find your one million linen shirt

Find Your One in a Million Shirt

FEB 21 2019

Fashion is all about perception. Its intent has always been to stand out and make a differentiated impression. That’s why you choose the finest Linen fabrics from Linen Club, after all.

We tied up with 4 of India’s most respected fashion designers to create the truly “Made For The Different” One in a Million collection: 4 designer shirts crafted from the finest Linen Club fabrics sourced from France and Belgium, with just 1000 shirts each. In a country with over a billion people, there’s no better way to be One in a Million.

The Designers

Narendra Kumar

Designer Narendra Kumar Linen Club Fashion

Narendra Kumar, or ‘Nari’, as he is fondly known amongst the fashion fraternity, was the founding Fashion Editor for Elle and continues to work with several leading fashion


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Find Your One in a Million Shirt
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Known for his perfect cuts, unparalleled fit and skilled craftsmanship, Nari’s structured silhouettes keep in mind his Indian roots.In addition to the fashion weeks across the country, Nari has been invited to showcase his work at the Australia Fashion Week, the Los Angeles Fashion Week and the Dusseldorf CPD Fashion Fair.

Ujjawal Dubey

Ujjawal Dubey pure linen clothing
Ujjawal Dubey, is the founder of ANTAR-AGNI, one of India’s hottest up-and-coming designer studios. His perspectives focus on two extremes, to break away and yet embrace the mundane. The perspective is based on the restless curiosity to explore human nature through aesthetics and clothing.

Find Your One in a Million Shirt
Find Your One in a Million Shirt
Ujjawal is a fan of Linen fabrics, firmly believing that the fabric has its own character waiting to be explored. His intention was to merely help the fabric speak its language, adding nuanced details, smart cuts and relaxed silhouettes - as raw and natural as it gets.

Sarah and Sandeep Gonsalves

Sarah and Sandeep modern fashion designer

Sarah and Sandeep are the young and brilliant minds behind SS HOMME, a contemporary bespoke design house and Indo-fusion menswear label that caters to modern fashionable men all around the globe.

Find Your One in a Million Shirt
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The dynamic duo are confident that they can provide a Savile Row experience to our own country. With attention to minimal construct and details, their aim is to provide a unique and unrivaled experience for men when it comes to formalwear.

Pawan Sachdeva

Pawan Sachdeva Linen Club Profile

Pawan is the founder of the eponymous design house Label Pawan Sachdeva. His is a global sensibility—modern and wearable. While his focus is cut and color, he has brought workmanship of couture to traditional Indian menswear.

Find Your One in a Million Shirt
Pawan Sachdeva casual linen shirts
Designer Pawan Sachdeva Linen Club Shirt

Pawan has been a long-term wearer and admirer of the Linen fabric, focusing on creating new styles and silhouettes as a

great way to convey drama and emotion. His silhouettes are imaginative, yet distilled to  suit each individual's personality.

The Making

Our chosen sartorial champions found their way to Linen Club stores to peruse the unbelievable range and selection of Linen fabrics. From there, they brainstormed painstakingly to finalize their designs, finally sending them off for production.

At each stage, the designers ensured that Linen’s uniqueness was captured into a stylish yet one-of-a-kind apparel collection, crafted with each of their distinct signature styles. Pawan Sachdeva’s intricate stitching details, Ujjawal Dubey’s experimental techniques, Sarah and Sandeep Gonsalves’ geometric patterns, and Narendra Kumar’s ultra-modern approach to relaxed luxury - every shirt channels its maker’s forte through a deserving fabric that encapsulates into a truly #MadeForTheDifferent style quotient.
The result? 4 stunning shirt designs, now available in limited quantities at select Linen Club stores across the country. Are you ready to be One in a Million?

Find Your One In a Million Shirt

The exclusive One in a Million Collection is available at the following Linen Club stores and outlets:

The Linen club, Cuttack
The Linen club, Cuttack

The Linen club, kolkata
The Linen, kolkata

New Delhi
The Linen club,New Delhi
The Linen club, New Delhi
The Linen club, New Delhi

The Linen club, Guwahati
The Linen club,Ranchi
The Linen club, Bhubaneswar
The Linen club, Indore
The Linen club,Jaipur
The Linen club, Jalandhar
The Linen club ,Ludhiana
The Linen club, Mumbai
The Linen club ,kadapa
The Linen ,Anantapur
The Linen, Chetpet
The Linen ,kakinada
The Linen,Vijayawada
The Linen ,Anna nagar
The Linen,Bangalore
The Linen,Bhimavaram
The Linen,Nagpur
The Linen, Yavatmal
The Linen, Dhanbad
The Linen, chandrapur
The Linen, Hyderabad
The Linen, Puducherry