Rock your ‘Back to Office’ Look with Linen Wear

FEB 10 2021

Working from home during the COVID times made people discover the comfort of attending meetings in their pyjamas. Homes had turned into virtual workspaces and corporate meetings had turned into video calls on Zoom where your head mattered and not your heels.

Although you would be habituated to working in your loungewear during the pandemic, you must be longing to get dolled up. With the offices reopening and people having to get back to their workplace, the question is, how to pick the best outfit for work?

Although your work attire may be tucked at the back of your closet, it is now time to suit up and make the best impression on your first day back. It is time to embrace the new you by partnering with the extensive linen formal wear options.

Rock your ‘Back to Office’ Look with Linen Wear

Why linen is perfect for getting back to office in style

  • May it be a corporate or a more informal work environment that you work in, linen wear is something that would suit both the workspaces.
  • Linen is known to be one of the most breathable fabrics with inherently antibacterial properties.
  • With the best quality linen wear you can continue looking sleek not just during the winter season but also during the summers under the scorching heat.
  • Comfortable, durable, sustainable, and breathable properties of linen fabric makes it the ideal option to ace your ‘Back to Office’ look.

Check out some of these functional yet modern linen clothing ideas that you can use to go back to your office in style.

Rock your ‘Back to Office’ Look with Linen Wear

Suit up

Are you heading to a formal business meeting? Walk up in style by pairing a linen shirt with your suit. You can create a fresh fashionable vibe and boast your fit physique by opting for the curvy slim fit linen blazer or play it safe by sticking to the straight tailor-cut linen blazer.

Keep it casual

There are plenty of casual outfit options to choose from when it comes to linen wear. These are best if you work in a casual workspace.

Pair your linen shirts with denim pants or even chinos for a casual yet presentable look. You can choose from the patterned shirts or even try out the pastel-colored linen shirt options for this look.

Rock your ‘Back to Office’ Look with Linen Wear

The best of both worlds

For a semi-formal look, you can pair linen shirts with your cotton pants. You can wear a linen blazer over your shirt and leave it unbuttoned to complete the look.

The use of subtle accessories with linen wear can enhance your appeal and give you a sharp and toned-down appearance. Summer loafers go very well with linen wear and they must be worn on bare feet or with hidden low socks.

Different shirts, pants, dresses and blazers made out of linen are must-have apparel for every fashionable professional out there. Look dapper in your next business meeting while exuding a sense of confidence by trying out these different linen wear styling options.