Quick hacks to take care of your linen clothing

Quick hacks to take care of your linen clothing

MAY 18 2020

It’s the month of May and summer is in full swing! The classic fabric of the season just got cool again! Yes, we’re talking about Linen - lightweight and comfortable, it is an all-time favourite fabric that gives you an elegant look and makes you feel amazing too.

While we are all locked down inside our homes, managing everyday chores, here are some useful tips to take care of your linen clothes: 

Make Way For Luxury Linen In Your Wardrobe

Myth: Linen can only be dry cleaned.

Truth: Linen is home-wash friendly.

Yes, you can machine wash your linen clothes in short cycles, or can also choose to hand-wash them to keep them durable. Either way, always use cold water because the fabric tends to shrink in hot water.

A great hack for seamless home-washing of linen is to use baby cloth detergents - they are super mild and keep your clothes soft and new for a long time.

Make Way For Luxury Linen In Your Wardrobe

Myth: Linen can only be machine dried.

Truth: Air drying is the best for linen. Being super light, linen dries pretty quickly. Just make sure you hang your clothes on a padded hanger or lay them flat on a drying rack so that there are fewer creases.

If you choose to machine dry, use either very low or no-heat setting, as linen shrinks when exposed to heat.

Make Way For Luxury Linen In Your Wardrobe

Myth: Linen is difficult to iron; the wrinkles never go.

Truth: A little damp fabric is suited to iron the wrinkles away. Yes, that’s the trick! If your linen clothing is already dry, spray some water to dampen it. Press the iron on the clothing for some time, and voila, the wrinkles will disappear!

Also, while ironing dark or bright coloured linen clothes, iron them on the inside of the garment to avoid fading and shiny patches.

These days, creases are becoming quite trendy in the fashion space. If there are light wrinkles on your linen clothing, you can also choose not to iron it to cultivate a unique look that’s ultra-normcore and stylish. If you’re working from home, then a creased shirt could just be perfect for a casual stay-at-home work mode. What say?

Bonus tips:

  • Being super comfortable and stylish, linen is can be the best choice for your work-from-home look during this lockdown. You can choose to pair your linen shirts with linen shorts. For your zoom call meetings, you can try out a formal look as well.
  • Linen Club offers some easy-to-use care sprays like Linen Club Decrease that can help you with maintaining your linen clothing.

So you see, just a little care and linen is all yours to make you look amazing! Follow these simple tricks, embrace the nature of the fabric, and go about enjoying your summer in a comfortable fashion!