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Honestly, can you name any trend that is more perfect than linen for summer?

There are many reasons, as to why we tend to reach for this contemporary fabric as soon as the temperature begins to rise. With supreme comfort, incredible breathability, easy absorption quality, and unparalleled comfort, linen is a sure-shot option, for our looks and likes, all season long!

Want to stay trendy despite the heat? Read on to find the upcoming linen trends, to keep you going this summer.

  • Minimalism with linen shirts and suits

All killer and no filler is what minimalism stands by. Want to build your linen style right from scratch? Here’s everything that you need in a minimal wardrobe during the lockdown. For comfy casuals, we suggest linen shirts, with a bold colour palette, that are going to make you feel comfortable and keep you cool this summer. For dressier options to go with your WFH meetings, opt for a beige, cream, or a pastel shade of linen summer suit, and pair it with black chinos to complete the look.

Minimalism with linen shirts and suits

  • Ciao to chic shorts

Dripping sweat and mundane routine wearing you down? Time to choose linen shorts as your best buddy. Carefully crafted with pure linen fabric, this lightweight garment can be paired with a casual tee for a serene evening stroll. Be it a summer brunch at home, a gaming night, or while you’re working from home, linen shorts can be your ideal go-to for this season. Don’t forget to check out our host of linen shorts at Linen Club to pick the one that suits you the best!

Ciao to chic shorts

  • Linen blazers in the limelight

Perfect to be paired with casuals or formals, a lovely linen blazer is an ideal summer attire. These eye-grabbing jackets can help you get on the lane of sophistication and class. Be it a quick video meeting or the next socially distanced party, your comfort is always at the forefront. Make this hot weather a breeze by donning these trailblazing linen blazers, and embezzle the limelight!

  • Linen trousers take the center stage

Slip into summer mode, with laid-back linen trousers. With comfy, fit, and tailored to perfection peculiarities, linen trousers can be your best companion for these rising temperatures! Keep cool all day, with subtle yet distinguished trousers, from our curated collection at Linen Club, to hit the heat in style!

Linen trousers take the center stage

Summer is here and sweat-heavy clothes and being on the verge of heatstroke all summer long is not the answer to fashionable dressing. A breathable, moisture absorbent, attractive, and above all comfortable fabric like linen, is what everyone deserves, to make this season not just bearable but also memorable. Simply stroll into the Linen Club store near you (, and get summer ready!