Dress right and make monsoon fun with Linen Club

Dress right and make monsoon fun with Linen Club

AUG 25 2021

Dress right and make monsoon fun with Linen Club  

Imagine yourself being heavily drenched in rain. In such an impending situation, wouldn’t you wish that you were wearing something soft, breathable, lightweight, and dries quickly? Count on linen to save your rainy day and be prepared, both conventionally and fashionably.

Though linen might have a reputation of being the 'summer fabric', linen can make your gloomy monsoon a lot more fun, by being its unique self. 

Here's how linen can save you against the rains, across multiple instances! 

  • Be a fashionista during the conference

Be a fashionista during the conference

Want to be known even after the conference is done? Then don't refrain from a little experimentation. Putting on something comfortable, approachable yet impactful is the best bet for this climate. Pick linen and make a great impression. The best part? Despite the monsoon humidity, you need not stress about allergies. Being an anti-allergic and anti-bacterial fabric, linen is going to be your skin's knight in shining armour through the long working hours! 

Opting for brighter tones instead of pastel ones, itself can cause a major shift in one's aura. So for the next zoom call, don't forget to dress in a Linen Club shirt, coupled with a contrast-coloured tie, and level up your overall meeting look. 

  • Take center stage during monsoon rendezvous with loved ones

Take center stage during monsoon rendezvous with loved ones

Be it summer or monsoon, linen never disappoints during special get-togethers. Despite endless humidity and possible sprinkles, it keeps you cool and calm without putting a dent in your charisma. 

So, don't let the weather stop you from making memories with your loved ones. Just leave it all up to linen, and its promising breathability will do the needful for you.

Ace your fashion play by going for a charmingly pure Linen Club shirt, paired with a sleek linen jacket. Grab a pair of chinos to complete the look and you are good to go to be a showstopper among your dear ones. 

  • Steal the show during business events

Steal the show during business events

This gloomy season, your appearance is ought to enthral and make a mark and keep the crowd interested throughout the business event. Donning linen will help you project a revitalised spirit in front of your fellow professionals, all thanks to its impeccable thermoregulation. This means it easily influences the temperature, despite the presence of an external dampening climate.

Guess what? You can never go wrong with timeless suits. Dapper and crisp, they are suave and tailored to align with one's signature style. Choose a matching Linen Club shirt and stylish trousers, and team it up with a belt to go with.

  • Wing this festive season with ethnic look

Wing this festive season with ethnic look

Festive gatherings, this monsoon can now be even more special. Because no matter what you need, Linen Club has got you covered. Something comfy yet stylish is what you'll need for this season of the downpour. 

So, if you are wondering about how to dress this festive season around the corner from Ganesh Charuthi, to Dusssehra, Pujo, Diwali and more, an elegant Nehru jacket can be your best bet! Coupled with a cool Linen Club short kurta, this one will make you shine like a star in all your pictures! Not only will it be comfortable, but you will also be pleased by this natural fabric's understated lustre and luxury quotient. Thanks to the extraordinary durability of linen, this ethnic piece is going to be in your closet for more festivals to come!

Go classic with Linen Club and accentuate the essence of your enchantment, with ethnic appeal for the festive season. 

Though rains are not exactly known to be synonymous with 'magnificence' and 'glamour', trust Linen Club to save the season, and keep your charisma in check. Woven to please and captivate, Linen Club has everything you need to make monsoons truly memorable. 

So, what are you waiting for? Walk into the nearest Linen Club store www.linenclub.com/store-locator and get ready to spend this monsoon in style, with our Linen Club stunners.