Antiviral Linen Fabrics

Linen Club Wellness Fabric - Wear Your Safety in Style

AUG 10 2020

Fashion and safety together? Well, this is something that not many seem to fathom. But we, at the Linen Club, have brought the two together with supreme uniqueness. A first of its kind innovation, Linen introduces its meticulously curated treated antiviral fabric range - Linen Club LinShield.

Carefully crafted using special technology, Linen Club LinShield  is safe and stylish at the same time. It is your shield against harmful viruses and microbes, while being equally vogue. Being antiviral treated, Linen Club LinShield can be an effective way to ensure your all-round safety in the current scenario.

Skin Friendly Breathable Linen Fabric

Here are some reasons for you to choose Linen Club LinShield

Linen Club LinShield

  1. Antiviral fabric: Linen Club LinShield is an antiviral treated fabric, created using advanced technology that inhibits the growth of viruses. Thus, it provides you with a safety shield.


  1. Skin-friendly: Linen Club Linshield is a natural fabric and is breathable, comfortable, and skin-friendly. This makes it ideal to be worn in all temperatures as it keeps your skin cool and prevents skin rashes and redness too.


Anti-bacterial & Anti-odour Linen Fabric


  1. Anti-bacterial & Anti-odour: Body odour is caused by bacteria. Since Linen Club LinShield is 100% natural and has antibacterial properties, it eliminates odour-producing bacteria and makes you smell good at all times. Also, as linen is known to be inherently anti-bacterial, breathable and cool, it is moisture-wicking in nature and thus absorbs sweat from your body easily. Hence, with linen, you always stay fresh!


  1. Natural and stylish upgrade: If you’re looking to up your style quotient while maintaining safety, then Linen Club LinShield is the fabric to go for. The linen fabric has a distinct  texture and  that truly stands out making a unique style statement. Thus, it gives a pretty rich and elegant look when worn. The cross-sectional texture of the fabric also makes it cool in nature and provides space for the skin to breathe.

Together with Linen Club antiviral treated masks, sanitizers, and Linen Club Lin Shield, you can create your own safe zone and stay harmless!

With safety in every fabric and stitch, we at Linen Club are forever committed to bringing you the best. So go ahead and bring home these amazing fabrics to create a lasting impression while ensuring end-to-end safety. Walk-in to our stores now!