We are reopening with safety in every stitch

JUN 09 2020

We are reopening with safety in every stitch

As you know, slowly and gradually the lockdown is coming to an end in some parts of the country. This means, businesses will resume, and people will move back to their normal routines. And this also means that we will have to be all the more precautionary and follow strict safety measures to keep ourselves protected.

Linen Club Store

The Linen Club is reopening too with safety stitched across our stores, services, and merchandise. For us, your well-being is of utmost priority at all times. Thus, keeping the current situation in mind, we are following stringent practices to ensure a safe shopping experience for you. Here are some of the safety procedures that we have implemented:

Limited Entry

Across our stores, at any given point in time, only a limited number of customers will be allowed to enter and shop. This process shall ensure that people are not crowding inside while shopping and are able to maintain a proper distance from one another, while happily choosing their favourite linen.

Thermal Checks

Linen Club Store

While we once again extend a warm welcome to our customers, we will make sure that they go through mandatory temperature checks at the entry points. This method has been applied to safeguard the health and well-being of all the other customers and staff


Wearing Masks

Another mandate in place requires the customers to wear a mask throughout their shopping inside the store. In fact, they shall be allowed inside the store only if they’ll be wearing masks. Our staff members shall also be wearing masks all the times.

Hand Sanitization

As the customers enter the store, they will be asked to compulsorily sanitize their hands. Multiple sanitizer dispensers will also be placed across the stores to ensure the convenience and availability of hand sanitizer as and when needed.

Linen Club Store


The old ways of shopping for your favourite linen with now change! Unlike the previous try-n-buy shopping, customers will be allowed to try the garments only post billing. This would ensure safe shopping for all and refrain people from practicing repeated trials.

Linen Club Store

Contactless Invoice

Taking physical contact as a strict no-no, we bid adieu to contactless invoices. Hence, no physical copies of the invoice shall be provided to the customers. Instead, they’ll be sent the invoice on the mail or on WhatsApp.

Social Distancing

Keeping your safety and well-being close to our heart, we ensure to distance yourself from any mishap. Hence, at all junctures, be it the entry point or the billing counter, customers will be encouraged to follow social distancing protocols.

In addition to these measures, we regularly sanitize our stores and merchandise to ensure utmost safety for you. As we open up slowly and safely, we look forward to your support in making these precautionary measures a common practice in the post-lockdown world.

Happy safe shopping!!