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Reasons why Linen is taking over Summer Fashion.

MAY 20 2019

Reasons why Linen is taking over Summer Fashion.

After months of donning jackets and scarfs, summer is finally here! Let your skin breathe and warm up to those sun rays (don’t forget to apply sunscreen when you do, of course) after all those months of bundling up. You deserve to wear, light and breathable clothes and enjoy the summer of 2019. But if you’d rather protect your skin from the sun with full sleeve shirts, we get that too. Precisely why the most versatile fabric, Linen, is here to save the day with casual shirts and formal ones too!

We all know that people take fashion pretty seriously. But with the sweltering heat and so many occasions to attend, dressing up could take a lot of effort. Does this mean people choose to stay indoors instead? No way!

Here’s how Linen makes summer fashion a breeze.

-    The material is simply made for summer

Linen is considered as the coolest fabric! You know why? Because it reflects heat and essentially works like a shield, when you’re outdoors on a hot summer day.

-    With linen, you'll never feel that clammy, annoying feeling of perspiration sticking to your skin.

Thanks to the breathability factor of linen, it allows for heat to disperse, which reduces the chances of the fabric clinging to your skin.

-    A wide selection makes sure you have the right fabric for each occasion.

If your calendar’s booked, we have a number of linen options to make sure you make an impression. From trousers and shirts to kurtas and bandis, to shorts for that beach party; Linen Club has truly got you covered.


Let’s see how Linen is perfectly suited for every occasion. 

-    For a Lazy Brunch

Beat the heat with the lightest fabric there is! Linen will help you ace any look, because of its versatile quality. If you want to go all dressed up or casually, the decision rests in your choice. Choose from a range of colors, prints, and patterns!

Summer linen shorts and printed shirt for Men

-    For an Evening Date

Sloppy is not in, wear a crisp white linen shirt instead and impress your lady love. Or surprise her with an ethnic Kurta instead.

mens white summer linen pants and blazer 

-    For that business meeting

Choose one of our pastel-colored linen shirts and a pair of trousers when you need to seal the deal at work. Linen will make you feel relaxed throughout the day; the need of the hour during summer. 

Linen Suit

-    For a random road trip

Jump into those uber cool shorts and call dibs on the front seat! There’s nothing like making memories in style and comfort.
Linen Shirt Short

-    For those after-work parties

Kick off the work with ease when you wear a Linen Club shirt and a pair of breathable linen trousers. It’s the easiest fabric to go from work to party in less than five seconds!

Linen Shirt Trouser

From formal to casual ensembles, this summer you can choose to transform Linen any way you like. Because no matter what the season, Linen Club offers you a spectacular range of stylish and comfortable clothing, so you can always put your most fashionable foot forward.