Linen Club's ultimate guide to identifying the best quality linen

Linen Club's ultimate guide to identifying the best quality linen

MAY 06 2021

Linen Club's ultimate guide to identifying the best quality linen

At Linen Club, we make sure that the quality of our linen is always supreme. For over seven decades, we have been instrumental in crafting the finest linen and today, we are India’s No 1 linen brand. Presenting to you our passion for linen.

With remarkable moisture absorbency, strength, breathability, comfort and sustainability, linen is the champion of all leagues. Sifting through the pages of history, it is a well-known fact that linen was an exclusively preferred fabric. Even today, the innumerable perks of this awe-inspiring fabric are the reason why it is perfect for springs and summers. After all, linen is not just trendy, it is also way more sustainable and practical than other options.

What is so unique about linen that makes it an unparalleled fabric liked by one and all? Let’s find out!

Inherently anti-allergic and anti-bacterial

If you are someone with sensitive skin who is prone to allergies, opt for linen to bid goodbye to those pesky rashes. It will not only keep your skin safe, but will also soak up sweat, and keep body odour at bay. Incredible, isn’t it? Just give it a decent airing after taking it out of storage, or a nice brief wash in luke-warm water, and you are good to go!

Linen is also great at inhibiting bacterial growth.

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Specialist in moisture absorption

Summers are not just hot. They are all kinds of sticky and humid. So if you are trying to find your way out of sweat patches and sticky clothing, then linen can be your best bet. The remarkable moisture-wicking ability of linen, added to its cooling superpowers, shoos away clamminess in fashion. Keep cool and strike out humidity with master-of-soaking this sunny season.

Sustainable in style

The elaborate process of ‘retting’, during the making of linen, is one of the reasons behind its impeccable sustainability. Flax being biodegradable and one of the oldest natural fabrics in the history of mankind also adds to its sustainability. And at Jaya Shree textiles, we take sustainability a step further with our manufacturing techniques.

Choose your sustainable summer favourite today from our awesome assemblage at Linen Club.

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Divine durability and longevity

Keeping vanity aside for a minute, everyone wishes to invest in clothing that is meaningful yet lasting. Residing in a practical world, durability and longevity are definitely on priority. Because the ones who are seeking summer wear, want it to stick around for more summers to come. Linen's tendency to turn stronger when wet adds to its inherent tensile strength and makes it perfect for machine washes at varied temperatures.

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If this insight into linen’s superpowers wasn’t motivating enough to have a piece for yourself, then checking out our impressive assortment at Linen Club definitely would! Whether you are a wallflower or a statement maker, Linen Club can be your best bet, no matter what.

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