Why You Need to Go Linen This Summer

MAY 04 2018

Linen: Why It’s Your Best Bet This Summer & How to Wear It!

Indian climates aren't exactly known for being considerate during the summer months. It's a constant battle with perspiration & heat, kicking in minutes after you step out every morning. That's where wearing linen makes a world of difference, cause it's not just a style thing - it's the scientifically recommended way to beat the heat!

Pure Linen Fabric For Shirt Trouser Suit

Reasons to Choose the Linen Way of Life

• Did you know that linen as a fabric reflects heat? It essentially works like a shield, when you’re outdoors on a hot summer day.
• The fiber and weave allows for excellent airflow, so that your skin can really breathe.
• With linen, you'll never feel that clammy, annoying feeling of perspiration sticking to your skin, which makes it the best fabric for sensitive skin too!
• Comfortable & designed to help you navigate the summers, it's the perfect choice for your wardrobe through the season.

Linen clothing comes in many forms. You can choose not just outfits like shirts, trousers, kurtas or salwars, but also your simple dailywear for home & nightwear as well. Turn on the air-conditioning, stir up a nice lemonade & beat the heat with a cool linen t-shirt & a pair of pyjamas!

Top Styles to Wear Linen and Be Comfortable!

Black Linen Shirt Pant

Summer weddings on the card? Don’t sweat it out in your usual three-piece suit! Opt for a smart linen suit instead. Tan or greys can make for a very smart color choice during the heat. You can create some contrast with your crisp white, pure linen fabric shirt too. Look stylish and really just kick off those shoes and dance away.

Your formal business shirt can also become your evening social hangout outfit - just roll up your sleeves & get some breathing space by unbuttoning your top button! Versatility is key to endless possibilities. Wear it fresh and crisp or rumpled up; you'll love the variety you can play with when it comes to upping your summer style.

linen king kurtas

If your crotch is feeling trapped in the rising temperatures & less than favourable clothing material, think again. Casual linen trousers will provide you a huge relief in the summers, because we know & feel your discomfort.

Make that beach vacation plan already, cause you know what you need to wear for the journey. Designer linen shirts & stylish linen jackets are your go-to friend, for looking & staying cool at the same time.

Clothes that look great can also feel great. Touch it & you can almost feel the organic natural fibre play a soothing symphony against your skin. The unrivalled level of comfort while wearing linen is beyond comparison. You'll wear them time & time again, because washing them is easy & the fabric stays soft, fresh & perfect for stepping out in the blazing summer sun.

Casual Linen Trousers

When it comes to linen, the list of benefits can go on and on; but do you know what’s the best part? Linen can just be. It’s effortless and perfect. You don’t need to try too hard, it can help you ace every look and beat the summer! Now who wouldn’t want that?

Try it today to know for yourself!