Sustainable Fabric

People Driven By Passion – Passionate Like You

OCT 08 2020

Linen Club is overjoyed to present the beginning of a new era! Imbued with a ton of zeal and passion, our new identity evokes modernity while staying true to our roots. Join us as we foray into our new beginning.  

Passion is an emotion that breaks barriers of gender, age, and religion. It is a powerful emotion that connects people, unlike any other. It is one of the most substantial feelings that gives human beings the strength to make real change in the world. That gives us all the power to dream and the drive to see those dreams turn into reality. With over 70 years of experience, our zeal shines forth in each of our designs. We connect and relate to our customers, as we display the same ideas and also strive to create the best linen

Passion for Success

We understand and relate to our users because we share their fervour for greatness. As the number one linen brand in India, our goal is to constantly innovate and better the best. We toil and persevere to source quality fibre grown in the fields of Europe. With our design expertise and our mastery in linen, we endeavour to create something amazing. Like each one of you, we have purpose and passion that we want to share with the world.

Fashion For Passionate People

Passion for Sustainability

We have entered a new era, where our customers are more conscious about conserving our bountiful planet. As you try to inculcate sustainability into every spectrum of your lives and make the world a better place with your effort, we share your motive. Our revamped identity recognizes and relates to you. Grown with the natural balance of rain, sun, dew and soil, linen is one of the most sustainable fibres. Hence, in our fabric-making processes, we strive to make sustainability a part of our DNA.


Sustainable Fashion For Passionate People

Passion for Creation

Creative Fashion For Passionate People

We see you trying to showcase your identity in this world, and creating your works of art, music and technology. We recognize you, for your fervent drive to be better and create novelty every day while staying authentic to who you are. We are like you, for we have the same ideas. With innovation and passion at the heart of all our creations, we try to better ourselves every time and bring new products and designs to you that are completely unmatched. We recently forayed into creating the antiviral treated fabric, Lin Shield, antiviral treated apparels from Cavallo and also designed three-layer antiviral treated masks - all of which portray our passion for creation.

Welcome, to the new and improved Linen Club, with originality and authenticity as its anchors. We see you; we relate to who you are. We are driven by purpose, preservation and passion. We are passionate like you.