This Season, Be Flexible In Every Role

MAR 04 2019

This Season, Be Flexible In Every Role

Personal fashion is an integral part of your visual persona. However, before you sport any outfit, style, or theme, if there’s one factor that affects your look the most, it’s comfort. No matter how elaborate or stylish your outfit may be, if you’re not comfortable wearing it, your fashion takes a hit, leaving you uneasy and therefore, diminishing your style quotient altogether.

Moreover, our active lives spanning from the 9-to-5 and then the 5-to-9, puts us in a plethora of scenarios where comfort is key. Client meetings, brunch parties, candlelit dinners, even a day out under the sun - your outfit needs to be flexible enough, just like you.

Our latest TVC campaign with the refreshing Farhan Akhtar proves how Linen is flexible in every manner - it’s versatile for any occasion, it can be reimagined into any outfit, but most of all, it keeps you comfortable no matter what. Let’s find out what makes this fabric so adaptable:

Linen is universal
Most fabrics have a purpose defined to them. Silk, satin, and velvet have always been associated with celebrations and royalty. Synthetic fabrics like polyester have a hard time losing their ‘artificial’ tag. While cotton definitely is the preferred fabric for Indian summers, its mass appeal and oversaturated presence doesn’t give it any exclusivity.
Linen Fabric Suit  Linen Fabric Suit For Men

On the other hand, Linen ticks all the boxes. It’s legacy as a fabric of royalty is known worldwide. And as far as the material is concerned, it’s unique properties make it an all-weather fabric. Moisture-absorbent, breathable, lightweight, and a texture that makes it stand out amongst any other fabric. Clearly, Linen comes on top in terms of versatility.

It’s flexible...literally
Despite the perception around Linen’s high maintenance, the fabric is one of the strongest fabrics available in the market. In fact, Linen is the strongest naturally-occuring textile fabric. It’s high tensile strength is the reason why it has been used in carpets as well. Additionally, Linen keeps getting stronger with every wash, making it a fabric whose immunity to wear and tear is far higher than other fabrics.
Linen Fabric For Designer Suit
The fact that it’s lightweight as well, makes the fabric an ideal choice for summer, with the perfect mix of comfort and longevity.

Don’t believe it? Let Farhan prove it to you!

Farhan Akhtar brings alive his flexibility through a fabric that makes him comfortable no matter what pose he’s in.

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