-Beach Look

White shirt for men works magic even when you are, as simple as, hitting the beach for a game of volleyball with your gang. White injects a fashion-forward classy edge to your casual style and makes you beach ready instantly. Navy shorts and a beach hat are perfect complements to your modish look.

The Ultimate Atypical Look

When your designer white linen shirt and black tie combo is a little off the edge, and a casual plain white shirt with quirky denim jeans ensemble seems incomplete, mix and match the two styles – smart trousers with a white shirt and you’ve just nailed a perfect atypical attire. They have the prowess to complement every outfit combination and make you stand out. For a bolder look – pair up with a grey patterned trouser and casual loafers.

The Collar Game

When you’re buying white linen shirts online in India, take advantage of the collar options. Believe it or not, a collar plays a vital role in making your white shirt look more attractive and appealing. Whether pointed, spread, semi-spread, Chinese or French, a collar does steal the show. From a formal look aspect, spread and the Chinese collar are ideal options. While for a casual appearance, semi-spread and French collars should be your preference. To set the mood, ensure your collar is crisp and well ironed.

The Winter Mood Look

There’s no end to a white linen shirt’s versatility. It’s not just good-to-go on its own, but layering under a winter jacket, including a heavily knit winter overcoat makes it ooze an appeal that’s simply elegant and charming. Contrasting too is something that you can easily play with!

The Conclusion

For something so simple and elegant, a men’s white linen shirt clothing piece has the prowess to add grace to your overall personality. At Linen Club, you’ll find over a hundred different varieties of white linen shirting fabrics that allow you to create your own style statement every single time you step out. Our specially designed White for Life collection offers white on white combinations that last for life.

Our expert tailors can customize your classic white shirt , so what you wear is truly you. Apart from the innumerable white fabric options, Linen Club also offers readymade white linen shirts that are modish, well-fitted and look stunning. Investing in a white linen shirt never proves a remorse decision.

Everyone’s Favourite Summer Fabric Returns This Winter

JAN 04 2018

Linen Clothing: Best Fabric For Summer Heat

It’s a well-established fact that Linen’s premium touch and luxurious essence make it a fabric that’s perfect for every occasion. However, Linen fans take a back-foot when it comes to donning the fabric during the chilly months of winter. It’s largely perceived that Linen’s lightweight material is incapable of protecting the wearer from the biting cold and chilly winds of December. In such times, the woollens are brought out while Linen garments are sent back into the closet, waiting in the dark.

But isment that even necessary?

Contrary to popular belief, Linen serves as an equally good winter fabric that not only retains its style statement but also provides warmth and comfort to its wearer. Let’s take a look at how Linen really is the fabric for all seasons:

It’s Actually A Warm Fabric. No, Really!

For most, it’s hard to believe that Linen can be worn even during winter. But in reality, Linen’s hollow fibres actually insulate the wearer from the elements outside. The fabric drapes beautifully over skin and helps you stay comfortable, especially in air-conditioned environments. Additionally, Pure Linen Fabric which are woven and not meshed provide even better comfort.

Essentially, even when the mercury drops, your style statement doesn’t.

The Trend Is Blend

Just like how tropical wool works well even in summer, Linen too is a versatile fabric that works during winter. But that’s not all. Special blends of Linen and wool combine the best of both worlds to match the luxury of the former with the familiar warmth of the latter. These ‘heavier’ Linen fabrics definitely deserve a place in your closet, preferably in appropriate darker colours like khaki, navy, brown or the tried-and-tested black.

Every Fabric’s Best Friend

The versatility of linen also plays a crucial role in preserving both style and comfort during the winter months. Layering is a great way to spice up your winter attire while keeping linen as the centrepiece. Linen’s approachable and friendly vibe make it a fabric that can be easily paired with other winter fabrics like denims, corduroys, woollens and even leather. Darker hues are preferred choices but you can always try something bold by donning contrasting shades that bring colour to the otherwise dull and gloomy winter landscape.

Loves Your Skin

Ever felt a perpetually increasing need to itch under your jacket sleeves? We bet you have! Inner layers of woollen fabrics are often rough that eventually give rise to itchy sensations – not the best thing to worry about when you’re on your way to a much-awaited evening party.

On the flipside, Linen is widely known for its anti-allergic properties, which makes it a great fit as a winter fabric, especially with people who have sensitive skin.

Winter has its very own stylistic charm and so does linen. It’s time to bust the myths and embrace #LinenForWinter to welcome it as a sartorial masterpiece that’s truly #MadeForTheDifferent.

Linen for Indian Wedding Events

Contemporary Men’s Ensemble for Different Wedding Events

NOV 10 2017

Mens Linen Clothing On Different Wedding Events

Feasting, dancing, games, and henna – Indian weddings are some of the biggest cultural occasions held in our country. A combination of different events and rituals, every wedding is celebrated with great gusto and fervor, no matter which part of the country is in question. Be it a Punjabi or a Malyali wedding - you’ll be surprised by the amount of lavishness present in both fashion and food. Moreover, every Indian wedding hosts a multitude of functions, from the humble Haldi ceremony to the dazzling Sangeet and finally, the welcoming of the newlyweds at the Reception.

While women have forever been blessed with numerous wedding outfit designs, men simply resort to the same old tried-and-tested suit or sherwani. To avoid getting lost in the glitzy surroundings, Linen Club’s latest collection offers stunning contemporary wedding and celebratory fabrics for men, to help them truly stand out in the crowd. Let’s take a look:

The Haldi Ceremony Attire

Linen Yellow Long Kurta white pajama

Every Indian wedding kicks off with a Haldi ceremony, a ritual wherein a concoction of turmeric, sandalwood, oil, and water is rubbed on the bride as well as groom’s body. This age-old tradition personifies the purification of the wedding couple’s souls before they enter a new phase of life.

Since it’s a casual event, there’s no need to dress luxuriously. In fact, avoid any pristine outfits. Go for a yellow short Linen kurta and either team it with churidars, or Pencil Linen Pants and a waist coat if you really want to raise some eyebrows. Weddings are all about colours, so solid whites are a big N-O.

One for the Ring Ceremony

linen dresses for summer wedding

The Ring Ceremony, often set a day post-Haldi, symbolizes the merger of the two families, their traditions, beliefs, and cultures. It’s the day the bride and the groom exchange rings and mark the beginning of their new journey. Such a royal event which depicts the fusion of traditions and cultures, demands the finest, most ornate clothing you can find.

A Bandi Jacket with a plain Linen shirt and matching trousers or balloon pants can do the magic for you. If you think it’s too basic, add a couple of matching accessories, like a broach or cufflinks. Even a few decorative flowers in your jacket’s boutonniere. You’re all set to steal the show, Monsieur!

Here Comes the Wedding Night

What should the groom wear for a beach wedding

Sequins with woven embroidery on a Linen sherwani have their own charm. It gives a complete royal look – an ideal attire for the main wedding day. But, a sherwani is all about the fit, feel, and look. So, it goes without saying that opting for a customized sherwani allows you to breathe easy. Complement it with a combination of subtle accessories like a mojari, stole, turban/saafa, broach or a single string pearl neck-piece, as they add just the right finishing touch to your wedding ensemble. If you’re planning to let your hair loose as a part of the Baraat, it’s best to zero upon an outfit that leaves room for you to dance and move around freely. Yet again, Linen steals the show.

The Reception Ensemble

linen wedding suits for grooms

This post-wedding ceremony acts like a formal welcoming event, honouring the newlyweds. For the Reception Party, a Chinese collar linen shirt with a quirky printed jacket and matching trousers can serve the purpose well. This essential western-adorned look makes every Indian man look princely and handsome.

Indian weddings offer ample opportunities for men to explore linen to dress up in hundreds of ways for both groom and attendee. But, it’s all about choosing the right fabric, design, and complementing accessories to add taste to your overall look and make you stand out. At Linen Club, we present an entire range of Linen fabrics for weddings, so you can truly make your presence felt, even at the most lavish wedding parties.

For more inspiration, check out Farhan in the latest Linen Club TVC, as he showcases how the breathable and comfortable fabric is truly #MadeForTheDifferent – and #MadeForWeddings.

Linen Club Wedding TVC film



Check the collection out in person at a Linen Club store near you Our Stores

5 Go-to outfits for Eid al-Fitr

JUN 22 2017

Eid Special Indian Ethnic Linen Clothing

Kick-starting the celebratory part of the year is the festival of Eid. Think Eid and all you can imagine is luscious food and exquisite traditional outfits. Being a joyous occasion, there are a lot of events that you would want to attend during Eid. From a full-fledged family get together to an Iftar party at your friend’s place, there are endless reasons why you should be decked up.

Treat yourself this Eid, with so much to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice. Whether you’re welcoming your next Iftar or Suhoor in style or reaching for the stars during Eid, our effortless-yet-elegant picks will make sure that you stand out from the crowd. 

Traditional Linen Jackets for Men​

Traditional Linen Jacketsfor Men​

Want to look your ethnic best? This linen jacket will add a traditional tinge to your outfit. Inspired from traditional silhouettes across Asia, it highlights the importance of structure and fit and adds eloquence to the idea of decadent dressing. 

The Indo-Western Twist 

Indo-Western Linen Clothing

Confused whether to go desi by wearing a sherwani or look dapper in a well-fitted western formal suit? When in doubt, combine both. Wear this long linen kurta with western style pants or if you want to keep it stylish without looking overdressed, you can always don a solid colored linen blazer with jeans or white linen kurta and pants for men.

The Semi-Casual waistcoat 

Semi-Casual Waistcoat

Revamp the ethnic get up and create unconventional styling this Eid. This linen ensemble is designed for the contemporary man who likes to mix and match. Embody the best of the season while achieving a relaxed and fashion-forward silhouette.

The simple yet chic Linen Kurta and pajama

Classic Linen Kurta and Pajama

You can never go wrong with a classic linen king kurtas. This linen ensemble is designed for those who love to keep things simple.  Add a simple yet contemporary twist by teaming it with a linen pocket square and get ready to make heads turn.

The elegant bandh gala 

Linen Bandh Gala Suit with Jodhpuri Pants

Be a little eccentric this Eid. Stick to the Indian roots and wear this well-tailored linen bandh gala for the occasion. Combine it with a pair of Jodhpuri pants and you are ready to be the center of attraction.

Experience a brighter Eid with Linen Club, your one-stop destination for the end of Ramadan fashion. To experience even more of our collections, try them on for yourself at your nearest Linen Club.

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7 Things You Didnt Know About Linen

APR 25 2016

Things You Know About Linen Fabric India

Being thousands of years old, it wouldn't surprise you to know that linen has a few secrets you haven't heard of yet. Don't believe us? Read on. Linen is 20% stronger when it's wet. That's why it deals with washing better than other fabrics.

Linen can absorb 20% of its weight in moisture and still feel dry to the touch. How? Magic.

The tensile strength of linen is twice as strong as cotton, and 3 times as strong as wool. Try tearing that.

Linen conducts heat 5 times better than wool and 19 times better than silk. In hot weather, people dressed in Linen were measured to be 3-4 degrees cooler than people dressed in silk or cotton.

Linen is resistant to static electricity. In fact, just 10% linen in your fabric is enough to ensure that you will never feel a static shock from your clothes.

Always dry linen naturally, never tumble dry. While still damp, roll the linen and place in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for minimum of two hours. Then steam iron on high temperature (ironing any monograms or decorations on the reverse side). The result will be silky smooth linen.

There is approximately 10 km of linen yarn in one yard of Linen Club fabric.