Get to ‘know your linen’ better

Get to ‘know your linen’ better

MAY 12 2021

Get to ‘know your linen’ better  

Across occasions, seasons, and special moments, linen has always managed to turn us into our sophisticated and fashionable selves. Its remarkable attributes, efficiency and competence make it the 'perfect' fabric.

With countless appealing qualities to its credit, there still are some misconceptions surrounding this too-good-to-be-true fabric. Let’s bust these myths about linen, and get more acquainted with the greatness and reality of this flax-born fabric.

Myth 1

It is exclusively for summers

We know how linen is perfect for hot and humid temperatures, because of its impeccable moisture-wicking ability and comfy feel. But that does not necessarily mean it is suitable only for summers.

Due to its proficiency to thermoregulate seamlessly, linen traps in heat and leaves you feeling cozy, comfy, and warmly cocooned in chilly winters. And guess what? Thanks to its superior breathability, quick drying and exceptional absorption features, linen goes well with damp monsoons too! All in all, this fascinating fabric is your perennial buddy across all seasons!

It is exclusively for summers

Myth 2

Linen is difficult to maintain fabric

Linen tends to grab many eyeballs at a time, it is understandable why it may be speculated to be difficult to care for. Due to its royal appearance, people tend to believe that linen might need dry-cleaning.

Whereas, in reality, linen wearables are machine washable, and can even be tumble dried. In order to avoid regular ironing, using starch while washing really helps. Being antibacterial and anti-allergic, it is easy to store too.  Hence, proving that linen is not difficult to maintain at all!

It is exclusively for summers

Myth 3

Linen is available only in select colours and designs

Linen is the embodiment of 'simple living high thinking', thanks to its rustic appeal, and it also has way more charm than given credit for.

Given its impeccable ability of absorption, it can easily soak in and retain the dye, just fine - hence giving birth to vivid shades of apparels, in an attractive colour palette.

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Myth 4

Linen is premium cotton

Many tend to confuse linen with premium cotton. As the name suggests, premium cotton is one of the kinds of cotton. Linen, on the other hand, is an entirely different fabric on its own and has many benefits over cotton.

- Linen is 30% stronger than cotton

- Has a high moisture absorbency

- Hypo-allergenic

- Inherently anti-bacterial

- Highly breathable

- Environmentally friendly – less water and chemicals to cultivate

It is exclusively for summers

Myth 5 

Linen has a shorter life

Having taken birth from the flax seeds, linen is revered for being one of the strongest fibres. Due to its individual long fibre length, linen is undoubtedly going to be your companion without wear or tear. It becomes softer with every wash and doesn’t break down as fast which is due to the higher moisture absorbency rate of the linen fibres. It is also naturally hypoallergenic which means sweat is less likely to break down the linen fibres, as it would in cotton. Unlike cotton, linen when cared for correctly has the potential to last up to 2-3 decades before needing to be replaced.


In the massive universe of the textile industry, linen has one of the best compositions, along with being a natural fabric. Its luxurious charm, too-good-to-be-true characteristics and being biodegradable, make it a promising fabric.

We hope we’ve debunked all the myths surrounding linen. So now get your hands on this fascinating fabric today, and be fashionably sorted!

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