Why Linen is a WOW fabric - The Good Fabric Story

Why Linen is a WOW fabric - The Good Fabric Story

JUN 29 2020

Why Linen is a WOW fabric - The Good Fabric Story

Linen is one of the oldest and the most sought-after fabrics. Wondering why? Because it’s natural (made from the flax plant) and has amazing properties that have made it a must-have across households and wardrobes for centuries.

Incredibly smooth in texture, soft, and absorbent, linen helps you beat the summer heat by keeping your body cool. It’s breathable and provides great ventilation. Not only does it keep your skin healthy, but also gives you an elegant look when worn. 

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Here are some of the reasons why linen is a wow fabric:

Anti-bacterial fabric

Since linen is manufactured naturally from the flaxseed plant, it is not attacked by bacteria and germs. Hence, there’s no worrying about your clothes getting damaged. While making linen, every part of the flax plant is used. Thus, it’s completely organic and it is this natural property of the linen fabric that does not provide for any breeding ground for the bacteria. Thus, your skin also stays protected from any type of viruses and microbes.

Long lasting fabric

Linen Shirt

Unlike most other fabrics that fade or become worn out over time due to sunlight, linen never loses its charm. It remains intact and safe even if you repeatedly wear in out in the sun. Being excellent heat resistant, if effectively reflects UV rays and keeps your skin protected. That is why linen is the only skin shield fabric that works against harmful UV rays. So don’t shy away from stepping out in the summer. Put on your favourite linen and go about chilling in fashion!

All season fabric

Linen Fabric

Linen fabric works all year round! It soothes you when you’re snuggled under the bed cover on a chilly winter night as well as cools you off during a hot and sweaty day. One of the natural properties of linen is its hollowness which allows air to move around the moisture that oozes up as a result of perspiration. 

Breathable fabric
When it comes to choosing the fabric that supports your skin, Linen is the best choice as it reduces the heat from solar gamma waves and cuts it into half thereby safeguarding your skin. Being highly breathable as well as insulating, linen is truly an all-season fabric. Whether it’s winter or summer, linen has your back always!

Sustainable fabric

Linen fabric is known to be one of the strongest fabrics in the world. The linen fibre is particularly pretty long-lasting and durable, thus it works much better than all the other fabrics. So come and rain and shine, your linen is there to stay forever. Since linen is made from the flax plant, it is 100% natural. Which means that it is safely recyclable and biodegradable - thus a totally environment-friendly fabric!

As pretty as a picture

Linen surely rules the summers as it is an appealing fabric that does not cling onto the skin. It's stylish, trendy, elegant, and an absolute favourite in every person’s wardrobe, not just the elite! More recently, the wrinkled look has been in fashion, and what better way to slay it than wearing linen for your work-from-home meetings. For parties and get-togethers too, linen clothes have been a go-to for men and women due to its chic factor.

Linen has its own sacred place in the textile industry that is quite eccentric compared to any other material. It’s good looking, lavish, classy, and a must-have in your wardrobe! 

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