Wedding Season’s Finest Go-To Fabric

DEC 13 2018

The Many Shades of Linen for An Impressive Wedding Season

The big fat Indian wedding season has begun in its true sense! Winter is arguably the most perfect time to wear the finest attire without the fear of sweat trickling down and ruining the fun. It’s all about style, comfort and making lifelong memories. Amidst all the celebrations, fashion takes centerstage for the bride, groom, family and friends too. Where every outfit serves as a visual element that reflects the individuality of the person adorning it.

That’s where Linen comes to play, as a fabric that’s truly different. Crafted to make you look slim and sophisticated, linen can be your best bet this wedding season. We can’t wait to tell you how!

Weddings always mean a million last minute errands. So, whether you are the brother, best man or friend; you might have some running around to do. Not just that, weddings are filled with various events to attend and not to forget a whole lot of dancing! All in all, you have got to be comfortable to enjoy yourself and linen is undoubtedly the most comfortable fabric that you can choose. The beauty of the fabric is that it adjusts to your body temperature, making you feel cool during summers and warm during winters. Being breathable linen will keep you comfortable while you enjoy the wedding celebrations.

If there’s one thing that linen is renowned for, it is definitely its versality. From formal to traditional ensembles, you can choose to transform the elegant fabric any way you like. In a formal setting a sharply tailored suit and dinner jacket will be ideal during this wedding season. Whereas for a more traditional ceremony, you could wear it as a kurta, which can be paired with bandis and bandhgalas. For a more royal look you can dazzle in a linen sherwani.

Depending on the time of the ceremony, you can also add another layer with a bandi jacket. If you have multiple functions to attend, accessories can make a huge difference. Try pocket squares, scarves and bow-ties to accentuate your ensemble and add some variation.

Avoid the embarrassment of matching outfits at weddings by choosing a unique outfit for yourself. Linen Club offers thousands of shades you can choose from - an entire gamut of solids, prints, checks, stripes and more! All you’ve got to do is choose, and if you need some assistance or fashion guidance, we’re always happy to help.

Tailoring for weddings:
Last-minute shopping can be quite nerve-racking; so, get your fabrics stitched in time by visiting the Linen Club store and getting your outfit tailored with the perfect fit.  Linen is easy to design and style; all you have to do is choose whether you want a traditional, contemporary or elegant look!