Linen Club’s Guide to Sustainable Styling

Linen Club’s Guide to Sustainable Styling

AUG 06 2021

Linen Club’s Guide to Sustainable Styling

The well-being of our mother nature primarily rests on our shoulders. How we express, experience, and live our lives is directly linked to our biosphere. Making simple alterations in our lifestyle can help to cause significant butterfly effects and shield our nature from the ill effects of environmental exploitation.

A few easy practices can go a long way, clothing for instance. Picking linens as your staple wear can readily contribute to conserving nature. Read on to know how Jaya Shree textiles  linen fabric and apparels are made in the most sustainable way.

  • Going for natural fibre

Going for natural fibre

Linen Club has always been transparent about sourcing the finest natural flax from Europe. Our specialists oversee the linen production and ensure that the process is as sustainable as possible.

With diligence and determination, Jaya Shree Textiles has been the first enterprise of Indian origin to be certified by CELC -  a mark of sourcing the finest genuine European Flax. In addition, Jaya Shree textiles intend to not just adhere to operational standards that are sustainable but also generate sustainable products.

  • Water and energy efficiency

Water and energy efficiency

Being one of the major players of the textile industry, Linen Club has pledged to produce a minimal environmental footprint. And a big step towards that is water and energy efficiency.

We have installed rooftop solar plants to harness the energy and decrease grid dependency by over 5-10%. As far as water efficiency is concerned, Linen Club sources natural dew-retted flax, instead of water-retted flax. This goes a long way in cutting down water usage during manufacturing.

An initiative of using freshwater during or before manufacturing is also a part of our water conservation measures. Our water recycling plants not only recycle water but also foster the elimination of effluents before discharge. 

  • The WOW factor (Wealth-Out Of-Waste)

The WOW factor

The concept of wealth-out-of-waste works by the wheel of reuse, recycle, and dependency on the industry. This helps in cycling the flax waste to curate linen fabric, along with ready-made wear. Hence ensuring lower demand for power or even material, eventually rendering environmentally friendly commodities. Our notable, Cavallo by Linen Club is a prime reflection of our love for nature and our dedication to sustainability! Woven with recycled flax, this collection attests to our honest effort towards conserving nature.

The WOW programme also aids in producing material out of abundant flax helps in the making of recycled bags.

As an environmentally sensitive brand, Linen Club has always made an effort to be more sustainable. Throughout the manufacturing of our best-in-class linens, our experts always ensure that sustainability is never compromised. After all, it is yet another unique charm of Linen Club.

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