Get Sustainable with Linen Club

NOV 18 2020

Get Sustainable with Linen Club

Planet Earth is our home – and maintaining its beauty and natural goodness our responsibility. As people across the globe are now focusing on going green - every small step is helping nourish and nurture the planet.

And we at Linen Club & Jayashree Textiles, are committed to sustainability too. Apart from being one of the most stylish fabrics, linen is also known for its natural and sustainable properties.

The History of Linen

Linen is one of oldest fabrics along with wool, that has been around for centuries! Remnants of Linen have been discovered in 10,000 year-old prehistoric dwellings in Switzerland. The reason it has been around for this long and is still valued is because of its sustainability and durability. Fun fact: Flax is the first textile produced by man - discovered in a cave in Caucasia.

History of Linen

Sustainability with Linen

When it comes to Fashion, linen is a pioneer of sustainable fashion. Linen has a host of advantages, which benefit both - people as well as the environment.

For every linen shirt you buy, you’re saving 20 litres of water!
That’s right. Linen saves water by using less water for cultivation and manufacturing, and even requires significantly less water during usage & care, as compared to other fabric materials. A fun anecdote - If tomorrow, all French people bought a linen shirt instead of a cotton one, the savings would be equivalent to the amount of the water drank by the population of Paris in a year.

Manufacturing of Linen

Manufacturing of linen saves energy & natural resources
Starting with the harvesting of linen, which does not require any artificial irrigation. Then when it gets into manufacturing, the energy required for producing fabric from the flax plant is 5 times less than what is used for other fabric fibres like cotton and wool. And if that wasn’t enough, every part of the plant gets used – so that there is no wastage! So wearing a linen shirt doesn’t just make you look stylish, but is good for the environment as well.

And at our manufacturing plant, Jayashree Textiles, we’ve taken one step further on the sustainability ladder by Creating Wealth-Out-Of-Waste. We’ve innovated on this sustainable fabric through our Wealth-Out-Of-Waste (WOW) programme. It upcycles flax waste to create blended yarn and linen rich fabric, as well as ready to wear apparel. Cavallo by Linen Club is our nod to the environment and has been received well in the Indian market.

Ecofriendly Range

And if those weren’t enough reasons to visit your nearest Linen Club store, linen is a long lasting and breathable fabric, making it the perfect all day & all-weather companion. For people who are becoming more conscious about the environment and sustainability, revamping your closet with linen clothes is a good step to start with! Visit the link to find the store nearest to you -