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Linen Wear: The Absolute Summer Essential

Linen wear has always been a saviour during long days of heavy humidity and sweltering heat. It has become a staple clothing option to get you through the hot summers. This breathable soft fabric is an ever-trending fashion that helps you stay cool while maintaining elegance.

With the summer months rolling in it is time we celebrate this truly comfortable and breathable fabric. From formal shirts to ethnic wear and casual wear shirts, the exclusive linen wear range by Linen Club has got you covered this summer.

Why is linen the best choice for summers?

When you pick good quality linen, you can expect it to be  breathable, durable, and extremely comfortable. The fibers in good quality linen fabric have minimal elasticity and would be highly resistant to any kind of damages due to washes and abrasion. Here are a few reasons why linen fabric takes summer styling up a notch.

1. Keeps you cool

Due to the properties of woven flax fibers in linen, it allows the air to flow in and out of the fabric making it breathable and soft. Linen fabric has the innate heat-conducting and reflecting ability. This means that the heat from your body quickly escapes from the fabric leaving you cool.

2. Has a high absorbency rate

Linen fabric can instantly absorb skin perspiration keeping your body moisture-free making it the ideal choice during summers. In addition to this, linen fabric is less likely to get damaged due to sweat or moisture since it is hypoallergenic in nature.

Has a high absorbency rate

3. Great longevity and resilience

Although linen fabric is almost 35% stronger in comparison to cotton, its chief feature that sets it apart is its longevity. Linen fabric just keeps getting better with time. It has this unique ability to become shinier and softer to the touch with every wash.

Tips to style linen wear for summers?

Has a high absorbency rate

May it be a sophisticated, formal, or casual look, a linen shirt works best in any given scenario. Here are a few styling tips to wear linen shirts this summer.

  • If you wish to flaunt a continental look, pick any of the neutral-colored shirts from our range and pair them with the perfect dark linen trouser.
  • If you are wearing your linen shirt with chinos, casual jeans, or shorts, make sure you wear it untucked to look leisurely cool.
  • Many people associate linen shirts with luxury wear and only limit it to grand events. This is not true at all! Although linen shirts are perfect for all those grand events you attend, these shirts work perfectly well for a formal monday or even a casual friday.
  • Since linen shirts are particularly airy and light weighted, pick a linen shirt which does not come in the “slim-fit” size range.
  • Bold printed linen shirts are perfect for a day out at the beach while the solid option works best when you wish to play it safe.

Has a high absorbency rate

Linen wear is extremely versatile and serves as an apt wardrobe upgrade for rocking the formal evening as well as casual day looks. Not only are linen shirts extremely comfortable to wear during hot humid days, but it also maintains the smartness quotient of the wearer as well.

Are you looking for the perfect travel outfit? Struggling to find something comfortable for those long working hours? Do you wish to look elegantly supreme at the upcoming party? Well, pick a linen shirt of your choice and make heads turn wherever you set foot!

Check out our exclusive range of patterned, printed, plain, and solid-colored linen shirts that work best for every man out there who is set out to rule the world in style.