What makes Linen Club’s linen best-in-class?

What makes Linen Club’s linen best-in-class?

JUN 18 2021

What makes Linen Club’s linen best-in-class?

From supreme absorbency to fascinating durability and versatility, linen seems to check all the boxes. It can be a knight in shining armour too, in times of fashion crisis. Because nothing can rescue you better than linen, lined with sophistication and finesse. 

But guess what is classier? It has the best-in-class linen. Want to be the creator of a rich and innovative ensemble that speaks your style?

Then Linen Club is the place to get your hands on your favourite picks. Any individual with an eye for grace and charm can easily recognise the true value of our linen specials.

Read on to find out how our Linen Club apparels are always a step ahead of conventional linens!

  • Sourcing finest flax

Sourcing finest flax

Not just any flax. We are referring to European flax, stretching from Northern France through Belgium and the Netherlands.

Added to this, the farming of flax is certainly assuring to the consumers for whom transparency, responsibility, and eco-behaviour are the bar for standard quality. Also, European flax needs almost no artificial irrigation, is GMO-free, regenerative, and grows in a perfect balance of sun, rain, dew and soil.

Linen Club is certified by the European Confederation of Linen and Hemp (CELC), who are best known for their mark of genuine European linen sourcing!

  • Top-notch craftsmanship

Sourcing finest flax

Surprisingly, a fabric as timeless as linen was still unknown in India as of late 1949. It was Jaya Shree Textiles that took the plunge and began producing quality linen in India, from European flax. Thus, Linen Club gradually started taking centre stage in the fashion world.

Over 70 years of craftsmanship, the brand has only evolved for the better and been a treasure for the ones seeking a blend of poise, refinement and luxury. Today, Linen Club has over 3000+ designs of fabric and apparel perfect for multiple occasions

  • Our omnipresent reach

Sourcing finest flax

Hailing from the house of Aditya Birla Group, Linen Club is India’s No. 1 Linen Brand, retailed through approximately 180 exclusive brand outlets (EBOs) and over 6500+ multi-brand outlets (MBOs).

Our awe-inspiring craftsmanship, creativity and passion for linen make us stand apart from the rest.

Down for adding promising linen wear in your closet? Stroll into your nearest Linen Club Store, and browse through our phenomenal collections, immaculately curated just for you.