Rocking this wedding season with linen

JAN 18 2018

Quality Linen Clothing On Wedding Season

India’s ethnic expanse and diverse traditional values weave a rich cultural tapestry. Indian weddings are no exception. Nuptial celebrations in the old homestead are nothing short of grand festive affairs. Be it North India, South India, East or West, every rite of matrimony reflects the prolific values of society, heritage and belief integral to every culture. It’ll come as no surprise that every ethnic wedding has a particular fashion and flavour of its very own, a flavour that needs to be addressed with poise and precision through the seemingly simple choices of attire. Let’s take a look.

The Bengali Wedding

Known for its pompous celebration, a grand Bengali wedding is a concoction of interesting and colorful ceremonies. What’s more enchanting about a Bengali wedding is its very unique aesthetic - a sensibility that perfectly describes the ethnicity, sophistication, and creativity of its people.

Trust in the classic red and white combination – the traditional ensemble colors for their rich culture. Pair your white linen Kurta Pajama with a red bandi jacket or vice versa and you’re ready to go!

Gujarati Wedding

In the midst of rich culinary variety, traditional dances and timeless rituals, every Gujarati wedding is nothing less than a tryst with vivid, bright colour. As families soak themselves in their rich customs and practices, it’s not just the bride and groom that are clad in rich colours, but also the guests of the celebration.

All the pomp and fare demands a typical Gujarati style ensemble. And, if you don’t have one, you can always pair a linen Kurta Pajama with the bright colour-splash of a designer sleeveless vest. Feel free to accessorize a bit with some classy accoutrements. Put on a matching brooch or pin up a rose.

Maharashtrian Wedding

Weddings in the state of Maharashtra are quite simple in nature to look at, but wonderfully complex and diverse when it comes to the rich details of their traditional wedding rituals. The attire is nothing less than spectacular, a reflection of the heritage of the people.

While the outfit of the wedding couple is quite heavily embellished with stonework and embroideries, that of the attending guests is equally marvelous to watch. Out and about in a Maharashtrian wedding, you ought to be dressed in your best. A designer Bandi Jacket with a tapering linen shirt and matching trousers can provide the class and charm you need. Oomph.

Muslim Wedding aka Nikah

A completely unique culture with distinctive beliefs and traditions, a Muslim wedding or Nikah commences when the wedding couple signs off the Nikah Naama. Unlike a Hindu wedding where red is considered the most auspicious color, the colour to adopt here is green. Green represents nature and life. And, needless to say, Muslim wedding outfits are well-known across the world for their fine art work and charismatic designs. 

A linen Sherwani with woven embroidery goes hand-in-hand with the occasion. You can explore colours, as long as there is a green element that connects and keeps the ensemble together. A couple of matching accessories, like a brooch, boutonnière or cuff-links will enhance the image you want to cultivate.

Punjabi Wedding

The is it. The big one. The wedding that raises the bar right to eleven. Amongst all Indian weddings, Punjabi weddings have long held the position of being the most flamboyant and extravagant. In fact, they are a strong influence on the weddings of other cultures across North India.

Naturally, when it comes to attire, Punjabi wedding fashion is as vivid as the people who claim it as their ethnicity. From vibrant colours to baroque embroidery - every ensemble is a true head-turner, a perfect testament to the distinctive and attention-grabbing personality of the people of Punjab.

It’s hard to be a head-turner when everyone’s looking their best. Yet, a few tricks up your sleeve can definitely help. A navy blue achkan-style jacket complemented with a white salwar and juttis can truly up the ante of your attire.

Christian Weddings

Gospel music. Bridesmaids. “I do’s” and flower girls - Christian weddings are a far cry from traditional Hindu weddings. But that doesn’t make them any less special. Anyone experiencing a Christian wedding for the first time is in for a surprise. The simple yet elegant wedding ceremony reflects the joy, prosperity and hope when two souls come together as one.  

Such a special occasion deserves a special ensemble. Step forth with a debonair look by wearing a vivid linen Tuxedo with a linen shirt in a contrasting tone that makes the jacket pop. And why stop there? Turn it up a notch by adding a boutonnière. Classic, and unforgettable!

Exuberant and lavish, Indian wedding traditions are impressive manifestations of rich cultural heritage and distinct values. From the way they are conducted to the attire that makes them special - our cultural diversity makes it hard to find two weddings that are exactly the same. For occasions that are held with such high regard in our society, Linen Club makes your presence felt with an exclusive range of linen wedding fabrics that are truly #MadeForTheDifferent.


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