Staying cool in summers with different shades of Linen.

MAY 20 2019

With the temperature that only promises to go up, it’s very difficult to stay cool. But Linen could be your saviour. Not only it is light and comfortable, but it also lets your overheated skin catch a break with zero extra effort. Before we take a look at this summer’s latest and trendiest shades of linen, let’s understand why choosing linen is your best bet.

-     Linen is highly absorbent. It quickly removes perspiration from the skin thanks to its breathability and ventilation quality.

-    As linen is hypoallergenic, sweat is less likely to break down its fibres.

-    Even though it is lightweight, linen is extremely durable too. It can endure harsh weather conditions come what may!

So, embrace the creases and enjoy this summer in comfort.

When it comes to colours, men have sometimes been quite conservative. We’re talking about not stepping out of their comfort zone and sticking to their favourites of greys, blacks and whites. Even though these are classic shades, it is important to be a little trendy and vibrant during summer, don’t you think? To help you beat the heat and make you look effortlessly stylish, ">Linen Club also offers thousands of shades you can choose from.

Here are our top shades, and you can choose a hue that suits your style:

Yellow –

Cheerful! That’s the first impression someone might have of you when they see you sport a fun yellow-coloured shirt. Though it might seem a little too adventurous for some, choosing the right shade of yellow can help update your summer wardrobe like never before.

Yellow Linen Fabric

Blue –

If there’s one colour that can definitely keep you cool this summer, its blue. Choose from the zillion shades of blue that we have, when you’re looking for shirts for men online or when you visit our store. Whether it’s a business meeting, dinner party or just a casual day out, we have a blue linen shirt and trouser for every occasion.

Blue Linen Fabric

Pink –

Who said pink is only meant for girls? In fact, in Japan, pink relates more to men than women. However, everyone chooses to adorn the beautiful colour equally. Break stereotypes and make a style statement by choosing a pink linen shirt that suits you too.

Pink Linen Fabric

From an entire gamut of solids, prints to checks, stripes and more, which ones are you adding to your summer wardrobe?