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    At Linen Club, our purpose is clear: to empower those who are constantly in pursuit of greater triumphs and clothing them in achievement: a superlative quality of linen sourced from France and Belgium, and perfected in India. Every characteristic fundamental to the fabric that emerges from our Atelier is crafted through a thorough understanding of the global style dialogue
    and decades of unparalleled experience in the art.

    With over 3000 designs created every month, you can cherry-pick your unique style from a tailor's paradise of chic shades, patterns, prints, swatches and textures.

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    Suiting and SHIRTING

    Nothing breathes quite like linen. There is no fabric that compares to the sheer class, comfort

    and style of linen. Make an assertion of your attitude of excellence through the finest linen fabric created especially for suiting and shirting that is stylish and au courant. Make an impression people won't forget.


    How does one go about expressing one's accomplishments without sounding like the jangle from a set of overinflated bagpipes? Ever since the first time you walked into a measuring room for a finely tailored suit, you've known the answer. When couture becomes an extension of your will, style and taste, all there is to discern is you and what you stand for.


    When the occasion calls for something a little different, it's time to step out and wear something that people will remember for years to come. From expertly curated traditional Indian wear to fine bespoke suiting for any circumstance, when you say it with linen, it's time to pay attention.


    Vivid, bright stripes with subtle detailing in meticulous weaves, perfect for urbane shirting that carries accomplishment softly.

    linen suiting fabric in india anna
    Pure Linen White Shirt for Men

    Vivid, bright checks crafted in finely woven linen impart a sense of style to any wearer, and are fashion-compatible with any man's wardrobe.

    formal shirts for men

    Stylized, trendy fabric, for men who want to stay in tune with what is in vogue. The fabric arrives in a ready-to-stitch format you can just hand over to your tailor.

    formal shirts for mens designs
    How to Buy Comfortable fabric

    Make a refined statement in finely tailored linen shirting that incorporates ceremonial structures in its weaves with jewel tones.

    mens blue linen shirts
    blue linen blazer and shirt fabric

    Chambrays in bright warps and contrasting or tonal wefts, offered in plain weaves that stand up even to close scrutiny.


    Explore the lofty boundaries of superfine linen, a luxury fabric crafted in exceptionally classic designs that offer a minimal perspective on perfection.

    white shirt for men suit
    Linen suiting shirting augusta

    Give intricacy a new meaning with fine linen fabric that incorporates white structures with small geometric figures to create stunning and inimitable textures.

    mens white linen shirt clothing

    The perfect fabric for a pair of trousers, with an easy, comfortable drape. Deeper tones in classic structures make it perfect for jackets.

    Linen Trouser Pants for Men
    100% Pure Linen suiting shirting

    Ultrafine fabric, crafted in fine structures that come in a range of classic shades.

    mens linen pants
    European 100% Linen Cream

    Fine fabric in twills, herringbones and satins, perfect for jackets, blazers and suits in classic colours.

    Branded Casual Pants for Men in India
    linen suiting fabric

    Our most sought after fabric for suiting and trousers is always in trend, with classic shades in subtle stripes and checks.

    Men's Linen Jackets and Blazers
    How to Choose Skin-friendly fabrics

    Coarser structures. Heavy linen fabric, perfect for unlined jackets with the vintage linen look.

    white linen shirts online india
    linen suiting shirt fabric

    With floral prints, microprints and paisleys in a choice of fresh, bright colours, it's time to breathe fresh life into your wardrobe.

    Best comfortable fabric to wear
    Multicolour linen shirt fabric manufacturers

    Linen perfect for trendy jackets, with classic windowpane checks, Princes of Wales, tartans and twills in fashionable colours.


    Premium checks, stripes and chambrays crafted in semi-formal, classic patterns with a white base and an extensive palette of pastel shades.

    Choose from an exhaustive range of the finest linen fabric
    at our exclusive Linen Club store near you. Let our tailor measure you
    and craft your unique look.

    The Lookbook

    From the house of the finest linen and our Atelier, arrives swanky collections of
    the best looks in linen, curated just for you.


    • Soigné
    • ( pronounced swan-yey )
    • Dressed elegantly, well groomed.
    • They say, "God is in the details." It's true. It's the complexities exude that unique, inimitable sense of class and grace. Every little twill and crease. Every complementing shade and shadow. Every immaculately ironed outfit in your wardrobe.


    • Vivacite
    • ( pronounced viva-citae )
    • Sharpness, brilliance, vivacity
    • Sharp cuts, bold colors and meticulously curated designs. These are just some of the qualities of Vivacite. It’s a collection that’s made for those who like the finer things in life.


    • La lumière
    • Ultra-light fabric and classic motifs take on macro proportions to create a refined optical effect in classic blazers, impeccable linen shirts and modern silhouettes that easily integrate into casual and formal looks.