Everyone’s Favourite Summer Fabric Returns This Winter

JAN 04 2018

Linen Clothing: Best Fabric For Summer Heat

It’s a well-established fact that Linen’s premium touch and luxurious essence make it a fabric that’s perfect for every occasion. However, Linen fans take a back-foot when it comes to donning the fabric during the chilly months of winter. It’s largely perceived that Linen’s lightweight material is incapable of protecting the wearer from the biting cold and chilly winds of December. In such times, the woollens are brought out while Linen garments are sent back into the closet, waiting in the dark.

But isment that even necessary?

Contrary to popular belief, Linen serves as an equally good winter fabric that not only retains its style statement but also provides warmth and comfort to its wearer. Let’s take a look at how Linen really is the fabric for all seasons:

It’s Actually A Warm Fabric. No, Really!

For most, it’s hard to believe that Linen can be worn even during winter. But in reality, Linen’s hollow fibres actually insulate the wearer from the elements outside. The fabric drapes beautifully over skin and helps you stay comfortable, especially in air-conditioned environments. Additionally, Pure Linen Fabric which are woven and not meshed provide even better comfort.

Essentially, even when the mercury drops, your style statement doesn’t.

The Trend Is Blend

Just like how tropical wool works well even in summer, Linen too is a versatile fabric that works during winter. But that’s not all. Special blends of Linen and wool combine the best of both worlds to match the luxury of the former with the familiar warmth of the latter. These ‘heavier’ Linen fabrics definitely deserve a place in your closet, preferably in appropriate darker colours like khaki, navy, brown or the tried-and-tested black.

Every Fabric’s Best Friend

The versatility of linen also plays a crucial role in preserving both style and comfort during the winter months. Layering is a great way to spice up your winter attire while keeping linen as the centrepiece. Linen’s approachable and friendly vibe make it a fabric that can be easily paired with other winter fabrics like denims, corduroys, woollens and even leather. Darker hues are preferred choices but you can always try something bold by donning contrasting shades that bring colour to the otherwise dull and gloomy winter landscape.

Loves Your Skin

Ever felt a perpetually increasing need to itch under your jacket sleeves? We bet you have! Inner layers of woollen fabrics are often rough that eventually give rise to itchy sensations – not the best thing to worry about when you’re on your way to a much-awaited evening party.

On the flipside, Linen is widely known for its anti-allergic properties, which makes it a great fit as a winter fabric, especially with people who have sensitive skin.

Winter has its very own stylistic charm and so does linen. It’s time to bust the myths and embrace #LinenForWinter to welcome it as a sartorial masterpiece that’s truly #MadeForTheDifferent.