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    European culture is entwined inextricably with passion, quality and meticulous craftsmanship values, inspiring revolutionary trends globally. Linen is no different.
    Style is a state of mind. Elegance is a refusal of the ordinary. Fashion is greater than the sum of the two. It is not subjective. Today, it is an ever-changing, constantly evolving dialogue between the most extraordinary, stylish people in the world.
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    Our fashion designers are wired into this global colloquy. Years of practice allows them to tap global trends, forecasting what’s in before it is.

    L'état de l'art

    At our state-of-the-art design house, which we refer to affectionately as the Atelier, ideas bloom. The collaborative efforts of storied linen-maker and a forward thinking coterie of fashion experts keeps every swatch, every chambray, every stunning shade au courant.
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    These are the men and women at the wheel of creativity at Linen Club, driving forays into unexplored artistic territory with unparalleled technical expertise and creative vision. Our designers use the latest Penelope software for design development. Keeping up with the world of linen demands no less.

    Meticulous Craftmanship

    Vivid palettes

    Every chic ensemble, exclusive combination or vibrant theme tells a story. The storytellers at our Atelier don't use words, they use herringbones, twills, colours, stripes, checks, chambrays, ombrés, prints, and finishes to express their visions.
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    They speak the progressing language of international fashion through colour combinations and yarn palettes, designing singular linen that is made-for-the-season, exclusive and completely in sync with the dialogue of haute couture across the world.
    Every season, a comprehensive Linen Club lookbook expresses these vibrant stories to both internationally recognized fashion houses and discerning customers for bespoke tailoring.