Discover a sustainable passion for fashion through Linen Club

Discover a sustainable passion for fashion through Linen Club

JUL 12 2021

Discover a sustainable passion for fashion through Linen Club

'The greatest threat to Earth is our belief that someone else will save it,’ this famous quote strongly reflects the human race's relationship with nature. Therefore, sustainability is the need of the hour - in what we eat, use, and even wear today. Simple shifts in our lifestyle can create an impactful butterfly effect and protect our environment.

Being a brand with an unprecedented legacy, Linen Club with its promising range of apparel, not only has a high fashion quotient but also an equally high sustainability quotient.

Read on to know how Linen Club is always environmentally sensitive without compromising on fashion

1. Natural Fibre is the secret to sustainability

Natural Fibre is the secret to sustainability

Linen Club wears are strictly woven with European flax, cultivated along the coasts of the Western European belt of France & Belgium.

The best part? This magical flax is impossible to be replicated elsewhere on Earth. It grows best with the perfect balance of natural elements present in the soil, without any additional chemicals.

2. Eternal water saver

Eternal water saver

Our linens showcase wondrous’ water saving’ superpowers from the process of irrigation, on the European soil during cultivation to lesser usage of water during production.

The manufacturing process of the Linen Club apparel is executed in such a manner that water is always used consciously. The dyeing and bleaching of spools in the fancy colour palette are also done in water-saving mode! 

The sensitivity towards the environment and ecosystem is yet another secret to our legacy.

3. Sustainable and innovative offerings

Sustainable and innovative offerings

By incorporating our special Wealth-Out-Of-Waste (WOW) programme, we have managed to revamp the flax residue into blended yarn and linen fabric.

This range marketed under Cavallo by Linen Club is one of our signature, much-revered, environment-friendly men’s wear collections. Available in the widest range of apparels  and fabrics,  to level up your closet!

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