How to Rock a White Shirt in 6 Stylish Ways

JAN 18 2018

6 Stylish Ways To Wear Pure Linen White Shirt

Whether you’re someone who craves simplicity or believes in making a statement every time you step out in the sun, a white linen shirt binged with denim jeans or a casual over-shirt is enough to do the magic. A white shirt lets you discover your own style and make a statement that’s bold and blazing.

Thanks to a versatile range of cuts, collar styles, and buttons, a white shirt can be worn on every occasion or event. Here are six smart ways to flaunt a white linen shirt.

The Classy Formal Look

Simplicity is the key to formal attire. Team up a pure linen white shirt with a plain black suit trousers and a matching tie. It’s just a classic combination that gives you a formal look without having the need to wear an entire suit. If you’re looking for a casual office outfit, just roll up your sleeves and take that tie off. The art of wearing a white shirt is something every man must know and master. When you’re out and about for a client meeting, pairing cufflinks with your white shirt adds charm to your overall personality.

The Dandy Casual Look

No matter if you’re planning for a date night or catching up with your old friends for a couple of beers, your men’s white casual linen shirt is undeniably a classic go-to clothing piece for every occasion. Team up with a pair of rusty denim jeans, and a brown belt – you’re all ready to set the stage on fire.

Add a pair of aviator sunglasses and a side slight bag and it makes for a perfect college attire. If you’re up for a bad boy look that women would swoon over, you can always add a black leather jacket and shoes of your choice – talk about the unspoiled Damon Salvatore look!

The One-for-the-Beach Look

White shirt for men works magic even when you are, as simple as, hitting the beach for a game of volleyball with your gang. White injects a fashion-forward classy edge to your casual style and makes you beach ready instantly. Navy shorts and a beach hat are perfect complements to your modish look.

The Ultimate Atypical Look

When your designer white linen shirt and black tie combo is a little off the edge, and a casual plain white shirt with quirky denim jeans ensemble seems incomplete, mix and match the two styles – smart trousers with a white shirt and you’ve just nailed a perfect atypical attire. They have the prowess to complement every outfit combination and make you stand out. For a bolder look – pair up with a grey patterned trouser and casual loafers.

The Collar Game

When you’re buying white linen shirts online in India, take advantage of the collar options. Believe it or not, a collar plays a vital role in making your white shirt look more attractive and appealing. Whether pointed, spread, semi-spread, Chinese or French, a collar does steal the show. From a formal look aspect, spread and the Chinese collar are ideal options. While for a casual appearance, semi-spread and French collars should be your preference. To set the mood, ensure your collar is crisp and well ironed.

The Winter Mood Look

There’s no end to a white linen shirt’s versatility. It’s not just good-to-go on its own, but layering under a winter jacket, including a heavily knit winter overcoat makes it ooze an appeal that’s simply elegant and charming. Contrasting too is something that you can easily play with!

The Conclusion

For something so simple and elegant, a men’s white linen shirt clothing piece has the prowess to add grace to your overall personality. At Linen Club, you’ll find over a hundred different varieties of white linen shirting fabrics that allow you to create your own style statement every single time you step out. Our specially designed White for Life collection offers white on white combinations that last for life.

Our expert tailors can customize your classic white shirt , so what you wear is truly you. Apart from the innumerable white fabric options, Linen Club also offers readymade white linen shirts that are modish, well-fitted and look stunning. Investing in a white linen shirt never proves a remorse decision.