The Linen - Finest Quality fabrics in India

Respect is everything. At Linen Club, we respect the fabric.

That's why our fabric is respected across the world, and that's why your tailor is bound to compliment you on your taste.

Sheer Vibrancy

With 20,000 high quality designs in a veritable artist's palette of patterns and textures, suited not just for finely tailored western wear, but casual Indian ethnic clothing too.


You can tell the difference. The true feel of Linen Club can never be replicated, only imitated.


The quality and detailing in the weave of the fabric is the product of the finest European looms and over 6 decades of expertise and constant improvement.


Every single swatch of fabric is painstakingly innovated by a world-class design team that is tuned into the wavelength of international fashion.


Linen gets softer the more it is washed, but also possesses a longevity that is rarely found in other fabrics.

moisture Absorbent

It absorbs twice as much moisture as cotton, making it the "Most Thirsty Fabric."


Linen protects the skin from harmful UV rays and sun allergies.

Natural Breathing

Linen is truly comfortable and easy to wear in every season. It is insulating in winter and breathable in summer, due to its thermoregulator properties.

Anti Bacterial

Linen is a "Health Fabric" because it is inherently anti-bacterial.