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What Makes Linen The Perfect Summer Fabric

MAY 16 2018

I love Indian summers, the bright red Amaltas with the yellow gulmohar against the summer sun is a beautiful sight, on top of that, it’s mango season!  In a country where we have summer for nine months a year we cannot afford to not like summer. Actually, like it or hate it, you will have to live with it so you better like it.

Ujjawal Dubey founder of ANTAR-AGNI with Linen Club

To stay stylish in the summer heat, however, requires a bit of thought.  First and foremost is to wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident summer. It’s best to wear relaxed-fit garments which are much more comfortable and let you breathe. A simple collar-less shirt with sleeves folded till the elbow can do wonders.

It is also important to choose the fabric of your garments wisely; that’s where wearing Linen makes a world of difference, not just because it’s only stylish but also since it's the scientifically recommended way to beat the heat! It is the perfect fabric also in terms of absorbency and absorbs sweat keeping it cool.

Apart from the practical properties of Linen, it’s also the one of the most aesthetic fabrics. A fabric with character, Linen brings in an aura of maturity with itself.  It is also one of the most versatile fabrics known, that can bring as much elegance to a suit as to a kurta.  There’s just something about Linen that makes it stand out amongst other fabrics. It easily triumphs over regular cotton due to the fabric’s superior comfort, breathability and sartorial charm.

As far as the brand goes, Linen Club is inseparable from the paradigm of fine Linen in India and the world; Linen Club has been a name we have grown up with. At a time when clothing brands were not that big in India, there were a handful of names that you felt pride when you wore them - Linen Club of course was one of them. . It’s reassuring for any fashion enthusiast to know that the fabric is spun from the finest French and Belgian Linen fibres in a mind-blowing palette of eclectic colours, designs and textures. An old name coming from the trustworthy Aditya Birla group brings in a level of trust, for me as a profession in garment making as well as for any regular customer.

At Antar-Agni we have been working with Linen right from the beginning. It is the perfect fabric for us because of its versatility and aptness for summer Indian occasions.  For men who like hassle-free clothing, jackets and kurtas in Linen are a perfect fit, making it classic and easy and the same time.

Credits – Ujjawal Dubey, Fashion Designer